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Mustang's Apprentice
I think FMA would make a great fighting game, because it has a lot of characters, with a lot of moves, and an excellent storyline.

I am aware that there is one called Dream Carnival in Japan, but I was wondering if a FMA fighting game is a good idea.

I'd want it to play like the Soul Calibur series.

What are your ideas on it?
I think a fighting game would also really be good idea. While i think a 3d one would probably be the most commercially successful. I think a 2d one like guilty gear or melty blood (tsukihime) would be the closest to the anime - think about it, the characters would look exactly like they did in the anime closest to the art form and not some lifeless mush of 3d polygons. But they just don't make 2d fighters anymore sad.gif sad.gif
foolmetal alchemist
They did make a game more like super smash brothers. It was only made in Japan though.
Maes_ Hughes
That would be really cool. Imagine fighting as.... Hughes!
foolmetal alchemist
I think you can in Dream Carnival. By the way, you spelled Maes wrong in your sig. biggrin.gif
Maes_ Hughes
I noticed...
foolmetal alchemist
Ok just making sure.
Azura Elric
....Why is called Dream doesn't sound right for a fighting game...
foolmetal alchemist
I think the fighting tournament is called Dream Carnival.
Well, I usually see fighting games that are off of an anime, so I don't see why not...tongue.gif

FMA is pretty dynamic with the characters, so I think a FMA fighting game would be better than most.
Mustang's Apprentice
There are a bunch of good 2D anime fighters out there.

The DBZ Budokai 1 was great. (the other two were dissapointments)
And I remember playing this awesome Naruto import fighting game that was pretty fun.
Fullmetal Fangirl
Actually, I have both DBZ B 1 and 2. The first was pretty stupid...

The second was MUCH better, the graphics were different a way.

FMA Dream Carnival is done by Bandai, the same as DBZ...

And it has the same graphics as DBZ2 which are....different...BUT IN A GOOD WAY!

Anywayz...i have the NTSC version, which im sure everyone has, since its USA...

But I have PAL and Im getting my PS2 chipped tomorrow just for THAT!


BTW, its called Dream Carnival, i think because its the name of this speical carnival festival thing...

I know that cuz there's this part of the game where Maes is telling Riza that Roy wanted to ask her out to it...omg thast so KAWAII!!
Mustang's Apprentice
I think the graphics you are talking about are called cel-shaded graphics.

And I have no idea why but I just like DBZ Budokai 1 better. Oh well smile.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
Lol, everyones opinion is different, but ok.

Anyway, it would be SO AWSOME if there was another FMA game like Soul Calibur2!! OMG! BEST FIGHTING GAME EVER! oh, so is Tekken 5!

[(none devil) Jin is sexy]


Um, yeah, you could choose weapons like....hmm...Ed could use different automail-arms and COOL!

and Roy...hmm....different transmutation circles on his gloves could be either more powerful, or weak!

PAH! Al...ok...well....different....chalk? LOL nah, that sounds a bit off.

Oh yeah, Riza could have different pistols n all...

PAH! Winry and her wrench's!!

OMG, what a long speech....
Kai- The Bullet Alchemist-
Hehe... That might turn out good If the right people make it.
AN FMA fighting game? That sounds good.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
A good idea, since Edward is such a good fighter...
QUOTE(Maes_ Hughes @ Apr 22 2005, 04:18 PM)
That would be really cool. Imagine fighting as.... Hughes!

i would love this game, and i would love to protray Envy and killing hughes over and over again tongue.gif
I wonder when the U.S. will get the Dream Carnival game. I've read some reviews of it and people say that Envy isn't in the game. So sad..but they say it's a really cool game.
Ambient Nemesis
I am very disappointed in the lack of Envy.

So there is currently no way to play this on a North American PS2 without modding it?

I really want this and don't have the time or money for modding. Not to mention it's not my PS2 to mess with.
A 3d fighter like Soul Caliber would make a good FMA game.
Fullmetal Fugazi
I can dig it, I think it'd be great
I guess hoping for Dream Carnival to get released State side is in vain. I was kind of hoping that it would get released in the US now that some of the characters have finally been introduced in the dubbed series, but I guess not....
Martin Easth
I would like two kinds of fighting games based on the FMA theme.
One should have the finess and accuracy like Soul Caliber but I would also like to see
one that has the same system as Power Stone. Instead of collecting shards of the Power Stone during battle you will be able to grab piece of the legendary "Kenja no Ishi". My idea could be developed inte a really good game I think but it would take more than a couple of minutes to come up with
i agree wit everyone so far but i would love this game as a computer game because there is not enough fma games for the computer
what does every one think maybe i'm just stupid idk just a sugestion

P.S. sorry about the spelling it is not my favorite subject when typing i tend to type before i take time to spell
As long as Sloth gets to hentaicle stuff, I'll play it.
QUOTE(Mjcool @ Feb 22 2006, 07:32 PM) [snapback]353437[/snapback]

As long as Sloth gets to hentaicle stuff, I'll play it.


