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*takes a deep breath* Okay, this is my very first fanfic. It sucks, but it took me forever to write so I'm posting it anyway. Also, the title makes absoloutely no sense but I couldn't think of a better one. There aren't any spoilers for the series, and I haven't seen the whole thing so please don't ruin it for me! I am assuming here that Al got his body back and Ed got his arm and leg back. I'm sorry for any typos or gramatical errors. Alrighty, here we go....

Disclaimer: Don't own FMA, yada yada yada.

Chapter One

"Damn it all!" shrieked the voice of Edward Elric. Downstairs in the kitchen, his little brother Alphonse set down his fork with a sigh. Why did Ed have to be so temperamental? All he wanted was to have a nice, quiet breakfast, but no.

Another yell sounded upstairs, accompanied by several loud thuds. With another small sigh, Al abandoned his meal to see what his brother was up to. As he reached the top of the stairs, Winry came out of her room. "What's wrong with him now?" she asked quietly.

Al shrugged and continued to make his way down the hall to his brother's room. The door was unlocked, so he opened it slowly.

The entire room had been torn apart. Shelves had been pushed over, cabinets had been emptied, and the pockets of clothes had been pulled out. Obviously, Ed was looking for something.

"Brother?" called Al. Edward's head poked out from under the bed, golden eyes ablaze. "What is it?" he growled.

"What are you doing?" asked Al, stepping into the room. Ed wriggled out from under the bed and stood, glaring up at his younger brother. "I can't find the remote!" said Ed angrily.

Al stared incredulously at him. All this fuss over a remote? Ed didn't even like to watch TV! He turned to look at the television. "Brother," he said, exasperated. "The remote is on top of the TV."

Ed looked at the TV. His expression turned from fury to puzzlement. "Oh," he said. He looked back at Al. "Alright then. What's for breakfast?"

Al closed his eyes and took a deep breath, begging some unseen force to give him patience. "Pancakes, brother. We are having pancakes," he answered.

Ed's face brightened. "Great!" he pushed past Al and galloped down the hall. "Meetcha downstairs!" he called over his shoulder.

Al took his time following his brother, and as he entered the kitchen his eyes fell upon Ed- eating his food. Al opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. It didn't matter. He wasn't hungry anymore anyway. He walked past the table and pushed open the kitchen door. It was a beautiful spring day, perfect for a liesurely stroll around the village. Al trod down the neat dirt path that led away from the Rockbells' home. It was familiar, comforting. He had taken this path more times than he could count.

He was grateful that Ed had decided to stay at the Rockbells'. Well, at least for a while. It was a nice change to not be moving around constantly.

Al smiled as a warm breeze ruffled his hair. He always loved spring. It was a time of new beginnings, fresh starts. New leaves on the trees, young shoots of grass sprouting up from the earth. Baby animals, too, he thought as a young rabbit scampered out from under a bush.

Chuckling, Al turned off the dirt path, heading for the river. There was a gnarled old oak tree that he liked to sit under. As he neared the tree at the river's edge, he caught a glimpse of a dark shape moving swiftly on the other side.

It must be her, thought Al. He came to this spot quite often now, and he nearly always saw that girl and her horse. He would wait for them sometimes. It was a pleasure to watch the animal canter along, its rider perched up on its back.

The horse was a huge, powerful creature. Every time it moved you could see muscles rippling under the glossy black coat. The rider appeared very small mounted on such a large horse.

The pair trotted up to the rivers edge. The girl slipped off her mount's back and sat down in the grass. She was nicer-looking than most, with a slim build and light brown hair down past her shoulders.

Al wanted to meet her. She seemed like a friendly person. She had a warm smile and was kind to her horse. Al was sure that they would become fast friends. But every time he tried to go up to her and introduce himself, something held him back. He couldn't quite place what it was, but it stopped him every time. Perhaps it was because she was a girl, and a pretty one at that. But then again, that couldn't be it. He had met plenty of nice-looking girls on his travels and had never been shy around them.

The girl was getting back on her horse. Al watched intently as the animal walked away. This time he was going to do it. This was his chance, and he might not get another on like it. He was going to follow the girl.

Al got quickly to his feet. This part of the river was shallow, so he could wade across with no problem. He rolled up his pants and stepped into the water. It was freezing cold, but he didn't care. He splashed across and stepped up onto the opposite bank.

