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Ok so most of us know the basic plotline of the FMA movie, but we don't know everything in detail. I think we should post events that we think will happen based on what we know already, what we know about characters, and what we feel just should happen. *spoilers* guys.

First off I believe Ed will make it back. Obvious I know, but I am not sure who succeeds in getting him back, whether it is Al, Ed, both or other alchemists. Perhaps Hohenheim will manage to help out his son (who he owes big time).

I really am not sure what will happen about Envy. Apparently he is stuck in the form he went through the gate in and clearly is an odd sight in our world. Ed is going to have to fight this darn beast at some time, but Envy really wants revenge on father.

The man providing Al (Germany) with money is a shiffty character. I think he is looking for how this research will benefit him personally in the long run (ooh, like my fic). Perhaps it will be he thats makes everything go wrong (yes, we can guess a lot will go wrong).

The alchemy words military involvement will not be as much as it is in the series but it is clearly important were Roy and Riza are now (what about the other military personel?)

Romance (oh c'mon, its me so you know it was coming). I don't know who this girl is that we see in the trailer but I guess she is another Rose. I don't think anything will happen between them as Ed has far more to be concerned with. I do believe she will help push him toward his goal and stop him giving up. As for Roy and Riza I really have no idea at all, but I hope something will happen as a relationship is hinted at in ep 51.

Conclusion, that Ed will turn out like his father and stick with alchemy above everything. So sue me I think he will end up with Winry, but not in a way that you see any romance. Think end of Digimon season 2. You never really see romance but in that episode we find out who got together and had kids (the romances that were hinted at). Al will settle down and stop following his brother travelling but still love him dearly. A complete happy ending would not be very FMA so perhaps the end will be Ed off on travels again, leaving his family behind, in persuit of something new.

But that is just my view, I want to hear yours.
I am no expert here but I am curious to know which "Al" has the love, love scenes mentioned in the interview. I am a sucker for romance in action/anime movies but I am not sure how much you'll see here. They didn't mention romance for Ed. sad.gif But he's not exactly the romantic type. I could see Roy and Riza eventally getting together though. I think/hope Ed will make it back. I would just like to know if he doesn't ahead of time. I hate getting my hopes up about a movie only for it to have a disapointing ending. I don't think that will be the case though. I live in America so it will probably be a while before I get to see the movie.
well I think " that beaast" thing that Ed has to fight, tries to eat him. I'm not sure if Ed and Al get reunited, but I hope so .
I don't get the general idea of the movie so can someone please fill me in.
And another rose!?! Who knows whats going to happen , dry.gif
Saturn Stars
Ed and Al get back together (That's for sure!)

Rose dies! (Cough! Trying to take Winry's man) Ummm no but if you seriously think about it, they kill off alot of people in Fma... it would make sense to kill her off and have Ed go through with despair. But we still don't know if it's actually her so um... we can pray anyway.

There will be some big climax where we think that we will never see the brothers together again...

Then somehow... (I bet just randomly) Ed will be able to return home... I mean the whole gate thing is a little far fetched but hey.

I agree with you Chiyo, that we will probably see EdxWin romance, but we will see them at least together once more. Maybe it will become clear that he has feelings for her, or they will have this romantic scene like my sig picture! Where says, tada ima all intensely! Hahaah, I think that would be the stretch of a romance scene...

Then Al and Ed will probably go of journeying again... who knows those brothers are insane!
I suspect that Winry and Al are more likely than Winry and Ed. dry.gif There is also that girl from episode 4 as a possible love interest (or the girl Al forgot). Except for the people from the mine town, they are the only ones we saw earlier in the series that did not get to be in later episodes or get killed (okay, and the armstrong family).

I think Al E & Ed meet up in the movie, even if its just for a few minutes (we have the poster of them together). We don't know if Envy can shapeshift still.
*bangs head on table*

Does everyone recall how old Al is? No, romance like that bad! Al has forgotten everyone as well.
My post will be full of anime spoilers up until the ending so you were warned *does not want to use spoiler tags*

Al has "love love" scenes eh... forgot about that. I wonder what it means... brotherly love or he finally gets a girlfriend! Even though he is supposed to be 17 hes thinking like and in a 12 year olds body so him having a girlfriend would be really odd...

