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Full Version: Cameo Appearances And Other Good Things You Noticed (excluding Thread Plotholes)
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I noticed that Riza had short hair in episodes 8 and before, when Ed is... 12?

There was a gaiden in the manga that explained that.
She wanted to grow her hair like the girl from Resembool (Winry, though she never went to Resembool in the anime, only Roy did), and Winry wears earring because she wants to be like Hawkeye.

and that kinda explains why Hawkeye and Winry's hairstyle looked so much alike.
when ed & barry the chopper were duking it out in ep 8 and ed reattaches his arm and does alchemy, you can see that his hand is a bit crooked, and i was just like, "now that's attention to detail!"
His Name is Unknown
1) When Edward causes Sloth's body to explode by transmuting his arm into sodium, there is a shot of Wrath lying on the ground, being drenched with "rain" from the fragments of Sloth's body.

In the movie, we are given a similar of Wrath when he is fighting Gluttony in the underground city. This makes perfect sense, because he is fighting to ultimately sacrifice himself and be reunited with his mother. Amazing attention to detail - advancing themes and emotions with camera angles. Genius. Yet another reason why I love FMA.

2) When Ed sits in the three-legged chair to be examined by Furher Bradley and a panel of miltary higher ups, he is located at the center of the transmutation that is used in the movie to summon the permanent gate.

3) When Edward passes the state alchemy exam, he transmutes the crumbling tower and hydrogen paper blimp into a ring of flowers - the same thing his mother asks him to transmute just before she dies. I thought this was a beautiful touch.

4) In Nina's drawing of her family, Alexander is placed on top of Mrs. Tucker. Forshadowing, anyone?

5) The letter from Furher King Bradley giving Ed his State Certified Name "Fullmetal" has the incantation which encircles the transmutation circle for human alchemy seen in the beginning of the series when the brothers try to resurrect their mother. These words can also be found in just about every DVD booklet of the series. Additionaly, in the Conqueror of Shamballa, Deitlinde Eckhart recites the incantation in German to open the temporary gate to Armestris.

6) When Ed and Al go to Youswell, check out Halling's face when his wife is asking Ed to fix her broken vase. Lol. Looks like someone got a little lazy with the animation.
I noticed Izumi the first time around. Recognized her immediately when we saw her again. tongue.gif

I've actually caught a lot of these things. I tend to pay plenty of attention to Anime. tongue.gif

But now I want to rewatch FMA. Gah. Working on other anime at the moment, too. >.>
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