It was surprisingly easy to follow the girl. The horse didn't go any faster than a trot, so Al could stay just out of sight without losing her. The girl's house was not as far away as he'd thought- only about a mile out from the river. It was a fairly small, two-story house with a small stable in the back and a paddock off to the side.

The girl steered the horse over to the paddock fence and hopped off its back. Opening the paddock gate, she led the horse inside and slipped off the bridle. Immediately the horse took off, galloping around the field.

The girl smiled and chuckled softly at the animal's antics. As she turned to exit the paddock, Al ducked behind a tree. He listened carefully, and heard a door shut. Peeking out from behind the tree, he realized to late that she had gone inside.

"Damn," snarled Al under his breath. How could this have happened? He'd finally got the nerve to follow her, and at the last second he'd chickened out. He was disgusted with himself. He came out from behind the tree.

The black horse was staring at him. It had obviously known he was there the whole time. Al approached catiously, not knowing whether or not the horse was friendly.

The horse didn't move as he came up to the fence. Al held out his hand for the horse to sniff. Slowly, the horse lowered its muzzle to touch the hand. It inhaled deeply, drawing in Al's scent. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Then all hell broke loose.

The horse reared up, screaming in fury, and came down on the fence. The wooden planks splintered like toothpicks. The creature leaped over the wreckage and thundered across the yard. It made a tight turn and came hurtling back, right towards Al.

Right before it collided with him the horse slid to a halt and reared again, pawing the air and screeching its threatening cry. Its yellow eyes burned with a demonic light that made Al's blood run cold.

The horse started to come down. If Al didn't get out of the way, the creature's hooves would crash down on his head, causing serious injury...or worse. But Al's limbs felt as though they were made of lead. He couldnt' get his legs to move...

"Out of the way!" cried an unfamiliar voice. Out of the corner of his eye Al saw someone diving at him. It was the girl! As she flew at him she was able to knock him out of the horse's way.

She rolled over and jumped to her feet. "Get up already, you idiot!" she shouted at a dazed Al. With a grunt of effort she grabbed him under the arms and pulled him upright, giving him a push to get him running. She then darted off toward the house as the crazed horse headed for Al again.

He managed to sprint close behind her, and both of them dived for the open front door. The girl slammed the door shut as soon as they were both safely inside, and the horse's scream sounded once more, giving warning to its lost prey.

Al lay on the floor, breathing heavily for a few moments. He had just had a near-death experience, but the girl seemed unperturbed by her horse's murderous behavior. She looked more angry than worried as she rounded on Al, her eyes blazing with silver fire.

"What the hell where you doing out there?!" she screeched. "You could have been killed!"

"It's your fault for keeping an animal like that!" Al yelled back. "That thing nearly took my head off! You should have it locked up or put down before it murders someone!" he shook his head in frustration. "Why would a horse act like that?"

"Because he's not a horse," snarled the girl. "He's a chimera."

So that's the first chapter! Honest comments please!
Being honest, I really do like the story you are writing. I never comment on grammer and spelling as my own is so awful.

Nice to see an Al fic, he is lacking around here. And a new character as well, very brave of you to tackle such a thing first time around. Maybe you could touch on how they got there limbs back, in passing comment perhaps?

Well done, I'm sure others will like it.
It's starting off well.
How old is Al and the girl. Both of them are kinda cursing so I'm guessing they're not 9 or something but older.
Keep it going and I agree with Chiyo on the whole background thing.
Edward Appleberry
Very good, but ed seemed alittle OOC
@Chiyo: Thank you! I'm honored to get a good review from such a good writer.

@darkangelslayer: I'd say that they are around 15 or 16.

@Edward Appleberry: Yes, I know, but I loved the idea of Ed throwing a tantrum over not being able to find the remote and then acting like nothing happened.

And again, thank you to you all! I'll try to take your comments and put them into the story!
Edward Appleberry
Another thing: The whole beggining is really out of story because remember, this is 1914, a time when the radio ruled.
@Edward Appleberry: I know that. But like I said before, I just liked the idea. If they would have had TV, I can see Ed doing something like that.
Hagane no Renzy
Verrrrry very good! Please continue or I will die. INTENSE PLOT-TWISTS AROUND EVERYCORNER!!!!~ *bum bum buuummm*

Sorry I just like it. XD
*laughs in delight* Thank you so much! I'm tickled pink. I'm almost done with the second chapter, and then I'm going on vacation for a few days but if I work really hard I can finish two chapters there.
I await them with great anticipation.
Edward Appleberry
you should have him trying to fix the radio with alchemy ^^
Muahahaha! I have triumphed! Here it is, chapter two. It's kinda long, but oh well.