Remember Roze's baby that Dante said was " a lot of potential energy" (probably energy used for alchemy). She used the baby's energy to send Hohenheim and Edo to "our" world. Maybe Edo is researching rocketry because he knows there will be ether there(in space?) or some other kind of energy that will be able to send him home. The problem is that alchemy wasn't invented in "our" world so I don't know what good that would do. My other theory that he wants to time travel and hope that it send him back into his dimension...(I briefly glanced at my t.v while some show that had something to do about space was on and these people said that space may hold the key to time travelling...or something like that)

Also, since Dante is missing, Edo going back to his own world might even have to do with her becasue she knows so much about the gate and such.
Fullmetal Fangirl
that wuold be nice....If they even get back together

Ed: Winry...?!
Winry: E-Edo....EDO! *runs up and tackle hugs Ed*
Ed: A-aah! Winry! Man, its been so long!
Winry: *sobs*
Ed: *still on the ground* oh....
Winry *still sobbing over him*

*nod nod* Yup...I can already see it...

But about Roy and Riza...(huge fan, u can tell cant ya?)

Hmm....yeah, actually seeing about what happened in 51 its not like all of a sudden...they LOVE eath other! Kinda the same with Edwin, i hate to admit it...oh well

*the day when Roy and Riza meet up again*

Roy: huh?
Riza: Taisa...s'at you?
Roy: Heh...Lt. remember im no longer Taisa...
Riza: A-ah....right...
*continues to stare at each other*

I suck at this maybe its becouse i need sleep...
NoI can see that happenening, nothing too dramatic.

Actually I can see Winry beating him with a wrench, then hugging him a whole lot.
I'm going to be a little negative here...but I don't think Edward will come back to his own world (but I really wish he would...) I mean, how is he going to pull it off? Not by going out into space that's for sure. Maybe when battling Envy, something will happen that might open a path, but I don't think that's likely....I'm thinking that he'll find a way to communicate with Al by some means, probably thanks to alchemy, but that's the best he'll be able to do since in the world he is now, he can't perform alchemy anymore.

I know the involvement of the military will be pretty small in the movie...I've been trying to figure out what the heck they could do in it. My theory is that something will probably happen with the guy Ed and Al fought when Al was still in his armor form...Those are my theory.

Oh and this may sound silly, but when I read that Armstrong was no longer in the military, I was kinda shocked. I know that he's way too sweet to be a military man, but his family comes from a long generations of Majors, so I wonder how they reacted to his quitting the forces.....And he values family so much that I wonder if he chose to leave the army against their will.
Haldir of Lorien
If Al does get setteled down with a girlfriend I am seriously gonna cry my eyes out(part of me happy for him,an other part of me wishing I was in the lucky girls positon)
And also I checked out the movie sight,and Al CHANGES his last name to Heidriech.WHAAAAAT!?
I am not saying that that is a bad choice it's just why did he change it?!(did he get married?? Part of me worries...)
QUOTE(Haldir of Lorien @ Apr 15 2005, 04:20 PM)
If Al does get setteled down with a girlfriend I am seriously gonna cry my eyes out(part of me happy for him,an other part of me wishing I was in the lucky girls positon)
And also I checked out the movie sight,and Al CHANGES  his last name  to Heidriech.WHAAAAAT!?
I am not saying that that is a bad choice it's just why did he change it?!(did he get married?? Part of me worries...)

That's a different Al. He lives in... umm... 'our world', I guess it could be called. Hes not Ed's little brother.
There is two Als!

One in the same world as Ed, and the Al we know.
Alphonse Alchemist
Well you know in one trailer where Al is using alchemy on armor Al. I got a theory on this. I've watched this Trailer Many times before and I noticed something. As they show the armor suits. There's one familiar one. Armor Al. So maybe that blonde chick had something to do with that. Could it be that possibly when Al got his body back that lady took the armor for her army? I mean when you look at it, it does seem that way. So maybe that's why.

If there's already a forum for this somewhere pelase excuse me for I'm too lazy to go look right now. XP
Movie theory threads merged.
Dietlinde Eckhart
From this scan:
This mysterious blonde woman's name is Dietlinde Eckhart.
Look at this site:
Quote from the site above:
The Thule society, was formed in 1910 by a German man named Dietrich Eckhart. It had many members including Germanys future facist leader Adolf Hitler, however its agenda for the world is just as sinister as that member.
Wikipedia entry for Dietrich Eckhart (with his photo as well):

Same surname, and really similar first name, different gender (Dietlinde is a girl's name, by the way)...

