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A/N: It's been awhile since I've been in the fanfiction world so please bear with me. If you have read the RPG try-outs in the open chat section you would know these two drabbles are my try-out samples. I thought they counted as drabbles so might aswell post it here. If there is a small error please tell me so I can fix my grammar.

Special thanks to:

Florence- A good friend who edited my work

Tokage- She has inspired me to write. smile.gif

Slash- Well he was there =P


Riza stared at the papers piling up on her desk, this is what she got for feeling sorry for Roy, again he had procrastinated and left all the paperwork at the last minute. She really disliked it when he did, Riza was an organized person, she didn't like things that were unpredictable and liked to have everything in order. Unfortunately Roy was unpredictable and possibly a man who had the brain of a three year old at the time.

Riza knew that she couldn't stare at the paperwork on her desk forever so she grabbed a pen that was neatly place beside her and started signing the sheets right away. Her mind could not help but run back to a thought of Roy. He was so unpredictable at times and yet, she held him dear to her heart. She disliked disorganized things and hated when she couldn't read people but at the same time she was drawn to Roy. She would never admit to him though that even she couldn't read him like a book. She smiled; life would be too boring if she could read Roy all the time.

She just realized that she had gone twenty minutes without checking in on him. Her head gently lifted up from its position to Roy's desk which was across from hers.

"He is probably dozing off." Riza thought silently to herself, as most of the time she was correct. She saw a sleeping Roy drooling, and wearing fake glasses. Roy really needed better tricks. Did he honestly believe he could get away? Riza was getting better at reading Roy most of the time and that's what counted. Riza slowly reached for a gun in her left gun holder and smiled.


Roy stared at the broad window in his office, droplets of rain were pouring in a steady beat hitting the ground like little rocks. At times like these, his memories of war came flooding back to his mind. Particularly one memory in the war that plagued his mind was a night in Ishbal. That night it had rained blood, the state alchemists were ordered to destroy towns that were going against the military. Roy had encountered a family of four, the breadwinner had been a major planner in killing countless soldiers, and Roy had been ordered to 'take care' of the family. He remembered the look of plead in the children’s eyes to let them live, to let them play, to let them eat, and to let them have their father back who had been killed by another state alchemist. Roy would never forget the look of hatred in their eyes as he approached them. Roy had hesitated to snap his fingers, because his mind was so entranced by the thought of killing these innocent kids. He never even noticed the sound of rain beating on the roof while thinking back on that dreadful night. The next thing he knew his fingers had snapped, tears streamed down his cheeks and corpses lay in front of him. The next thing he remembered was walking in the rain as it tried to wash away the pain and mistakes he had made. Roy hated the rain, he was useless in it.

"Roy, are you ok?" A stern voice called from the side of the room, it was Riza.

"No, I'm fine." He said smirking at her. He was useless but he could be put in some use so that family could rest in peace.
A/N: I’m sorry for double posting but I wanted to show that I updated. The next story is something I came up sweet Ed/Win fluff.

This is dedicated to my fellow 503 supporters.



Ed felt the gentle breeze, slowly brushing his hair. He had been staring at the window outside of Auntie’s workshop this scene potrayed a calm future but, the atmosphere was anything but calm. Ed had made the mistake of breaking his automail again the one Winry had worked three nights on, without any sleep. .When Winry’s orbs had caught the site of his auto mail that he had broken again, her wench almost killed him. Truth was that the wench of hers, he had noticed was getting bigger each time and her aim was amazedly accurate. After Ed had been beaten to a tiny shrub, Winry had gone to fix his auto mail and make better adjustments.

“aa….” Ed heard Winry mutter to herself under her breath. He slowly titled his head over to her and gazed at her, he noticed how interesting it was to study her completion. His eyes slowly started to study her features, how her smooth blonde hair was neatly in place or how soft her skin lookedeven though he knew she did manual labor, how he wished he could gently feel her hair. The one feature of Winry that stood out though was the flicker of light in her eyes every time she successfully made an improvement to the automail she was working on. This was not the first time Ed had caught the same flicker in her eyes before, he often observed that she had great joy from building these things. It reminded him of good old times when he and Al had first learned Alchemy he had the same joy, he remembered the feeling of completing small things and how proud his mother was. He loved the look of pride his mother had on her children when they built small things or made some little improvements. Winry was like a little kid she would take pride in her creations and always told Ed when she was done . She would always say it with such excitement the look in her eyes was pure happiness, when Ed commented on her automail in discreet ways. That’s what Ed was fond of about Winry loved what she was doing and always wanted to show him her achievements, it was like she wanted to be assured that Ed was proud of her just like how he felt was his mom. Although he frequently broke her projects, he was proud of her.

“Ed…” the sound of Winry’s voice reaching Ed’s ear which broke him from his trance.

“What?” Ed said giving her a genuine smile. The next thing that occurred was totally unexpected. Ed was on the ground trying to sooth the pain of a large metal wench thrown at his skull.

“I hope you learn your lesson.”

“What the hell did I do, you ugly girl?” Ed said adding some curse words under his breath.

“You were looking at me with perverted eyes.” Winry said grabbing another wench to directly throw at Ed’s face for calling her ugly.

---The end

Edit: I just noticed a few grammar mistakes I've now fixed them.
As far as short fics go, they are very good. You haven't rushed through a story but you have only included the information required. The actions are believable but add to the characters is a positive way.

The only real complaint I have is about layout. Large bulks of text can put people off. Yet that really is all I have to say on the bad side of things.

Sorry I did not read sooner, sis has let you down. Please write more and I hope people will read these.
no problem ^___^ I'll try to fix those things. It's just nobody commented so I thought I did horribly bad =) Thanks telling me so. You better update or I'll kill *Gets knife*
Cute I liked it! biggrin.gif
That's awsome! So kawaii. Keep it up. tongue.gif
*sees knife and shivers* It was pretty good ^-^ I especially liked the EdWin one (considering I'm a EdWin fan). Winry and her wrenches xDD
foolmetal alchemist
Ahh!! Scary knife!!

Those were all really good! I wish I could wright like that.
Saturn Stars
Oh my I had no idea you had written and EdxWin... Stares at screen. It was great! Lol! I love non-obvious ones. Keep you wanting more. Yet I love the obvious ones too...

Keep it up! I can't wait to read more of your work!
Thank you everyone. Maybe I should ask one of the mods to put, "including Edwin and Royai-ness?" XD I'm so happy you reviewed SaturnStars I have been lately down on the dumps with my writing and all the reviews have encouraged me... more drabbles are coming soon. smile.gif Coming forth... Edwin and Royai-ness.
*claps* yay!!!
foolmetal alchemist
I can't wait! laugh.gif
Saturn Stars
No problem! Of course I would reply to such nice drabbles
Huzah for drabbles. Without drabbles I mean what would my grandpa do when came to visit?
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