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XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that would be really funny.

something curious is that (no offense intended here to all english speaker ^_~) a LOT of english words are sounds. ie: how does a "cocroach" sound when you stomp it????!! I BET you never thought of that! but it really sounds COCROACH!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD cientifically demonstrated XDDDDDDDDDDD I asked a friend who didn't know a bit why was I asking how sounds when you stomp a cocroach (cucaracha in spanish) and answered by himself: C-Croach!

I almost died right then and there XDDDDDDDDDDDD

and yeah, thanks, it seems like a pro touch, doesn't it? XD
Wee update! update! I like those sound effect in Jap too. I like my sound effects in Jap more than English for some reason.....
You just made me think of that La Cucaracha song, that's what it's called right? *this one is not Spanish*
And when you step on a cockroach, doesn't it go splat? I think I would jump out of my pants if I step on a cockroach and it says "C-Croach!" tongue.gif

@Tombow: hahaha XD Zaunk is NOT cute, it's strange! if my dog came to me once and tell me "Zaunk" I would run away xD

That's what I say when I sneeze. lol.

nah, I don't think so. Besides, there are lots of chinese running around that know hour language better than what we could ever learn thems.

Uhhhh....what?? blink.gif

Don't worry Sis, I only have about seven channels too. And to be honest, I don't really care for those extra extra channels you have to pay for every month. I'm so obsessed with downloading anime now, it's scary.

Unless the site's calendar is wrong, Chinese New Year's on Sunday!! 2 more days!! MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY!!! and................celebrating with my family... Oh, and yeah, it's the year of the dog. I keep on forgetting only Azn people use the zodiac.
lol, it sounds c-croach because first you break their hard skin and that sounds C-!, then you really step on it and finish breaking all their insides along with their tinny pieces of hard skin, and sounds "croach" XD
XDDDD That sounds so bad!! XDDDD laugh.gif
Hope you don't draw cockroaches with sound ffects in your Royai dojinshi!! XDDDD

*Roy steps on the bug* and the background says "C-croach!!" Gahahaha!! XDDDDDD laugh.gif
---accidentally deleted this post sleep.gifU----
^^ LOL!! Put that in the middle of serious Royai romance scene, and I would be roling out on the floor laughing, instead!! XDDDDD

And, that Basque laughing sound reminds me... one of the laughing sounds/expressions in Japanese goes "Kan-ra kara kara"!! XDDDDD laugh.gif
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD How can someone laugh like that???!!!! anyways, I'm not surprised it remined you of some japanese expression,basque is so alike.

mmm.. another one... let me think..., yeah, the water in basque is "Blasta" XD, and the water flowing is "blasta-blasta-blasta"


NO! it's not an update XD, I jsut finished some Manga music video and I wanted to share it with you.... but, it's al ittle bit big, I couldn't make it smaller... so there are two versions, one of 118 MB, which I highly recommend, and the other of 89 MB. I'll post the 118 MB 500x400 first, and when the upload of the second one is finished, I'll post it here too. Anyways, I hope you like it and NO it's not royai xD I'll do a Royai MMV as soon as I find a convincing song AND if possible shorter than this one ^^U...

It's about Ed, btw xD

Song: Enya-Anywhere is
Am currently downloading the video....27%....28%...
QUOTE(Reika @ Jan 28 2006, 03:28 AM) [snapback]344142[/snapback]
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD How can someone laugh like that???!!!!

If I put a jaw breaker in one side of my mouth and a Hershey mini bar in the other and is gulping down milk and suddenly burst out, yah, I can laugh like that. XD
Oh and I think I never want to step on a cockroach ever again. I'd imagine what you said about them everytime I do Sis.*shiver*
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hahaha, that would be crippy to say the least XD

Riza Mustang
I want an update soooo bad... the whole story is sooo good. The storyline is just amazing
thank you very much. I'm studying some image composition now and when I read some of it yesterday I was like "what the hell have I been doing... how the hell does people like this crap!!!" so yeah, your words are really reasuring XDD

I'll try to update today, but, meanwhile I wrote a "something" while going to class:


Riza Hawkeye entered his superior in command’s office, still in her street clothes, in need of some documents. The door closed... and it was dark;no, not only the image that the faint light of the streetlamps gave at that late hours of the rainy night, but also the expression printed on the young mans face, who was sitting just across from her.