Whether Ed and Al will meet again...
They meet in the latest trailer of the movie...
I wonder where though. The uniform of the guy who took Al away and made him shout "Nii-san!" looks blueish... Could it be the Amestris uniform?

Scan of a page about the Thule Society Movie Guide Book.
I wish I can read Japanese... isn't that green dragon ENVY???
I saw a scan saying that Envy is controlled by someone. Could it be the Thule Society?

The two worlds
So... are the two worlds, Alchemy World and Our World, official called "Parellel World" as seen in the scan?

Roy and Riza
In some scans, Riza is in Rizenpool while Roy is in the cold North. In other scans, Roy is in the North but Riza is in Central. And in another scan, Roy and Riza find a huge underground city in central together. blink.gif I am confused... I just hope they get together.

Merchant. The pink diamond is still there thank goodness biggrin.gif

BTW (I wonder if anyone have mentioned about this before, anyways...), the movie site is updated and info about Armstrong, Dietlinde Eckhart, Envy the Dragon, Noah and (yay) Alter!Hughes are added.
Saturn Stars
Ahh, thats all very intresting and well thought out. I guess we will just have to wait till the movie emerges. *Sigh* I really want to know what's going on with all this Thule society stuff
the drifter
all of that us so unrelestic....especialy seince we all know bones would never do that. here is what i think will happen:

Ed and al will reunite but they might have to seperate again. but they might do something like they meets..stop the nazis and then al and roy(cause of that trailer) will try to get ed to come back and he will be all"ihave to protact the people in this world, just as it is your job to be there for the people in ours" corny granted but hey

i think alter rose will mabey have ed in a little crush but nothing to serious. she might be a really good friend to him during the movie and even sacrifice her self to prtect ed in the scene when ed is drawing the transmutation circle in the thule cathedral.(or mabey she gets kinnaped and they say they will kill her if he doesn't comply with there wishes) all i know is she looks a hell of alot sexier then hagren rose

Ed will most likely get his origanal automail from wrath instend of winry ccause it would take time to install a new one while in the movie we all know that really ain't gonna happen.there is a scene when we see wrath in the gate. it could be that he gets a arm and a leg of his own and the gate gives Ed his automail(comon who understands the true meaning of the gate!!!!)

winry will se ed again and there might be a spark but i doubt she will not be able to start a romance with her..cause he would become his father and leave her. besides i could never stand all of that crying she did>_<

the say al .E will get a love scene. well if you rememeber from episoede 51 where when he left he promised winry that he would come back safe with ed...she was mabey...
*hides so mad fan girls don't kill him*

roy and rizas romance will not fully be talked about. it will be a few hints but nothing more. more or less like "did she go out with him" or "the were such a lovely couple" i even doubt we will here that

from a image i seen it looks as though alphonse henderich will either be knocked out for trying to help ed or be killed/sacrifice. couldn't get to much in to the therioy

Alters law, drocet, gracia, hughes, tucker, falmen, breada and hovec will be there probaly to supprt ed and alter hughes(i really wante to see and alter lust though)

is it me or is hoenhime waring the same cloths he wore in fullmetal alchemist final episodes? it doesn't seem like hoenhime could be getting cloths of that stly in our world in the 1920's. he was also in bondages so who knows.

Armstrong will help al out in reloir(or however they are calling it) is it me or are they making it look more and more like los vegas for desterts rats
i read a theory somewhere that when the voice at the end of one of the trailers says "on that day, the world will move" meant that the two worlds would temporarily merge. since there seem to be so many pics that have people from both sides of the gate in them, maybe that is what happens, temporarily.
also from the most recent trailer it looks like ed and al end up separated again. i hope not! would they really do that? then again, are they good enough to reuinite them without being super cheesy? awwww, i dont know. cant wait to see it.
highly doubt that al with hook up with winry. she's like, 17 and he's 12! winry is more like a sister-figure to him, not really a potential lover. and besides, they look awkward together anyway.
the drifter
didn't stop aston kucther abd demi moore
Yeah, but he was at least finished with puberty. dry.gif

I still can't believe that we are now at 7 days. ohmy.gif Next week is going to suck. Going to be so damn impatient tongue.gif .
the drifter
where ever there is hope there will be a bootleger willing to make a profit off of that hope..i am sure we will seen it eariler then expected..look at what happened wioth star wars III..came our at least 2 days before movie ever came clear vision..
is this going get me arrested?
ALL THREE ALs WILL MERGE AND BECOME ONE! XD hey, it was a thought. haha
And which Al will get the girl? Oh, I guess they both (all?) will!


