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I've only seen GITS: SAC, and I now have the opening dlded onto my computer. happy.gif
Just watched episode 4, "Natural Enemy".

Really cool battle scene!!
please dont hurt me
man i just love everything about ghost in the shell. its the only show that i think is a little wierd, but its still awsome.
i love ghost in the shell even if the plot is confusing, but my favorite part is the outfits that the main character wears.
Watching 2nd Gig, episode 5: "Inductance".
i watch that show every single day and i still love it.
every day i watche it i learn something different and it gets more interesting.
I found GITS: SAC better then GITS 2nd GIG
ive watched the later episodes but now i got the chance to see the beginning and find out how everything started.
Last week, 2nd Gig, episode #6 - "Excavation."
I like episode with focus on Togusa. Usually it means interesting episode, and this one, too was interesting, with the view of old Toko in the water. smile.gif

More new episode tonight: 2nd Gig, episode #7 -"Pu239" smile.gif

Ok, I watched the episode 7, and men, Section 9 was getting totally played by this Goda guy, Chief of Staff of the Strategic Influence Research Council, or whatever... Yak!!
It was bad enough they had to do the transpotation duty, then it turned out they were used as a decoy!! Tha's humiliating!!
Batou should have pushed this guy out of the plane while he had the chance!! tongue.gif
Besides, major looked very different in this episode. Bigger eyes. Didn't care for the look very much. Hope they will change it back to the old look. rolleyes.gif

BTW, this one was "Dual" episode, I think. (I think it means the episode has the effects on the series plot, or something like that.) smile.gif
shining alchemist
I love the anime (movies and TV series) but I never really got into the manga. I watch it all the time with my dad(he's the one that got me into anime)
Has anyone besides me played the video game? It rocks but it's really short.
I want to play the game but I dont have a ps2. Shame. I loved watching like the anime but I never got into the manga either.
More new episode tonight: 2nd Gig, episode 8 - "Fake Food".

I got distracted posting some stuff here while watching the ep, so I'll watch it again on repeat, and post my thoughts later. smile.gif

Ok, I watched, but the storyline was kinda complicated to get the whole picture, to me anyway...
I think the bottom line is... Section 9 was played again by GODA guy!! AGAIN!!! GRRR!! rolleyes.gif
(So far, the 2nd gig is not fun!! Section 9 should be the smartest of that kind there, not Mr. Goda!! tongue.gif )
Lt. Misha Mustang
Im not really into it but its looks interesting
Dark Alchemist1
I didn't even know about a game for G.I.T.S.
Tonight's new episode, Episode 9: Ambivalence

Finally, section 9 is fighting back!! (Well, sort of.)
At least, we get to see cool Motoko action, as she infiltrate into the cyber space of Poseidon Industrials, and face virtual Goda.
The whole secuence of scenes were really cool!! cool.gif
And, the rest of section 9 was successful in preventing another suicide bomber attempt to come true.
Batou did great job!! smile.gif
as u can tell << i'm a GitS SAC fan. got the first gig complete off ebay and vol1 and 2 of 2nd Gig. its kinda hard to follow whats goin on so i watch each episode over a few times lol
Hi TheLaughingMan9,
Oh yes, that avatar is "vaguely" familiar. Gahaha!! laugh.gif
Nice to have someone who's a devoted GitS SAC fan!! happy.gif

This week's new episode, Episode 10: Trial

At first, it didn't look that way, but as it turned out, this was an amazing episode!!
On the surface, it looks like a simple trial, where Togusa who played a nice guy and saved a women, get in trouble because of the nasty lawer for the accused.
On the surface, that is...
Then, the last few minutes of the episode turned everything upside down, and blew me away!!

It took me a few days to fully realize exactly what took place in the episode.
I'm seriously thinking using the spoiler, because if anyone who hasn't watched this episode, and planning to watch it sometime, then deffinitely should NOT read what really took place, untill seen the whole episode.

So, with that in mind, (I'm not making it as a spoiler, but) if you haven't seen the episode, please skip this post. happy.gif

What (I think) took place in the episode:
In the opening scene, on the way home, Togusa saves a woman from being assulted by her ex-lover.
Togusa made mistake of disabling the attacker, but NOT disarming him.
While Togusa was checking on woman, the attacker shot the women.
The case went on trial, and Togusa was held as the witness.
The big boss, Motoko, and other member of Section 9 went to see Togusa, and told him that they could communicate undetected during the trial on the "off channel channel," (but Togusa refused to communicate with them during the trial.)
Togusa was grilled by the deffendent's lawyer in the trial (the lawyer was very good at this, and soooo nasty!!!) who tried to crush the only witness (Togusa)'s reliability as a witness.
That's what it looked on the surface, but here is what Togusa did not know...
DA (Distict Attorney) who's prosecuting this guy, was connected to Gouda, yes, HIM again!!
DA told Gouda about the case, Gouda told the diffendent's lawer about Togusa working with Setion 9, which is off the record organization, and Togusa can't speak in the public court many stuff going on with Section 9.
Knowing that, the lawyer asked Togusa many questions that were difficult to answer without exposing the details of Section 9's activities.
Because of that, Togusa could not answer many questions, and thus making the impression that he's not trustable witnes..
While not being able to communicate with Togusa off channel during the trial (because Togusa shut off the communication) the Section 9 was checking everything on the DA, the deffendent's lawyer, the deffendent, and found out the connection to Gouda, and more.

