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Full Version: Fanart By Me.
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Fullmetal Fangirl
I actually took the TIME to do something useful for once...

This is just about the first time I've ever tried doing Al...
Since this is in Pen, I couldnt rub anything out, so there are lines all over the place.

Um, if you think it could be better, I'd like some tips by those other awsome artists out there.


BTW, Im doing another as I speak, so Ill post that later.
When sketching with pen, it is very important so as not to get your sketch all messy(those lines you mentioned). It stands out way more than pencil and is a biatch to clean and fix(even with software) and sometimes because of all those messy strokes, it might not look like you even have an outline when you try to clean them up(holes in the line, etc...). What I do is I "feather" my lines in slowly (for accuracy) tracing over my strokes as close as possible until I get the desired line weight. Working at a moderate pace and good wrist control is the key (well for me at least) so I can get decent "crispy" lines and way less messy lines sticking out everywhere. Not to mention theres time to see your mistake(s) before you finally take a good look and noticed the eyes and whatnot are already too distorted to look good in your pic. But, my most useful tip is to practice(lots) in pencil first, until you can sketch decent images that actually resemble the idea you had in your head before moving on to using pen, which is very hard to correct.

Nice pic for a first Al though. Keep drawing!
I like it, is really good, but you shoud at put a little bit of the other eye
Fullmetal Fangirl
yeah, I hardly do that eye over there, cuz wenever i do, it makes him look all funny.

Um, i got another pic, ill just hav to finish it up then ill post it
ok, *sits and waits for the pic*
Fullmetal Fangirl
Ok im gonna make this really quick, i have to go like here, the one before i thought was pretty crappy so i did a new one.

Um, not that nice i know, but dont worry, ill be back tomorrow to post my other one, bye!
its good!!!
better than mine....

*maybe i should go draw...*
Fullmetal Fangirl, i can't see the pic, maybe when you get back you can post it again, ok?
Fullmetal Fangirl
No no no~!

you cant see it...Eiya, ok then.

Ineed one of those Imagehosting things...
oh, i could now, they are cool, i like them.
Fullmetal Fangirl
*finds zappers*

Come back THREAD!


*thread jumps to life*

woohoo! its alive!!

oh sorry, ok ill be back tomroow, sorry randomness, i was away for a while, i forgot to tell you's... a roy piccy, hurray...!!

ok BYE! *in a rush and zooms off*
Nice drawings there ^^ I like them.
Hagane no Renzy
None out of any of those links work for me. *le sigh*
Fullmetal Fangirl
*gasp* oh well, their not that good...lets waste som space, shall we?

Roy piccy:

i took time to do a photobucket thing

and by the way, I hardly do Roy, about the 3rd time ive tried...grr

its sooooo crap...ok, doing another right now! musting stop til its done...unless sleep jumps in the way...

Bye yall
wow, i like it fangirl.... it's kinda professional^^^^^^^^^^
Fullmetal Fangirl
Thats the nicest thing anyones *sniff* ever said to me...

Pro, asif.

Anyway. I saw on a thread they were talking about Soul Calibur 2 somewhere. And I decided "Hey! Lets thin up costumes and weapons as if the FMA characters WHERE in Soul Calibur2, well kind of anyway"

Ok soo...the first one was done LAST night...

And these two were done today...I found that this one was EXCTREMELY out of preportion...

And this one was....hmm....ok...

Next up!

Al's costumes!
Fullmetal Fangirl
*sigh* maybe not,,...oops double post, dammit...

anyway, stuff the costumes...

that was a gay idea, anyway, for somreason photobuckets gone wack and made those pics smaller....oh well...

These too where jus for fun...

the Al ones ok, but Mr. Doom and Gloom didnt go too well
I don't like the way you drew the eyes on the first pics of Al, but I love the two pics of Roy you have. Good job otherwise!
Fullmetal Fangirl
Ill keep that in mind aswell as trying to fix that up...maybe I should try Riza...
hey nice work!XD awesome pics!!i like them all, but i like the one of Ed and Al(the 2nd pic, i think it was)the most^^ Keep it up!!^.^
wow, fangirl, they're really nice!
Fullmetal Fangirl

No need to amputate it NOW! BAHAHAH!....ok that wasnt called for...

Uuuum....i was told by a friedn that it looks really sexy, even though i dont really think so..

Um, this second ones anyway i was watching that trailer for the movie...and Im like "Ooooh, looky there, Eds got a pully thing in his arm...prettys!"

and is our of preportion...

Now, onward to TRY and do a Royai Pic
(please note the word TRY)

*claps hands together*

Yoush! Here I go! (see attachments)

Uuuum, double post yes, but who cares...

Ive done three more different looking Eds, one with him in disgues with brown hair, other with green bla bla bla...

IPB Image

IF someone sends a replie ill post the rest
Phyco girl
YAY SIS!!! Your artwork has improved SO much from your first fanarts! I love your style too happy.gif Keep it us sis! Post more art!
aww the Roy linkie wouldn't work for me! *cries* I like your work very much! and I love Al with long hair like that! do you think you might colour them at some point? I think it would be very artistic just to color a few aspects, like his eyes and such, kind of like Sin City you know? Please draw more, I really like your work!