BTW, who's the third Al?
*inverse* thoughts:

After watching all the trailers and listening to the OST, I've come to the conclusion that Ed and Al will be seperated at the end. I'm guessing that this is because of the trade that was made. With Ed back in his world, that trade has been broken, so this could lead to problems regarding Al's soul and what not.

What I would like to see, is say, someone ELSE complete the trade in Ed's place. Instead of Ed going back, maybe another character could offer themselves in order for the two brothers to stay together. Like, have a big, "OMG - dramatic moment" thing, and then....yeah.

Maybe Hoho-papa could step up and say, "ALRIGHT - time to act like a father!" or something crazy like that.

Er, yeah...those are my messed-up ideas ^^;
Alright, my trhoughts tongue.gif

*spoilers* duh.
I believe that Dante used Gluttany (who had some philosopher's stone in him from Al) to cross the gate and go into that blond girl form the trailer. Since her soul is form the alchemy world, she can use alchemy, to open the gate (Like ed in ep 50) So, shes back in the alchemy world, and since Al doesnt know her AT ALL, she tells him that she can help him see her brother again. So, she opens the gate (uising Rose's baby) and throws al into our world (b/c she hates him for ruining everything) And, Al falls into Al H's body, and he sees Ed, and, he does the same thing as Date and ed did, and brings himself back into the alchemy world, BUT, he also brings Ed with him (Ed could have brought his father back in ep 50, but hohenheim chose not to.) So, they are back in the alchemy world now, and since ed's body crossed back over the gate, he can use alchemy again. This is also when he gets his automail fixed by Winry ^.^ Then, when Al tellsa ed that Dante helped him across the gate, ed gets SUPER pissed that shes still alive, so he hunts her down. But then some stuff happens (dont really have a theory on this yet) but the two worlds get coimbined, and ed seperates the worlds, and since his body is supposed to be in our world, he comes back, THUS seperating the elrics AGAIN, and Al cant go back, b/c he doesnt klnow how to open the gate by himself.
Requiem of Silence
Armstrong quit the military?! 0_0

Ah well, what can you do? He deserves some peace.

My theory, judging by the lyrics of Lost Heaven and watching the trailers, I too think that Ed and Al E. will not stay with each other for very long. I kind of hope in the end Edward dies. I know, that's evil to wish for something like that, but that would certainly make a conclusion. I love Edward, he's my favorite character in the whole series and practically any series because of his redeeming and negative qualities but . . . ah . . . I have this desire to see a death scene worthy of the (in?)famous Fullmetal.

I think Ed, after getting kidnapped by the Eckhart character (I saw a very disturbing picture where Hughes was holding Ed and Ed's eyes were really wide and Hughes was smirking, yaoi fan girl instincts went insane), he creates an opening in the Gate and the characters are brought to our world. I think this will happen during the middle of the movie. (Like . . . if it were an hour long that would come in around 30-40 minutes into it, not including the opening or ending credits. God, I hope it's not one hour long. I will kill if it is.) Reunions end swiftly with something very annoying popping up, like Envy.

I have no idea what could happen during the first part of the movie. >_<

Switching from alchemy world and our world narratives, probably. Envy will attack twice like lightning, as in, he never hits the same place twice. And why the hell is Al and Ed on the freaking cart with Alter!Rose and Alter!Lust? (Is she? She looks a lot like her.) Bah, like Hohenheim can't buy his 18-year-old son an automobile.

I saw Al in a desert setting in the trailer. Was that Lior? Or maybe the new Ishbal reserve? It showed on the official website, a city in the sands but . . . it looked a bit too good for a place that has only been around two years. Still, I hope it's the Ishbal place.