Chapter Two

"Wha...a chimera?" said Al, taken aback by this news.

"Yes, a chimera. You do know what a chimera is, don't you?" snapped the girl.

"Of course I do!" he answered quickly. " can do alchemy?"

The girl looked more likely to bite him than the chimera as she glared at him with those piercing gray eyes. She reached into her pocket and drew out a silver watch. "I'm a State Alchemist," she said icily.

Al's eyes bugged out as he stared at her. This girl, a State Alchemist?? "A st-state..." he stammered.

"Yes, a State Alchemist. Don't act so surprised, you-" she broke off as a bloodcurdling shriek pierced the air, accompanied by another of the horse-chimera's war cries. The door flew open and closed again with a slam as a boy burst into the house. He appeared to be about eighteen, with spiky brown hair and dark green eyes. He looked like a punk- an earring, a white shirt with the sleeves torn off, and arms covered in tattoos.

All dignity forgotten, he leaned against the door, jade eyes wild with fright. There was a loud THUD and the door nearly caved in. Apparently, the chimera was already furious about losing one victim and wasn't about to lose another. The creature soon gave up, however, because the door stayed standing and the boy was beginning to recover himself.

"Dammit, Celeste!" he cried. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to let Demon out again?!"

The girl spoke to him, her voice tight with annoyance. "I didn't plan on it. This idiot-" she jerked her thumb at Al. "Let him loose."

"Who are you?" demanded the boy. Al tried to look a little more dignified as he answered, "My name is Alphonse Elric," he looked back at the girl. "So you're called Celeste," he said.

"Celeste DuRall, the Wolf Alchemist," she declared. "And this is my older brother."

"Cody DuRall," said the boy. He gestured to a long silver chain running from his front pocket to his back pocket. "The Blue Rain Alchemist." He held out his hand to shake, and Al saw that up to the wrist it was made of automail.

After shaking Cody's hand. "So you're both State Alchemists?"

Celeste smiled proudly. "Yep! We've been off on military business for the past few years, but now we have the chance to stay in one place for a while."

"Did you two make the chimera?" questioned Al. Celeste looked horrified. "No, we'd never do anything like that!" she said. "I rescued him. Cody and I discovered a lab where they were illegally experimenting with chimeras, and after they were arrested we had to deal with the experiments. I just couldn't bear to leave poor Demon behind. He was just a foal then," she added affectionately.

Cody glared at her. "She treats that accursed beast like it's a puppy or something! Always letting him run loose, wreaking havoc everywhere. He hates everyone except Celeste. If she hadn't taken that animal in, I wouldn't need automail!"

He held up his right hand. "That stupid thing took it clean off!"

"Oh, be quiet!" snapped Celeste. "Demon's a big softy. You're just afraid of him."

"I am, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!" announced Cody. Celeste rolled her eyes at her brother. "What did you say your surname was again?" she directed at Al.


"Elric? You're kidding! You're one of the famous Elric brothers?!" cried Celeste.

"That's me," replied Al.

"So your brother is Edward, the Fullmetal Alchemist?" said Celeste with growing excitement.

"Uh-huh. I can introduce you to him, if you want," offered Al.

"Yes!" cried Celeste. Al blinked in surprise. "Um...okay then. Let's go."


The idea of staying home with Demon didn't appeal to Cody, so he decided to come along too. The sight of him drove Demon into an insane rage, so it took a while for Celeste to calm down. Eventually she was able to lock securely in the stable. There was no home of getting him into an actual stall, but as long as he was confined Al and Cody could leave the property safely. After that, it was smooth sailing all the way to the Rockbells'.

As he approached the house, Al could see Ed standing on the front porch. "Hey, Al!" greeted Ed. "Good thing you came back, Winry was asking for you." he glanced at the DuRalls. "Who're your friends?"

"This is Celeste and Cody DuRall," replied Al. Ed nodded at them. "Hi. I'm Ed Elric," he said.