Her face was solemn, trying to surpress the pain she shared with him... and for him. She gently approached him while Roy hadn’t even noticed her pressence, slowly drawning in himself and his nightmares.

His eyes wandered lazily towards the bottle of alcohol that once had been placed by his right on the desk, but surprisingly for him, it was not there when he tried to reach for it. Barely realizing that fact, and barely wondering why, he tried to reach to the empty glass that was supposed to be there too: Gentle fingers slowly taking it away...

-Sir... –She whispered after placing both, the bottle and the glass, somewhere safe.

He felt a soft hand taking his and some words registering in his mourned mind:

-Come on... I’ll take you home... –She offered softly.

His lips just acted by reflex, being only able to pronnounce one thing in that state:


As barely a whisper it slipped from his mouth, not even having realized who was in front of him, nor why it was the first thing that scaped from his mind, nor even why it just flowed as a silent prayer, as if he had always have been saying it.

She helped him get up from his sit and slowly walk. Two steps. Two steps and he tumbled, maybe because of the alcohol running through his lonely veins, or maybe because of the need of confort ; he just found himself under an embrance shared by someone warm. She held him while his lips moved once again, never scaping a sound from them, but as softly as the last time they moved, and even if his mind didn’t even bother to register the gentle impulse it had slipped from it, his subconscious knew why and what was it.


Her fingers were mild and her breathing warm... both full of pain while she tried her best to confort him by soft caresses. Along his hair, along his jaw, along his face...He buried himself more into her close contact, and a tear found the weakness it needed from his owner to be able to scape.

Silently, she took his hand once more and taking it close to her, she once again tried for him to walk. Her lower lip trembled after seeing his face: Dead, with a full tray of tears. Dead, as he didn’t even show nor realize the pain he was releasing right then and there. Dead, as there was no spark of life in his eyes.

They only reached the sofa, and she helped him lay down, softly caressing his face while he finally closed his eyes into a peacefull slumber. In a few seconds he was already dreaming: “ feels good...” –He dreamed as he saw butterflies and felt them caress his face.

A little sigh was heard in the room while Riza mildly wiped away his superior officer’s tears. She would worry about her own pain later. Now, she would only do her best while drying his tears, while wrapping him with some blankets, while caressing him untill his tears stopped, while conforting him while he was asleep,... while telling him in silent words “...I’m right here for you..., just see me... Roy”

Warmth welcomed him first in the morning. He was alone in his office when his eyes first focused where he was. “...A dream...” –He thought-...Hawkeye...–He said instead. That was the last word heared in that office as another day begun. Just like the others when he had been drunk.

Wow, Reika, did you write it while going to the class??!!
That's sooo good!! happy.gif
You got to expand on that one!!
(You know, while going to the classes... You can complete a novel by the end of semester!! biggrin.gif )
haha,yeah I wrote "fin" just when the train was about to stop at the station XD

nah, I'm not going to write long fics because I don't finish them, I preffer drawing, that I know that I'll keep drawing if not today, then tomorrow. I already have a long fic from three years ago unfinished. Now I preffer to write drabbles or one shots. I've thought about adding them as if they were my doujinshis novels HAHAHAHA XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
That makes sense!! XDDDD
Both your writings AND drawings are very lovely!! happy.gif

sorry, no updates today. I thought I was going to be able to update, but nop. Since I saw what I had drawn up untill now and I thought "what a crap", I'm trying harder this time, so of course, it's taking more time out of me.


vol 2- chap 1-Page 7:

My head hurts.... T_T....
Yay, more update!!
And, with nice action scenes!! Yeah!! Get'em, Ed!! biggrin.gif
^^I'm glad you liked them ^^


Ramblings that pass through my fevered mind right now....

