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Full Version: Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes In Epiosode 25
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Very well. *eyes narrow* but I want the pleasure of burning Envy to the ground myself. *snaps*
Azura Elric
I want to burn Envy too. >.< lol I have a pinata Envy that me and my friends are trying to break, but it just won't! *He's still alive in my RPG community! 'points to little picture in sig'*

....You going to MetroCon? *blinks* oh wait nvm you told me that already lol
That I did! ^^ where did Martel and Bellatrix go...? *focuses on Envy*
*Charges up beside Ymsg, while still glaring with pure unleshed hatered at Envy* Okay, What next? Sounds like Saltine's got the other 6 under control-temporarily any way. LOL wink.gif
We could try a 5-way assualt on that bastard Envy... that way we can all contribute to Envy's bloody horrible demise. Maybe Some one should get Envy's weakness... and make a transmutaion circle meant for cealing humunculi. Either that, or we can just have the bloody wonderful pleasure of burning, splicing, impailing, beating, Shooting, and blowing up god damn bloody Envy until his 2nd grade philo stone gives out on him and he finally dies. LOL Any one have any ideas? happy.gif
QUOTE(BellatrixAngelofKyo @ May 22 2005, 06:34 PM)
*Charges up beside Ymsg, while still glaring with pure unleshed hatered at Envy* Okay, What next? Sounds like Saltine's got the other 6 under control-temporarily any way. LOL wink.gif         
We could try a 5-way assualt on that bastard Envy... that way we can all contribute to Envy's bloody horrible demise. Maybe Some one should get Envy's weakness... and make a transmutaion circle meant for cealing humunculi. Either that, or we can just have the bloody wonderful pleasure of burning, splicing, impailing, beating, Shooting, and blowing up god damn bloody Envy until his 2nd grade philo stone gives out on him and he finally dies. LOL Any one have any ideas?  happy.gif

My God I am losing my mind! I just totally forgot to post... someone shoot me please.... ANYWAY! I vote for the 5 way attack. Then we can all have a piece of the little bastard! ::takes out throwing knife:: Y'all with me?
Oh, forgot. * takes out Homnuclus life calucator* My new invented tool!! It can count how many lives they have by putting it inside one of their bodies! Someone good at throwing? Throw it for me at Envy, plz, I'm such a bad shooter.
And I agree with Martel.
*throws some bombs and knives*
*takes out chalk, starts drawing a circle*
Hey, but what about the body part?
Martel, you totally crack me up. XD

I'm in on the five way too. Then we can take down the others. *glares* LET'S KILL THE BASTARD! *snaps and runs toward the palm tree head*
*Runs up beside Defade* I'll toss it! *takes it and runs towards the evil little bastard* 5 way attack sounds good to me too! *draws sword* Hell yes! The moment we've all been dying for is finally here-We can finally avenge Hughes and Ed! Lets go kick his freaking ass! laugh.gif

To Martel: LOL omg I do that too... tongue.gif Don't worry about it! We all have our moments.
*draw shotgun while other replications go for pride and the rest besides envy*
ok its time to die palm tree*shoots envys burning corpse* *transmutes gun into a metallic cracker**sends cracker towards envy's corpse/living corpse**cracker make a 180 after the hit and comes flying back at saltine**catch*
*Slices off Envy's cocky charred face before he has time to regenerate* That was for Hughes, you damned bitch! *Slices his chest open and then impales him* And that's for making Edward's life a living hell and killing him, you bloody freaking charred piece of crap!!! *loses all control* Aaaaaaah!!!! You form stealing SOB!!!!!!! *starts crying* You MURDERER!!!! I'm sooo pissed off!!! *casts sword aside and starts punching and kicking Envy wildly*