Celeste's eyes lit up. "Really? It's a pleasure to meet you!" she looked at him for a moment, smiling. "From what I've heard about you, I expected you to be a lot shorter."

Al bit his lip, stifling a laugh. The expression on Ed's face was absoloutely priceless.

"Er...thanks. I think," mumbled Ed. He stood there awkwardly for a moment. "Why don't we go inside? Lunch should be almost ready," he suggested.

Everyone seemed satisfied with that idea, so they went inside and headed for the kitchen. Winry was there, helping Pinako prepare a plate of sandwiches. When Al walked in, Winry looked up immediately. "Oh, Al!" she said. "Good, I'm glad you're here. I need you to help me paint the shed later, okay?"

Al nodded, but Winry's eyes were now on Cody. "Hello, Cody. Why are you here?"

"You know each other?" said Al in surprise.

"Yeah," replied Cody, holding up his hand. "Automail, remember?"

It made perfect sense, of course, now that he thought about. The Rockbells were the only automail mechanics around for miles. It was quite a coincidence.

"We're here on Al's invitation," said Cody.

"Well, that's nice," said Pinako, carrying the plate of sandwiches over to the table and setting them down. "Eat up!"

Lunch went quite smoothly. Celeste did most of the talking, babbling on and on about the antics of her "sweet little" Demon and attempting to strike up conversation with Ed. Winry checked Cody's hand as he tried to eat his sandwich with his left hand. Afterwards she informed him that the automail was in perfect condition.

When the sandwiches were gone and the dishes were washed, Cody said, "I think we should go now. Demon might have broken out of the stable."

"Good idea," agreed Celeste. "I'm sure everyone else has things to do anyway." she turned to Ed. "Goodbye, Ed!"

She and Cody were halfway out the door when she looked back and called, "Oh yeah! Bye Al!"

Al waved. "Bye," he called as the door swung shut. He sighed happily. Now that he had gotten to know her a little, he just liked her even more.

"She's nice," commented Ed. "A little eccentric, but nice." He glanced at Al. "Ya like her?" he asked slyly.

Al's cheeks flushed a brilliant crimson. Like her, like her? He wasn't really sure. It was difficult to sort out his feelings. He couldn't really. He hardly knew her. But still...he had this weird feeling when he looked at her. When she smiled that certain way, all warm and happy. But she clearly liked Ed much better, although Ed himself didn't seem too interested in her.

Was it possible that he, Al, was crushing on a girl?
Hagane no Renzy
OOOooooo!!! Innocent young Al has fallen~in~love!!!! lol.

This is one of the best fanfix ever, by all means take your time and make more, foo! lol
Edward Appleberry
1: Making her a state alchemist so young was iffy..... Before that the youngist alchemist to ever become state was 19, Ed broke the age record.
2. Al ALWAYS has a crush XP. He had one on psiren, and... dont get my started lol

Still, good fic cool.gif
I have to agree, she is in dangerous Mary Sue land. Try not to focus on her being a state alchemist anymore or people won't read.

Ok, complaining over. Good ideas being shown here.
@Edward Appleberry: Just because she's been traveling with her brother for a few years doesn't mean she's been an state alchemist that long. The way I thought about it she has only been a state alchemist for a few months.

@Chiyo: I keep forgetting to mention- about that suggestion that you made about having more background on how they got their bodies back, I have something planned. It might not happen until later in the story, but I do have it in there.
@Edward Appleberry (again): Also, bear in mind that I have only seen about six or seven episodes. I have no idea who Psiren is.