(This one is from yesterday, I'm going to use it for an avatar)


-I won't tell you "that"; because there are just some things that words can't say. Let me talk with you, let me be with you, let me touch you, hug you, let me caress you... and you'll know what I'm talking about. -He said, the day he first kissed me.



Rainy night was placed upon the not too drunk colonel and his subordinate. She found him about to commit suicide with his weapon too near to his temple. She broke down, run towards him and after taking the gun away from him she hugged him, almost crying, with all her heart, mind and soul.
One senseless question came to the mans mind:
-Lieutenant... if you ever met your real love... and you found him like this, what would you do?
-Hug him. -She answered in between sobs, while she closed her eyes and gave him all her confort.



-Lieutenant. Don't you hate being in love? -He said, staring through his office's windows into the distance of the city shown in front of his eyes.
-...huh? -She inmediately raised her eyes.
-I hate it. -He stated firmly, never changing the direction of his eyes.- Whenever you are near that person you feel the best man of the world. But you can't feel totally well and free, because you are always afraid of losing her. You can never trust any man that goes near her, and it hurts like hell when you see her smiling to anyone that it's not you. You are afraid, Hawkeye, always afraid. Afraid of what she feels, afraid of what she doesn't feel, afraid of her going away. And when she's not there, it's hell, because you lack her pressence, her scent near you, her warmth melting with yours, even if it is in the distance. Because you know, lieutenant, you CAN feel her warmth. -He said frustrated, almost chewing his lower lip while the words came out.- You are afraid of hurting her, of making something wrong, of touching her with your filthy hands, of telling her what I'm telling you right now. And I hate being afraid. But when you are in love... you can't help it, can you? And it hurts... it hurts here... -He continued while he placed his gloved hand right upon his heart.- lieutenant... is the same as pain.

-...I- -Her voice nearly broke while she tried to cover the unseen pressure that had been placed upon her heart with her bare hand- I understand.. how you feel. Sir.


She, once again lowered her head, to her work, never finding the way to concentrate anymore.


-...Yes? -She raised her sad head once more towards him. Her eyes showing the same sorrow her heart was suffering.
-...Promise me... y-you won't ever leave me. Please.



-You know sir -A soft smile adorned her beautifull lips- I would like to have a baby someday...

This captured his attention, and he looked at her:
-mn? Really? -He directed his gaze to the front once again, in thought. After a few seconds he smiled- Yeah, I suppose that would be great. To be able to have a little Roy... *chuckle*

Her face softened even more and she added:

-I wouldn't mind to have a little Roy, either.



"I know everything. At least everything I need to know. I know he doesn't love me. I know he's not for me. I know I shouldn't let my jealousy blind me. I know I shouldn't stand by his dates. I know I should do whatever is best for him. I know that I'm not the best to him. I know I'm just "there".
And there's where I realize the power the heart has upon the mind, because even if I know all this, I can't help but be the one to protect him, to help him, to confort him, and to love him.
Even, if it is in silence."



"Even if I don't show it, I need the pressence of a God. Because if there was no God, I wouldn't know who to thank the fact that she's beside me. If there's something that I know, is the fact that it isn't because of my own effort, nor kindness. It must have been someone really kind and gentle who placed her near me, who told her to protect me, who felt sorry for me and decided to forgive me by sending her support to me. And that, if I'm not mistaken, is how God is supposed to act.

Thank you, God"

AN: I will add more if I have any more ideas. *sigh* I just discovered I'm streessed, and I'm having a huge headache, with some fever so.. sorry if those fragments didn't make sense... I just felt like writing.
Wow, those are all very good!!
But, please don't stress yourself!!
Take some rest, and hope you'll feel better soon!! happy.gif
thank you tombow, don't worry, I didn't draw yesterdayxD I couldn't even if I tried to. And those writings were some kind of way to take my stress away. So, I may add more if I feel like it xD don't worry if you find more XD.

