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Full Version: My Computer Fanart
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Okay these pics I do in paint since I don't have a lot of fancy programs like photoshop etc. and I would post my own drawings cause they're pretty good but unfortunatly I don't have a scanner (boo-hoo for me I wish I had my own resources). So if you think they look like crap I don't mind you telling me so since I don't think they're much to speak of either. If you have any ideas for how I can make things better or find better ways to do art please your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The first pic I'm going to post is actually one of the few I'm proud of.

IPB Image

just ignor the "isn't he cute" part as I was being an idiot at the time for my love for Edo-kun's cuteness.
I like them ^.^
Wow I got a reply that's a lot more than I expected. I should probably post more pics before expecting much else to come of this but as I'm having some computer problems right now that might not be for awhile. sad.gif
Awwwww......that's soooooo Kawaii!!!! Good gob! Wish I could do that.......
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