Sorry for double posting, I have a really bad memory and forgot to mention this last time!
@Edward Appleberry:
Hey this is ROLEX 123.You know that story you were critisizing Luckyalchemy on?!
Well, when you said that you have written like 100 stories better than that, I just have one question, ARE YOU CRAZY (NUTZO IN THE BRAIN)? If you have written 100 better stories than you must have absoloutely no friends, no life, and WAAAAY too much time on your hands. If you have a problem with her stories than put all 100 stories on this page and I will read them and then tell you that you are dumb, crazy, ignorant, and did I mention crazy and dumb?
Sorry for any misspellings on this because it is 11:23 p.m on 4-16-05 so shut up.
Oh yeah, and if you HAVE TO critisize Luckyalchemy again then you have to critisize me first before you become her Language teacher over the internet. So SHUT UPPPPP! ph34r.gif
You will never know who I am you person.....
QUOTE(ROLEX 123 @ Apr 16 2005, 09:28 PM)
@Edward Appleberry:
Hey this is ROLEX 123.You know that story you were critisizing Luckyalchemy on?!
Well, when you said that you have written like 100 stories better than that, I just have one question, ARE YOU CRAZY (NUTZO IN THE BRAIN)?  If you have written 100 better stories than you must have absoloutely no friends, no life, and WAAAAY too much time on your hands.  If you have a problem with her stories than put all 100 stories on this page and I will read them and then tell you that you are dumb, crazy, ignorant, and did I mention crazy and dumb?
Sorry for any misspellings on this because it is 11:23 p.m on 4-16-05 so shut up.
Oh yeah, and if you HAVE TO critisize Luckyalchemy again then you have to critisize me first before you become her Language teacher over the internet.  So SHUT UPPPPP! ph34r.gif
You will never know who I am you person.....You crack heads..

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QUOTE(Luckyalchemy27 @ Apr 15 2005, 10:34 PM)
@Chiyo: I keep forgetting to mention- about that suggestion that you made about having more background on how they got their bodies back, I have something planned. It might not happen until later in the story, but I do have it in there.

Ok, thats cool, glad I said something that may actually help someone.
@Guest: don't have to defend me. Criticism will only make me a better writer.

@Other guest: I don't think I have a response to that one....

@Everyone else:

AAAAARRRGGHHHHH! I'm sorry you guys, I'm having a huge writer's block. Maybe I'll have the next chapter by the end of the week (if I can think of anything to write about). T_T
Hi!!! I love the fact that Al is crushing on someone! Good fer him!!! GO AL!!! w00t!
huh.gif laugh.gif ohmy.gif ph34r.gif rolleyes.gif wink.gif cool.gif dry.gif sad.gif smile.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif mad.gif blink.gif COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE DAMNIT!
*smacks on the head with stack of unfinished manuscripts*
I'm trying, I'm trying! My brain is totally dead, I just can't seem to get this next chapter right....
Fudge. I suck at continued stories T_T

I need an honest opinion- do you people really want me to continue this crap or could you care less?

(Dammiiiit! I double posted again. *screaming* I'm sorrrrrry!)
TSilver Fox
QUOTE(Luckyalchemy27 @ Apr 29 2005, 06:55 PM)
Fudge. I suck at continued stories T_T

I need an honest opinion- do you people really want me to continue this crap or could you care less?

Yes, please continue with your story.
I don't check back in here for my health. ..or.. Wait, maybe I do?..
Oh, Hmm.. yes, I suppose this would be for ones health, If they find enjoyment in it. Enjoying and indulging in something's can be good for a persons health and mind. So yes, this could be seen as such. *Grins* Great, I totally needed a new excuse to spend unknown cretin amounts of time everyday here skipping work!
Your a genius Lucky!

Update soon dammit, Yes we love it!
great story so far, but i would like to know what Demon is made up of. like is he a horse with something else... also in the next chapter i would like to know why cody has a auto-mail arm... just so there wont be a lot of questions later on in the chapters! Other wise GREAT story.. Keep up the good work laugh.gif
Yes, please continue with your story.
I don't check back in here for my health. ..or.. Wait, maybe I do?..
Oh, Hmm.. yes, I suppose this would be for ones health, If they find enjoyment in it. Enjoying and indulging in something's can be good for a persons health and mind. So yes, this could be seen as such. *Grins* Great, I totally needed a new excuse to spend unknown cretin amounts of time everyday here skipping work!
Your a genius Lucky!

Update soon dammit, Yes we love it!

Aww..thanks! It warms my heart to know that you people care. ^^ *picks up pencil and glares at notepad* Must...continue...writing....

great story so far, but i would like to know what Demon is made up of. like is he a horse with something else... also in the next chapter i would like to know why cody has a auto-mail arm... just so there wont be a lot of questions later on in the chapters! Other wise GREAT story.. Keep up the good work

Again, thanks ya much!
As for Cody, I think it says in there....Demon pretty much ripped it off. More on that later, though.
And just in case I don't mention it in the story, I shall say it now. Demon is 2/3 horse and 1/3 wolf.
*hand sticks up from behind desk, waving manuscript in the air* Okay....okay, I'm done! It's here, it's done, I am posting it! I'm gonna go sleep or drink coffee or something, okay? Okay.
Chapter Three

The next few weeks passed without much incident. Winry and Al painted the shed, and Al helped the DuRalls repair the fence that Demon broke.