I just sit myself here, play with the play station controler's buttons and then think what would Roy or Riza say, think or feel, that could be explained in short XD. And then write it xD.

But anyways yeah, it's true I suffer from stress. My teacher told me that when I told her what was wrong with me and how I had been feeling the past few days. She told me that that was stress, that she had suffer it. *sigh*... so young and already stressed T_T... XD But I know something for sure, I'm not leaving the doujinshi by any means.



Greetings, I'm Riza Hawkeye. I know you know me, and I know there's someone called "Hiromu Arakawa" that is showing you our lives since the Elric Brother's came to the Colonel's office. You've always seen me protecting him, and I bet you already know what I feel for him. Who am I trying to fool, you already saw me give my life away because of him... I would do whatever it takes to protect him, to save him. But I'll tell you something you don't know. Back then, the war..., he was the one that always protected me. I owe him more than you think, and that's something which even if Miss Arakawa decideds to show you, you won't be able to understand; because we are not talking about images, nor words.

We're talking about feelings.
You're so amazing Sis. You have time for drawing and writing. They're both amazing

When I'm stressed, all I do is sleep.
haha, actually I don't need time for writing, XD I do it in a second. Those drabbles I wrote up there I wrote them in a matter of seconds. Writing is the easy part, drawing is the difficult part

Vol2-chap1:Page 8:
Oh, more dramatic update!!
And, nice sound effects in Japanese!! biggrin.gif

Happy Valentine's Day to the lovely author/artist of this thread (hehe, it's you, Reika) and all the readers of her dojinshi!! happy.gif
awwwwwwwwwwwww, luv you all!! T^T
Reika - I love your "Valentine's Day" Roy drawing!! happy.gif
thank you!! ^^
Sis, the Valentine pic looks as if you drew it when your skillz suddenly got multiplied by 100x. It looks like a completely different you that drew it. I'm serious, it's that good.
Anywayz, I'm glad you updated and hope you update soon. g2g back to hw! biggrin.gif

I sound like a nerd now huh?
Really? XD I think I've drawn like that and even better many other times, but when inking all goes to hell ^^U... I really need to learn to ink. Thanks, anyways, sis, and sorry for the late answer, I've been with exams lately so... I'll have exams 'till March 17th or so.


Alittle nothing nonrelated to my doujinshi:
Awww, that Ed is far more handsome than actual Ed!! biggrin.gif

Good luck with all your exams!!!! happy.gif
haha thanks, geez... I'm so tired, I was going to draw yesterday and I can't find my pencilcase!! I was about to start sweating and trembling!!!!! XDDD (really)
^^ Oh no, that does not sound good!! Please take it easy Reika ...
I don't want you to get stressed out, or getting sick!! unsure.gif
hahaha, I already got sick a month and a half... sleep.gif... this time it was because of not drawing! XD
Aha, it's drawing withdrawal symptom... biggrin.gif
*Picturing Reika milk bottle in drawing withdrawal... hands shaky, and mumbling to herself.. "Got to draw, Got to draw, NOW!!"* XDDDD
(I'm glad you are physically feeling better now. happy.gif)
hahahahhaha, the scary thing is that it was like that

now, VERY BAD NEWS GUYS!!!!!!!

Question: what's the worst thing that could happen? -*for Arakawa to die? * no!! I mean, about me! >.< *oh... for you to die?* NO!!! FOR MY COMP TO DIE!!!!!!

Yeah, guys, I don't have computer... who knows what will happen from now on *withdrawal of drawing + no comp = about to commit suicide*
Oh no, Reika!! That is awful!! Can you somehow get it to resurrect??
(Mine died last year, but a friend fixed it for me. )
Hope you are not going to lose any of your pics and drawings in the process!! unsure.gif
dunno!!!!! I just hope my data didn't die. one of my friends will scan the drawings, but I can't use photoshop nor anything
I know what you mean!! While mine was getting fixed (which took quite a while) I had a friend who let me use his extra computer and that was very nice, but it didn't have many programs I was used to using...

