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Full Version: More Info On New Cds
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The Japanese official site of Fullmetal Alchemist (TV anime series) has been updated with pictures and info of the 3rd installment of the soundtrack CD, and Radio DJ CD Take 1, both to be released in Japan on the 18th of May, 2005.

IPB Image

Tracklistings and English information of the TV Animation, Fullmetal Alchemist, Original Soundtrack 3 posted here. First editions come with a special sticker. Product no. : SVWC-7251. Price : 3150 yen

IPB Image

Radio DJCD Take 1 features the highlights of the 30-minute radio programme; Hagaren Housoukyoku (Hagaren Broadcast) hosted by Paku Romi (Edward Elric's voice actress), and Kugimiya Rie (Alphonse Elric's voice actress). Ookawa Tooru (Roy Mustang) and Toyoguchi Megumi (Winry) are also featured as guests in this CD, and Asu e no Bashou (Accoustic version) sung by Edward Elric (Paku Romi) is as a bonus track. Product no. : SVWC-725. Price : 2625 yen, and the sticker below comes with the first prints~

IPB Image


Official TV Animation website : link (jpn)
yay, hagaren housoukyoku! i wonder if they'll put in a lot of the hagaren housoukyoku with melissa, paku + kugimiya version. that's one of the bes--is that roy spritzing his mouth with breath freshener (or something) on the bottom left of the last picture? blink.gif
Hmmm... I can't tell from their track listings. ^^;;; But I'll be sure to let you know once I get it~! (That sticker is something I must... get).

Also... their 'Take 1' means more are coming... :~~
AA battery
ohhh yes, that sticker is lovely... *so wishes that she got credit card TT_____TT;;* I would love to hear that Winry track... (Winry's voice is sooo cute >.<b)
Yeah, that's sticker is a hoot. Ed's hogging all the popcorn biggrin.gif. I only got the first soundtrack but now that I know that there's a third one, I just might buy it with the second one at the same time.
Chibi Viki
WHAT?!?! no Riza?! *pouts*

but roy in the cover of the radio dj cd looks funny XD

I must get it, got all the other CD's after all.
LOL!!! That picture is AWESOME!!! happy.gif Must. buy...
I have to buy it, i like the sticker too.
Azura Elric
._.;; *can't stop laughing at Roy in the back*
hehe I'd like to have the Cd too! ^o^ eh...but it would kind of be a waste if I don't know japanese...*cries*

Would some translate it once they have it? :3
Haha, that picture is funny. *steals Edo-kun's popcorn* XD

I want that sticker... Wish I had a credit card... Unless... *steals parents credit cards*

I'm so evil! >=3
I want that CD so bad TT____TT *steals credit cards* I want to hear Winry's track tooo Armor-Alchemist. I especially want that sticker *cries*
*steals sticker* I want that !!! *goes get credit cards* I'm definetely going to order it ... somehow*sobs*. I want to hear Winry's track and Ed's melissa so much xDD!!!
I had a good laugh just seeing Roy spraying something into his mouth...Wonder if he can sing? *imagines and then laughs*

It's just cute but why no Riza? The picture does not look so complete without her joining in.
Lady Battousai
^Sorry... that was me

where can I find Radio DJCD Hagaren Housoukyoku translations?????

I have got the take 3 and 4 ( I have download them ) but where can I find the others??????
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