Celeste spent quite a bit of time at the Rockbells' house, talking to Al and playing with Den. Ed would sometimes stay to chat, but he spent most of his time out of the house.

On one occassion Al went to the DuRalls'. His original plan was to help Celeste groom Demon, but the plan quickly changed to him standing several feet away and watching Celeste groom Demon. She ran a brush over the chimera's ebony coat as he eyed Al suspiciously.

"There's a small race next week," Celeste told him. "I might enter Demon. He's pretty fast."

She chattered on, Al only half-listening as he studied the chimera. He had noticed something he hadn't seen before- a thick scar on animal's broad chest.

"What's that?" he interrupted. Celeste turned to look at him. "What's what?" she asked.

"That scar on Demon's chest," replied Al. "How did he get it?"

Demon pinned back his hears and growled quietly. He seemed to know that they were talking about him.

"Oh," said Celeste. She stroked Demon's neck for a moment before replying softly, "Cody did that."

Al blinked in surprise. This was news to him. Cody didn't seem like a violent person at all.

"It was right after he lost his hand," she continued in that same soft tone. "He doesn't look it, but he has a terribel temper. He'd lost a lot of blood. He went up to the house and...he got his dagger..." she trailed off, tracing the scar with her finger.

Al didn't say anything. There really wasn't much to say. He decided to just drop the subject entirely. Celeste didn't seem to be enjoying the conversation much anymore.

"So, that race you where talking about," said Al. "Where is it?"

"Oh, not far," replied Celeste, eager as always to talk about her beloved pet. "Outside of Rizembul, pretty close to the town where I grew up."

She gave Demon's gleaming pelt one last brush, then gathered up her grooming supplies and put them in a bucket. "Do you want to come?" she asked.

"Alright," said Al. "It sounds like fun."

After all, he thought. It was just a race. What harm could it do?

* * *
That night, Al had recurring nightmares. Over and over again he saw Celeste, dead, a trickle of blood running down her face while the cold gray eyes stared unblinking up at him.

Demon would then appear from nowhere, the fire of hell burning in his eyes, and would chase him. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't move his feet, and as the chimera reached him he turned into Cody, who held up a dagger dripping with blood. Just as he dealt Al a killing blow, he woke up.

Breathing hard, Al would roll over and fall asleep, only to have the dream again. He didn't get much sleep that night. Around dawn he got fed up and got out of bed and sat on the porch.

He had heard of prophetic dreams, and he wasn't sure whether or not they were real.

But if they were, he hoped with all his heart that this wasn't one of them.

And that's it. Yes, short and crappy. Like all the others. Now that this chapter is over with I think I will be able to write the others a little bit faster. Hopefully.
Water Achemist
OMG. You're really, really good! Keep Writing more. Your fanfics, unlike mine, are actually good.
*bows* Thanks ya much!
Hagane no Renzy
This is very good. Not crappy. Good. Get. That. In. Your. Head. Lol, sry.
*strangles Luckyalchemy* WHY. HAVEN'T. YOU. UPDATED. YET?!?!?!?!?! I want to read more! It's really good! Though maybe a little Mary-Sue-is, no offense. But it's still REALLY good. And I think Rizembool is spelled...yeah, you get it.
*hides under the bed, pencil and paper in hand* Sorry, I'll write faster, I promise!! And sorry about the just kinda comes to me that way. I shall try harder!
*checks her watch* *drags Lucky out by her ankles* UPDATE, DARN YOU! UPDATE!
*yelps and throws the manuscript at Kit* Okay, okay! Take the stupid thing! *crawls back under the bed*

Chapter Four

"C'mon, Al!" said Celeste excitedly. She grabbed Al's arm and pulled him onward.

"What's the big rush?" asked Al.

"We're almost there! When we come over the hill you'll be able to see my homewtown!" she answered. They made their way up the steep grassy slope. As they reached the top Celeste released Al's arm.

"Welcome to Thrasirshall!" she cried. Then the smile on her face vanished. Al's eyes widened as he look at the town.