NOTE to all: Lol I think I need to attend an anger management coarse..... LOL I'm so mad after watching the end of the series just now... bloody freakin omg!!!! Martel, Defade hurry!!!! Extract your revenge on Envy!!!
::chucks throwing knives as hard as possible:: FOR HUGHES!!! ::Throwing knives hit in arms, legs and finally head:: Score! ::runs up to him and does sidekick:: And that's for Ed!
*runs up behind him and slices open his stomach* THAT'S FOR EVERYONE!! * puts a transmuted bomb in* tick...tack...tick...BOOM!
Parts of Envy splatter everywhere, I look at my Homnuclus life calucator! 68! Good! Everyone! We still have lots of chances to get this bastard!
Envy starts to repair himself
*throws a transmuted Winry's wrench at his head*
LOL Defade, the wrentch was a nice touch. laugh.gif *Kicks envy in the head with plat form boots and then shoots him 3 times in the chest*
*transmutes a poo-poo shooter*
Shoots from the poo-poo shooter, now Envy's a pile of...stuff....
*puts him in a transmuted frying pan*
*starts fire*
lalala....I dunno how to cook a palm-tree...but I guess....adding some PEPPER into it will be good?
Hmm... maybe you should add some salt too Defade... we all know how lovely salt feels in an open wound. *evil smile* Lol *Slices Envy up with sword and dumps a bucket of salt in his wounds*
Yes! And how about adding nearly everything in?
*adds sugar, chicken powder, oil, soy juice, orange juice, onion, ice cream, Winry's wrench, Riza's bullets, Ed's milk, Armstrong's pike*
Lmao how about some pure hydrogen peroxcide, highly corrosive Acid, and other delightful chemical's while your at it? laugh.gif Palm trees make an oddly textured stew! *Starts beatting Envy back into pot with fists and boots*
Kewl! I totally forgot about chemicals!
* adds acid, rat poison, crocroach killer, oyxegen absorber, Gin, Vodka, repulsive stuff, three snakes, ten cocroaches, 50 tarantullas, exract of cobra poison, all other kinds of chemical 'juice', sticks cobra fangs all over his stupid palm-tree head*
Now, let's see, still 60 lives left! Kewl! But, where are the other 4 sins?
Wow. You guys did great with Envy. *sneers at his form* This is for Edward, Maes and all of the people you hurt... *swallows hard* take this, bitch... *snaps and sets his corpse aflame* Pathetic. *spits on him* (always wanted to do that to Envy. So appropriate)

