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Full Version: 3rd Fma Game Website Opens
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Thanks to RolfKaese for the notice~

Square Enix Japan has opened the official website to the 3rd Fullmetal Alchemist RPG game: The Girl Who Surpasses Gods (unconfirmed English title)

The PlayStation 2 game is to be released in Japan come summer 2005.

Translated information on the game from magazine scan here.
Thanks Sycia!

The website looks so neat! I like the style that they did on it! They also added a bit of English, yay (at the begining part)!

I wonder when the commercials will come out on that site, and what the story line is (Its on the website, can someone translate it for me?)
Cool. But.. geez.. I stil haven't even beat the first one. I need to get on that. Haha.
AA battery
<strike>hope I can find a pivate copy of it when I am back at HK this Summer</strike>

It's kinda weird that all the "bosses" in the FMA games have similar style clothing...
Chibi Viki
yay! thanks for the info!

hmm... riza is missing again...
when will it come out to the USA?
QUOTE(iceDemon89 @ May 6 2005, 01:35 PM)
when will it come out to the USA?

Not till a few years I would say. Then a few more months 'till it comes to Canada... sad.gif
the 2nd game isn't even out in the u.s. yet, is it?...waiting sux
thanks for telling me when it might come out.
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