Or maybe Alter!Rose will be used as a sacrifice for the Gate to send Ed back? Then what about Al? It wasn't equivalent exchange with Wrath, though, because even though Ed's limbs were out of the Gate Al was still around and so was Sloth. Maybe that will be the same with Ed? Naw . . . I don't like the idea of letting Al and Ed have a happy ending because, by God, Alphonse Heiderich won't have the doujin loving he needs! Not that happy-endings and canons have ever really stopped fanartists and doujin-ka . . . ^^;

Switching topics randomly as to confuse you and waste your time on my idiocy, In the trailer narrated by Ed (the first one, I think) there's a part that seems very detached from the whole movie, which is the guy who shoots out those thingies shaped like |XXXXXXXX| <--- that. He was bent over Armor Al and then Ed, with the auto-mail limbs and red jacket and such, attacks him. Just how does this fit in with the movie? It has a darker tone than the rest of the trailers (is that possible?) and seems to be fought in something like those cliche clock towers in American movies. X_x I don't know what that has to do with anything, at all. It's like a whole different part of the movie.

Armor Al, Al H. and Al E. XD

Armor Al: Niisan!
Al H.: Niisan!
Al E.: Niisan!
Ed: *looks at all three* *faints*

I can see that.

The first time I saw Eckhart I thought, "OMG DANTE!" It still might be Dante, I wish . . . Where the heck did she go? I hope she makes an appearance, she was one cool bad guy, even if I hate her guts.

Wrath is also around, so I can't wait to get a look at him. ^^ I bet he'll play both sides for his convenience (apparently) but really is helping out Ed and Al (kind of). He's a good guy, at heart. I bet he's the one whowill kill Envy! Wouldn't that be great! Pitting homunculus against homunculus.

I think Amestris military vs. our military would be a great fight, headed by Hughes (who looks very scary and un-Hughes like in that outfit, what's with the hat?) and Roy. Roy Army vs. Hughes Army while Al, Al, Al (?), Ed and maybe Alter!Rose (is her name Noah? I don't really know . . .) and Winry work to get out of our world. That would be fun.

All these theories stand alone in their own paragraph.
I get the feeling that Ed will get the chance to go back to his own world, but he'll instead decide to stay in Earth.

If that happens, well.... I ain't gonna' like it, obviously.
i just hope that ed doesn't die, but somehow i have a strong feeling that he will. probably because of that dang trailer...

you know, i'm really surprised that there isn't that much hype about the movie on the Fullmetal Alchemist boards. i mean, i would assume that since the movie is coming out in 3 more days, there would be a gazillion topics about the movie, but surprisingly there aren't. where is everyone???? i, for one, am excited out of my pants!
I feel that these 3 words are related to each other:
Shambala, Thule Society and Green Dragon.

I'm quite familiar with the term Shambala because of my religion which is Buddism.
And I think the guy called Haushofer plays a big part in the movie.

My theory about the events in the movie based on facts:

1.>Look at this page about Thule Society and search for the word Tibet.
>You will find these famous names appearing near the word: Himmler, Haushofer
Funny thing is that Himmler's surname is Heinrich...coincidence? He's probably going to appear in the movie.

Now, we see that Thule Society is related to Tibet in a way.
And after much reading, you will find that many historical characters involved with the Thule Society(which is also involved in FMA now) is closely related to Tibet. If you read about the founder of the Thule Society, you will realise he studied alchemy... coincidence?

2.Accourding to Buddism, there is a paradise on earth call Shambala, which happens to be a fact. Buddist monks, also called lamas (not the animal), study, pray and live there. Most of them are Tibetian Buddists.
Now we see that Tibet is very closely related to Shambala.

3.Haushofer was initiated by Tibetan Lamas and was taught about the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon. Later, he joined the Thule society.

Haushofer is closely related to the green dragon, Shambala and the Thule Society.
>Edward would probably find out about the Green Dragon from someone involved with the Thule Society, eg. his dad or Haushofer. So, he checks it out. Then he meets the green dragon, which turns out to be Envy.

That's how far I thought about what's gonna happen. I thought about in during history class, research on Hilter... and ended up research something else...

Somehow, I get this feeling this theory is right because there's alot of reasons for the producers to choose the Thule Society as a topic of interest in the Movie. Futhermore, the Thule Society Members are related to Shambala, which is also related to the Japanese religion. The religious Japanese are likely to understand Shambala more. If you do some heavy research on Haushofer, you might if this theory convincing. tongue.gif But it's just a theory and there's two days til I can be proven wrongly. Heh.
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