As for the other homunculi, I'm not sure... wasn't Saltine handling them?
My ninja clones were ahahahahahahaha....hmmm...*looks at replication*down to about 25 replis left oh well u guys go have fun with envy i feel a bit tired so ill take on the spare homonucluli*sighs**transmutes metallic onion*wait that wasnt supposed to happen its supposed to be a saltine...oh well so much for my trademark move*tosses onion with force push**smashes into pride**pride cryes like a little girl at seeing that all his teeth are gone*this is for killing your own son son killer*recites a spell*(boy i am very talented arnt i)*blue globe appears in hand**saltine extends hand**lighting flashes out of the globe and crashes into pride*and this is for the cuts u gave to mustang*does an ed clap and strikes ground**chasm opens in the ground*whoa so that what the earths core looks like*pride falls**pride dies**saltine out of breath*ok ill make a few more replications and then ill sit in this lawn chair and watch envy die 60 odd more times
KAGE NO BUNSHIN JUTSU*poof**50 more replications appear**all of them run towards wrath and sloth the remaining two homos**brad conjures up a lawnchair and watches his friends burn, slash, mutilate,etc.,etc.,etc.*transmutes saltines and iced tea and relaxes after a day of troublesome events*
Good work, Saltine. *salutes*
::applaudes:: very nice Saltine! Now it's my turn with Envy. ::Shoots another throwing knife that impeds itself in Envy's skull. Waits for him to take it out and does a tigers claw to the throat until it snaps. Waits one more time then does a side kick to the chest then and palm heel strike to the nose being sure to break it and hopefully lodge some pieces of bone into his brain. Takes a deep breath and counts:: 57 are we at now?
You have my gratittude Saltine! wink.gif Nice work! *gives thumbs up*
Good one Martel and Ymsg! I'm sure that felt really good ( for you two any way, can't say the same for Envy. Lmao tongue.gif ) *Stabs Envy in the stomach, then grabs him around the neck from behind, shoves his face in a puddle of slime and strangles him* *Then takes out dual pistols and blasts the crap out of him until forced to reload*
biggrin.gif ah what nice iced tea...
*conjures muffins*hey are u guys doing ok...because if your having a hard time ill...pull out some mad skills to distract envy... while u guys pour hot oil on him.?
:;grabs a glass of iced tea and sits next to Saltine:: Yeah I'll have another go at him in a second. I just need a quick break and then I'll be good smile.gif
Good work! *takes a cup of iced tea* *transmutes a lawn chair and sits on it* now...I'll just take a break.....
After 20 minutes.....
*looks at the replicants of Saltine* Opps....seems like Sloth and Wrath KOed 4/1 of them...well...I'll go and help them....
* walks there and looks around* Well....does anyone know that I hate Wrath as well? * transmutes a toy baby crying all the time* Wrath screams.. * transmutes a sword from the ground, plucks sword through his chest and slices off his right arm and left leg* THIS IS FOR TAKING AWAY WHAT BELONGS TO ED AND CLAIMING THEM AS YOUR OWN!
Oh well...and Sloth....ok..ICE AGE TIME~~
Whoooooooooooooosh.....whoooooooooosh..the north wind is here!
Sloth freezes, I gues your replicants can finish them off, Saltine, so KILLIN' ENVY TIME!!!
My gosh, he got out of the pot just now..*transmutes a frying pan*
Fire snake attack! * a fire snake that is 60 feet long attacks him* CHANCE
*throws him into frying pan*
Welcome to our Killin' Envy Restaurant!
*replicants evaporate sloth by transmuting a huge industral furnace and throwing her in**wrath cryes saying i killed his mommy and that im so cruel and to bring her back and some crap**saltine transmutes i huge box with homo seals inside picks up scrwny little wrath and throws him into the box**saltine sits back in his lawn chair and thinking of this day as fun but troublesome**replicants go poof after there job is done*(by the way do u guys like my signature)
*continues to beat the shit out of Envy* can't... stop... killing him!!! Great job, Saltine, Bellatrix, Martel, Defade... *kick kick KICK* *torches*

ahh, that never gets old.
I'm totally Lmao after reading your posts, Defade, Saltine and Martel. Nice job! I love the "Killin Envy Resturant" thing Defade! That's just to funny! laugh.gif Ymsg and I will keep Envy busy while you guys take a tea break. *Continues beating the frucking life out of Envy with Ymsg without stoping* I'm with you on that one Ymsg. Beating up damned Envy to a bloody pulp never ceases to intertain me.*evil smile* I still have very painfull images of Hughes and Edwards deaths going through my mind. I need revenge on that bloody little bitch! laugh.gif
You know... It's a really good thing Archer is already dead, because after what he freaking did to Roy... He would be next on my assasination list. I absolutely hate him. He is in my opinion, a worthless character (who needs to burn in hell).