Edit- Nevermind, Roy picie works now! Very sexy! I love all your work so far, you make those boys look GOOD! Keep up the good work!
Fullmetal Fangirl

WE HAVE REPLIES!!!!!!!!!!!


sorry i didnt visit this thread in a while since i thought it died...anyway...

yeah, i suck at photoshop, sorry, so i cant unless i can hire someone to do it for me...

Im used to drawing guys since the first anime characters i ever drew were Dragon Ball Z know, they're REAL muscular, thats why i seem to do rather large arms and legs, well not anymore i supose but still...

LOL, i shall go for Angst looks now, since ive just seen the Ending of Evangelion...


If ya wanna know...everyone ends up and dead and third impact commences...

ok, toodles, gonna draw for you all now, since this threads alive
ello! i lvoe your pics they are sooo good! and i like all the lines in the first one...they make it look....i dunno but to me the lines make it look way the three links at the top didnt work for me they said that the page couldnt be found...
awesome pic of Roy and Ed!!XD please draw more^^
Fullmetal Fangirl
you know what? i think i WILL draw more tongue.gif

and yeah, lines kinda DO make it look pro, thast why i did it to this one!!! hurray!

dont worry about those pics at the top! you DONT want to see them...they're crap..
Phyco girl
Yay! Cats happy.gif I love it! Keep it up!
Fullmetal Fangirl
Gosh! it nearly died! *catches thread as it falls* phew! *sweatdrop*

Guess what?! I actually have somthing for j00! Kinda of teh movie so...spoilers...

(and all that jazz)

IPB Image

its not the best...but i suppose it will do...i was trying to be smart ass and do somthing like...well....that....i might do a Roy and Riza version next.

EDIT: GOD! Its huge!!! hmm...ohwell...cant be helped....well its either that, or im too lazy tongue.gif
Your newest link isn't cooperating with me, Fullmetal Fangirl. Could you post a new link? The current one pops up as "Error: page cannot be found... etc".
Fullmetal Fangirl
lok sorry, lets see if this works:

IPB Image

IPB Image

plus Envy:

IPB Image

first time at Envy, sorry, its crap yes
thanks Fullmetal Fangirl. laugh.gif Now I can definately see them. There great! Your art style has actually improved since the last time you posted your art. I really like how you did Edwards, you captured his personality well. And the way you did the "past and present" sort of thing for both Ed and Al's pics is very cool and looks fantastic. Al's is very dynamic and well done. And you did an absolutely splendid job on Envy's. The detail is great and his personality is there 100%. biggrin.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
w00t! you know, BellatrixAngelofKyo, you're the only one that peeps at my art, lol, wow, i dont deserve to live at this point.

(i never make snese, yes, tell me about it, please do XDDD) interent stopped working before and i was pissed, i did some work, but i lost it, ill find it then scan it for yaz.
QUOTE interent stopped working before and i was pissed, i did some work, but i lost it, ill find it then scan it for yaz.

lol Fullmetal Fangirl, sounds good! Can't wait to see them! laugh.gif

Awww, What are you talking about?! Of corse you deserve to live! lol smile.gif
I can't view some of the links >.< But for those I've seen ,they're great ^.^
Fullmetal Fangirl
Aaah, thanks *nod nod* ^^"

ano, these are like, a few weeks old, maybe i DID post these i forgot...well here...MORE movie stuff...Im SO obssesed *slaps herself*

IPB Image

IPB Image

the Al one was like, a rush job...but...PFFT!

Now...who's teh pro at Photoshop CS?
Phyco girl
Nice sis! Improvement can be seen very clearly happy.gif

I'm good with Paint shop pro. My coloring is clean but I don't use the airbrush to color it in. Although, I can make it lok watercolory.

I colored the Izumi pic for Bubbles or you can go to my fanart for ex. of my coloring (go ahead and skip to pg 3 because those are the best examples happy.gif)

I never used photoshop before though. Oh well.
How awesome! There great Fullmetal Fangirl! Your art skills are improving at a very fast rate! Keep up the fantastic work! I cannot wait to see more! laugh.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
baaah, i just did this after watching the 4th trailer over n over:

sorry, im in a rush, must go, sorry, so many images on Al and Ed, theres an incomplete Roy one infront of me, finish later, must GO~
Looks like Ed...I usually see Al fanart with short hair. But...Not bad! I wish I can post some fanart but I don't have a scanner or a Digital camera :-(
Fullmetal Fangirl
Like...yeah~ its Al though, maybe you havnt seen the whole series so Ill shut up now...sorry Im REALLY tired...doin' Homework for the past 5 hours....eeerr.....~_~ im so ready to die now....yeah...maybe you should get a scanner...steal a friends or rob someone....yeah....what the hell am i talking about...god, i feel drunk...this is so sad... *falls over*

- THUD! -
You alright, Fullmetal Fangirl? You didn't sound so good in your last post. Omg this is one of your best yet! I really love it! You did a fantastic job as usual! lol Al looks so hot in this one (but he always does in your pics)! lol laugh.gif Keep the pics coming! You're styles getting better and better!
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