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Full Version: Please A Moments Piece For Col.!
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This is one of my first fan fics so if You don't get how I post it, please let me know if you wish for me to make future changes in the layout.

It starts out Ed and Al wainting out side of Mustangs office wainting to give him a report from a recent assignment. When their turn is up, they slowly walk into his office, but when they walk in, they see that Roy's desk is piled high with paper work. Ed tries to call to him but all he can pick out is a mumble. Just then Riza walks in and in her hands is a shovel. Without even opening her eyes , she digs Roy out. she tells him whats due and when. Handing him a pen telling him to get busy.

when she leaves Roy sits at his desk , every now andd then picking a random piece of paperwork from his pile. Bulging through the door comes Hughes with a line of pictuers of his daughter. After a few eye brow twitches Roy looks at Hughees pretending to listen , giving uup oon trying to concentrate . Again Riza enters the office and drags oout Hughes while he still rages on . Ed and Al stand there wondering if it was a good time to bother the Colonel .

Ed carefully places his report on a nearby stack and exits with Al right buy him.
Outside the office , Riza is watching her dog. Jean comes up and asks Riza if it was okay to ask the Colonel something. She said he was busssy and walked away

end of part one.
I like it, is good, it was a little wierd the way you did it, but did understand it.
Hagane No Renkinjutsushi {ED}
biggrin.gif and Now you Must wright the next one ! i liked it biggrin.gif
Okay, hope you like this next part

Roy enters a mail room where he places a good bundle of papers into the box labled DONE. Just then Riza walks in and compliments him for doing alot of his work ,of coruse she added the "with all do respect" line. Roy asks her if she saw any knew pictures of Elyisia ,(with a sudden giggle). She grew the little vain mark on her head and said"like you wouldn't believe" Roy started laughing again feeling grateful he stayed in his office. Riza slid something into Roy's mail box and walked out. It was a notice for his alchemy exam. "great, what to make, the world's laregest bon fire?" he thought.

Jean walked by as he was trying to light another cig, Roy passed by and rubbed his two snaping fingerse together, making a small flame on the end of Jeans ciggarete.

Roy walked in his office a note was lying on his desk, and also found out all his mounds of paperwork had been sorted. He lifted the note to his attention.
don't worry about any of your paperwork deadlines, the rest are faraway three weeks at the closest,
p.s don't worry about your alchemy exam either, you'll do fine.

Lt Riza Hawkeye
End of Part two
Hmmm.. so unlike Hawkeye to let the Colonel go of his work. Wonder what's gonna happen next ^^!!
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