QUOTE(Odysseus @ Oct 13 2005, 11:31 PM) [snapback]300104[/snapback]

I guess hoping for Dream Carnival to get released State side is in vain. I was kind of hoping that it would get released in the US now that some of the characters have finally been introduced in the dubbed series, but I guess not....

I wouldn't jump to conclusions. They have no reason not to try and bring it stateside considering how popular FMA is over here. Could just be waiting for some reason. Or I could be wrong, did they actually say they weren't translating it somewhere?
I think that would be sweet. There would be enough characters like geez. It probably wouldnt take that long. Id buy it tongue.gif
Does anyone know if this game is gonna get released?
QUOTE(Mustang's Apprentice @ Apr 28 2005, 03:40 PM) [snapback]162503[/snapback]

I think the graphics you are talking about are called cel-shaded graphics.

That's exactly what they're called. They're almighty and godly. I adore cell shaded graphics. =3

Oh~ FMA fighting game. that'd be cool. =) Dream carnival? I like the title. xD

If it ever comes over here (which I'm doubting but there's always hope) I bet the name will be changed: Fullmetal Alchemist: Dream Carnival. Ya know just so people know it's FMA (unless, that's its full title in Japan anyways xD)
I want it to come out so badly! It's going to be on the PS2 so....yeah....
I found a few if you're really interested you can check them out

Dream Carnival

Dream Carnival Review

Dream Carnival and other FMA games to look at

I wish I knew when it was coming out.....along with many other games sad.gif
*drools at screenshots* Oh, wow...Must KO Roy Mustang as Ed...

I think some of these fans on this thread should be hired for game ideas! Personally, I'd like a Soul Calibur kind of game... rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(FMA4ever @ Jul 1 2006, 02:54 PM) [snapback]418949[/snapback]
I wish I knew when it was coming out.....along with many other games sad.gif

Judging from the amount of games sold in Japan, I'd say...never.
The Great Asparagus
i'd hate to play as ed and then let him get smashed.

that would just rip my heart to pieces. but then, i'd get sad if like, al or winry or mustang or hawkeye or izumi got smashed too. i probably won't be able to bring myself to defeat another cool fma person lol. *siiigh*
darkflame alchemist
this would b a great game because the storyline is great and yes there are numerous ammounts of characters in the show
FMA Fighting Game, Great Idea, Al vs Ed, Envy vs Wrath, Izumi vs Roy... great battles.
what a GREAT IDEA laugh.gif
Indignant Judgment
That would seem like a very excellent idea
Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea. We could start spriting for it soon.
That sounds great!!, I would buy it!
FMA would make a great fighting game.
It would be awesome biggrin.gif:D

The fights... Imagine Pride vs. Hohenheim
Or Major Armstrong vs. Izumis husband biggrin.gif
Or maybe some fights following the storyline...
Ed vs. Greed or Riz vs. Frank Archer
(I guess the game is based on the anime?)
I would rather it just be a free choice of who you want to battle.
though i surpose every fighting game has a story mode.
edo little kid
Envy VS Rose XD !!!
Well maybe they could make it a team battle game. The good guys verse the naughty. That way you do not have to beat up some great fma good guys. Would you really want to tear Brigadier General Hughes a new one, Ill pass. Now I would not mind shoving Edwards automail sword into Gluttony's face.
I dont think dream carnival includes movie al %#@!$%#!^&

I'm a huge al fangirl sorry its very frustrating for me ;_;
movie al is so cool he has tornadoes and can posses things gawsh how could they NOT include him?!
>.< ^$%*%$#$*
alphonse in the anime has absolutly no speacial techniques. He's just an ordinary alchemist who has to draw circles every second. what's the point in that? atleast include movie al!
they make al so amazing in the movie and then just forget all about him it's so frustrating!!

dream carnival has hardley any choices compared to other fighting games like the bleach fighting games and the naruto fighting games which even include minor characters that were only in the anime for a couple episodes. they're much better and the graphics are way better too.
look up on youtube "bleach blade battlers 2" and then look up "fma dream carnival"
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