But yeah, hope that at least all your data files are safe... unsure.gif
one of the hard drives is save, but the other one, which is the most important, I don't know XD
Miss your drawings!!
Hope you can get your comp back soon!!
me too!!!! XDD I may update two pages or so, next time, one of them is drawn, and the other too, and the other is about to be drawn lol. so... how's your life? XD
^^ Yay, that sounds good!! happy.gif
Me, I'm doing ok, but ever since my local Internet company started doing "local upgrading process" my Internet connection has been quite shaky, cutting me off-line unexpectedly, or gets painfully slow at times, or sometimes being off-line for hours, and that's making my life difficult sometimes. sad.gif
But, yeah, your update will cheer me up!! smile.gif
aww... I wish I could update today! I have an exam tomorrow though sleep.gif.... well, two .... and my comp is still dead so, muahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaah <-- has gone crazy

Now, I'm back XD. I'm at class, I can only get online here, and at a friends house, five minutes. *sigh*, so my life is like... oh! and I'm going to get dressed like Ed for a disguise contest that if I win I'll go to japan XD and I'm having a real hard time finding white leather gloves, some metal for the automail etc. But well, I'll try my best! >.< (I'm even going to dye my hair and buy yellow/orange "eyes") I'll take a photo for you.

Also, a couple of days ago it was "carnival" here, but here everybody gets disguised and I was "onion Ed" in the omake of "vertical stripes!" xDDDDDDDDD and one of my friends was Al and another one the cat. I'll publish photos if I can XD
Gahaha!! That sounds "lovely"!! XDDDD laugh.gif
Yes, yes, please post the pics when possible!!
I got to see Reika as onion Ed!! XDDDDD
And, if you win the contest and could go to Japan, that would be like, a dream come true!! biggrin.gif
(If me, I'll write beforehand to get the permission, then try to visit Arakawa sensei's Ushigoya firm!! That would be really some experience!! smile.gif )

But, some reality comes before that, so, good luck with your exams tomorrow!! happy.gif
haha, our targets are: Arakawa sensei
Megumi Hayashibara
Kotono Mitsuishi
Tooru Ookawa XD
^^ Wonderful choices!!
Seriously, hope you'll win the contest!! happy.gif
QUOTE(Reika @ Feb 28 2006, 03:47 AM) [snapback]356253[/snapback]

haha thanks, geez... I'm so tired, I was going to draw yesterday and I can't find my pencilcase!! I was about to start sweating and trembling!!!!! XDDD (really)

I mis-read you and thought it said sewing instead of sweating and I was like whatt thee????

Anyway, I hope you get your comp fixed soon, I'll pray. My comp was in really bad shape once so my brother's friend, who's a genius computer guy, fixed it up in a couple hours. But all the memories were erased, luckiy, I wasn't into anime back then so I'm glad.^^

I wanna see you in your costume. I hope you win! biggrin.gif (Tooru Ookawa the bomb!!....and that's all I know from that list...)
I just talked with my father, and he told me he hasn't bought anything yet....

now... good news..... well, at least for me tongue.gif:
9'15 out of 10 on my japanese exam!
QUOTE(Reika @ Mar 13 2006, 11:37 AM) [snapback]362666[/snapback]
now... good news..... well, at least for me tongue.gif:
9'15 out of 10 on my japanese exam!
That's AWSOME!!! Way to go, Reika!!! happy.gif
(You can add moire Japanese words in your dojinshi!! You are getting so good at it!! biggrin.gif )
hahahhaaha thank's tombow...

What would I do without your posts... rolleyes.gif XD I will, don't worry, I will xD yay!!! I passed my yonkyuu exam!!!! ^-^
QUOTE(Reika @ Mar 14 2006, 03:10 AM) [snapback]363029[/snapback]
yay!!! I passed my yonkyuu exam!!!! ^-^
Oh!! Congratulations!!!
You're getting sooo ready for the day you meet Arakawa sensei!!! XDDDD
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