(this post is still under construction...)
I have to take time organizing (in my head) the events that took place in the last three minutes of this episode (that are loaded with surprizes, AND moral issues.)
I'll post the rest tomorrow. happy.gif

ETA Feb. 11, Saturday: I haven't posted the conclusion of last episode, but meantime, new episode today.
Episode 11: Affection tonight!!

I loved tonight's episode!!
Finally, some FEEL GOOD episode on 2nd gig!!
And, it's about Motoko!!
Lovely episode, if not little sad.
And, it was nice to learn some part of Motoko's past.
And, some mild spoiler:
[spoiler]Friend told me that we might see the man who was that boy later again!! ohmy.gif [/spoiler]

ETA Feb. 18, Saturday: Episode 12: Selecon tonight!!
Wow, just wow, that was shocking episode!! blink.gif
And the whole storyline just for 2nd Gig is getting interesting!!
[spoiler]So, the individual 11 essay NEVER EXISTED??!![/spoiler]

ETA Feb. 25, Saturday: Episode 13: Make Up tonight!!
Interesting episode focused on Paz!!
That woman was so messed up, but it was nice to see another member of Section 9 getting the story.

ETA March 4, Saturday: Episode 14: Poker Face tonight!!
Tonight, Saito speaks his story, nice one involving Major.
True or not, I liked this episode a lot!! smile.gif

ETA March 11, Saturday: Episode 15: Pat tonight!!
Really cute Tachicoma episode!! Loved it!!
Well, actually very philosophical, but they talk so cute!! tongue.gif

ETA March 18, Saturday: Episode 16: Another Chance tonight!!
Another good episode!! smile.gif
Last's nights episode was really good too i cant wait for next weeks episode
1st GIG was very cool, i'm watching it again whilst i wait for 2nd GIG to d******* (just incase that word offends anyone)
The storyline(s) are really well done, nice mystery feel to them. The films are just as good
More new episode later tonight... Episode #17: "Red Data"
Lt. Misha Mustang
I liked the episode it was very touching I like the part when the kid asks if prostractions (sp?) like the Major could have sex and she asks if he would like to try and he's like another time.
in that episode with Pazu, i think it was the chick that won. when u look at the corpse it has the scar that she gave Pazu in the begining. hopefully thats just a artist's mistake, but thats not usual for them. the epsodes recently have been dull eh?

SPOILER**to Tombow's thing about the crippled boy.

If ur serious about reading it be warned: its interesting to wrap around ur brain and put connections together

The crippled boy is Hideo Kuze
Tonight's new episode: Episode #18 - "Transparent"
It's another good episode, BUT....
Did anyone catch tonight's April Fool's Day airing???!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif
(Yes, the one with special added on sound effects!! LOL!!!)
I'm watching it now, and I can't follow the story seriously because of all that sounds in the back!!!! XDDDD

ETA: @TheLaughingMan9 - You can change that to real spoiler box if you like...
It's easy. Here is how to do the spoiler:

Highlight the part of your post that you want to put in the spoiler box, then click on B next to I, U , S, etc. above the post composing space, as if you are making the hlighted part BOLD, then change the code inside the [ ] from "b" to "spoiler" in both begining and ending [ ]s.
(Don't forget to keep "/" in the ending [ ] tho.)

If still not clear, click on REPLY bottum for my post, and see how the code looks like for my spoiler tag, and just type in the codes exactly that way. smile.gif

[spoiler]Like that [/spoiler]
Ronaldo Rodregez
That made me laugh out loud. Especially since the child was crippled and blind.
sry about that, i've never had that option b4 on other boards
^^ No prob. happy.gif

Tonight's new episode: Episode #19 - "Chain Reaction"

I just missed the first airing of the night, and have to catch the repeat airing later!!
(Motoko made a mistake?? ohmy.gif )
Le Monkey
I love GITSAC, 1st and second gig, definately worth getting if tyou have the chance to anyone, ^^
I have had the 2nd gig complete for a good 3 months now, subbed ofcourse, but is it being aired in the US already? ohmy.gif
QUOTE(le monkey @ Apr 10 2006, 08:07 PM) [snapback]377827[/snapback]
I have had the 2nd gig complete for a good 3 months now, subbed ofcourse, but is it being aired in the US already? ohmy.gif
Yeah, and I love it!!! happy.gif (But then, you have the complete 2nd gig, so that's better yet!! biggrin.gif )

Another new episode: Episode #20 - "Fabricate Fog" smile.gif
(Didn't have a chance to watch it yet, but taped it, so I can view it later!! )

ETA: April 22

More new episode tonight: Episode #21 - "Embarrassment"
This is the continuing story of last week's episode.
I'm enjoying "human" side of section 9 in these episodes... Major making a mistake, Batou (maybe??) jealous of Kuze guy??

Kuze is one kick-ass bad guy!! tongue.gif

ETA: April 29

Another new episode tonight: Episode #22 - "Reversal Process"
Wow, interesting conversation/mind game by Batou!! smile.gif
I really like this show, but unfortunately, I think it's one that if you miss one key episode you're lost. It all seems really complicated with all the crap they talk about, but it's still a good show. I like the 2nd gig better, probably because I saw all of it. I don't know, but for some reason this show always reminds me of Tom Clancy books.
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