By the way Saltine, your new sig is great! *smiles* But a word of warning: It really pisses the posting board manegement off if your sig is bigger than 500 x 300, so you may unfortunitly want to down size it.
God damn it, I wanted to kill Archer with my own two hands. Like Envy, he was born to die... he hurt Roy and *fumes* *beats Envy with Bellatrix so hard* Damn it, die die die!
Oh my God! I HATE ARCHER SO MUCH! He takes Hughes place and I was like you are a f***ing bastard!! ::takes anger out on Envy by beating the shit out of him with a few well placed kicks::
*is doing the same* *beats the shit out of Envy with all the frustration she has* I... hate Archer.. he's an f***ing bitch... just.. like ... ENVY!! *kicks and torches*
Frucking Ditto, Martel and Ymsg!! How dare he even attempt to take the place of Hughes, damn him! What he did to Roy really pisses me off! I'd love to have his Frucking nasty, twisted evil ass neck in my grip... and slowly squeze the bloody life out of him. *Starts whaling on Envy with even more force then before beside Martel and Ymsg*
god he's almost as bad as the damn palm tree!
ALMOST as bad... *continues beating him* I agree with you entirely, Bellatrix!
Defade there's only Envy left....
* joins the others beating out the crap from Envy*
And me too about the Arches thing! HE JUST SUCKZ SO MUCH! He's so naive he even thought that Bradley was against the homnuclus! And ditto about the Hughes thing!
*transmutes metal coconut* NOW TAKE THAT! YOU STUPID PALM-TREE!
*throws transmuted coconut, it hit Envy on the head, splashing the *secret ingredients in the coconut* all over him!*
I can hear Envy screaming curses, why would he scream if he looks so much like a palm-tree and a coconut tree?
After a while of beating and kicking and cursing Envy while he is still frying in the frying pan......
*sits on the lawn chair beside the frying pan *
* puts some sticks in while watching amusingly at Envy*
There are....46 lives now.....
* transmutes milk bottle with 1 L of milk inside, dumps milk all over Envy*
Now...we will just wait until my dish is cooked....but just in case..* takes out two guns that, obviosly, belongs to Riza that I borrowed( and may never return)*
And Saltine, I still think you siggy is funny even though I know absoulutly NOTHING about Naruto..I mean...the whole Pikachu-and-pokemon putting people into other worlds a ninja technique?
I have almost no intention to give these gloves back to Roy, as helpful as they've been. He'll understand I'm sure. ^^ *continues to roast Envy* is that hot enough for your dish, Defade?
Meh I'm no good at alchemy but ::picks up throwing knives:: What would you like me to chop up? gods I sound like Barry.... thats freaky...
His heart, please. I'd love to watch you chop up his black, wicked heart.
*grins evilly* Oooh, I wanna take a hack at the evil bitch! *pulls out Barry's knife* *Barry: Give me back my kniiiiife! *throws a tantrum* Shut up! *hits him* *Barry: T.T*
Hack him up, Lucky.
Weeeeeee! *smiles and goes crazy* And this one's for Hughes! *slices* And this one's because I feel like it! *slices*
Glad you joined the party Lucky27! wink.gif Lmao Defade! Your "coconut suprise" made a really good impression on Envy! LOL Literally, there's still a dent in his head where it hit him! Why don't you add some arsenic and hydro cloride to that delightful dish while your at it? tongue.gif Yeeeees Martel! I agree with Ymsg! Cut Envy's disgusting decaying black heart out, and use him as a frickin dart board! *Transmutes 4 ropes that tie around Envy's wrists and ankles, and then slowly constrict and pull, so that Envy's arms and legs are torn off* *sneers at Envy, takes two tonfa blades, and does a spinning attack that splices Envy into 13 different sections* You know who else I'd love to get my hands on?! Dante! She is a total bitch!! I hate her with a passion!! I'd love to have her blood on my hands!! *evil grin* If Dante's still alive she'll wish she wasn't!! But Envy's still the biggest $#@%*&%#@~# of them all!!!
its conforting knowing that im surrounded by deranged maniacs
Cool~ GO BARRY!! There is something for you to chop up! Barry: O_o My kniife~~
Oh, okay....
*tranmutes knife Killin' Envy S-8579 and hands it to Barry* Now chop up!
And yes, I hope Dante is alive so we can chop her up and cook her roasted pig body up!
*sneers* Hey guys, *smirks* how about a go on Dante after we've finished Envy?
And I think Envy is roasted enough now, thanks!
*takes him out of the frying pan* Now, we have to put him into an oven...
*transmutes oven Hell Fire Y-93750, an oven while you can attack from the outside while Envy can't attack from the inside*
*shoots bullets from Riza's guns*
*throws Envy into Hell Fire Y-93750*
Now, everybody get a piece of Envy while he enjoys himself in this sauna!
::snatches Envy heart and dices it up into little tiny pieces:: Well it was tiny to begin with... oh well ::chucks the pieces into the fire::
*stabs his face 1000 times*
Stupid homnuclus....
*dumps a bucket of...well...flammable rubbish into the oven*
Now...let's see how he stinks...
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