Even from up on the hill Al could tell that the place was deserted. The broken-down houses were dark, and no movement could be seen except for one houses' shutters flapping the breeze.

Celeste's lower lip trembled slightly. "I guess it's been a while," she said quietly. She took a step forward, her eyes still fixed on the town. "Let's go take a look," she said. They both headed down the hill and into the town.

It looked as though no on had been living there for quite some time. Most of the houses were on their last legs, the boards moldy and unstable. Celeste went up to a small two-story house. It must have once been a very quaint little place, but now the garden was a tangle of weeds and the front door had fallen in.

"We used to live here," Celeste told Al. "Until I was ten. Then we moved to Central for a while." she sat down the front porch.

"We didn't stay long, only a few months. That was long enough for Cody to get involved with the military. Then we just wandered for a while. It's been three years now, and I've always dreamed of coming back to Thrasirshall and catching up with my old friends. I guess that'll never happen now."

Al sat down next to her. They both looked up at the sky. Huge gray thunderheads were gathering, ominous and threatening. It would rain soon.

They both just sat, not saying anything. After a while Celeste stood up. "Let's go see the river," she said.

"Okay," Al agreed. He got up and followed her to the edge of the town. There was a river, not unlike the one in Rizembool. The water moved steadily, weaving its way through the countryside.

Celeste kneeled down at the river's edge and stared at the water. She reached down and plunged her hand into the water. She quickly drew it out again, her fingers curled around a river stone.

She held the stone in her open palm, admiring it from every angle. It was a faded, rusty color, smooth and perfectly rounded. She pocketed it.

Al saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a strip of red cloth tied to a small branch, sticking up out of the ground on the far side of the river like a flag.

Celeste followed Al's gaze to the flag. "Oh. That's the old warning flag," she explained. "There's a strong undertow in that part of the river, so our parents put up that flag so we'd know to stay away."

Her eyes clouded suddenly. "We used to play a game. We'd see who could go the farthest in that part of the river. In the middle it gets really deep. One day Davy O'Hare got caught in the undertow. He couldn't swim very well, and...and he drowned."

Celeste blinked back tears. "After that they put up the flag so it wouldn't happen again."

Al put a comforting arm around her shoulders. He could definitely relate to how she was feeling. All the old memories must be overwhelming.

She sniffed softly and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "We should get going," she said. "I left Demon with the innkeeper at Riversholm. I hope he hasn't caused too much trouble."

They set off through the deserted town and back up the hill. As they walked on, rain began to fall. The gentle shower soon turned into a full-fledged downpour, forcing Al and Celeste to run back to the villiage.

The race in Riversholm was only two days away. They had a lot of work to do.
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Chapter Five

After several days of practice and preparation, the day of the annual Riversholm Horse Race arrived.

Al had taken up the position of coach and cheerleader for Celeste and Demon. "Make sure to check his speed," Al told her for the fifth time. "Save it for the end, you know-"

Celeste looked as though she was trying not to laugh, but she listened to his babbling all the same. "Okay, Al," she chuckled. Al was lingering outside of Demon's stall, watching Celeste saddle him up.

She placed the light saddle on the chimera's back and buckled the girth. Only fifteen minutes until race time.

Al was probably more excited about the whole ordeal than Celeste was. He had never seen a horse race before, but he was positive that it would be an interesting experience.

Celeste slipped the crown of the bridle over Demon's ears and adjusted the straps slightly.

"Ready?" asked Al.

"Yup," she replied. She took hold of the reins and led the chimera out to the makeshift paddock. Five minutes until race time.

Celeste tightened the girth and hopped up into the saddle. Demon was eager to go. He pranced and snorted, shaking his dark mane.

There were eleven other horses in the race. All of them were sleek, muscular, and tall, but Demon still towered over them all.

Al took his place on the sidelines as the competitors lined up. The "track" was actually a dirt course with a small fence around it. It didn't look like much, but it served its purpose.

The horses stamped and chomped on their bits, impatient as their riders for the race to begin. Demon's ears were flat against his head as his yellow eyes surveyed his opponents.

The starter raised his pistol...and fired.

The whole group leapt forward as one, running strongly. A slim chestnut set the pace at the head of the pack.

Al's eyes scanned the herd, easily singling out Demon. His black pelt stood out against the red and brown coats of the others. He was staying at the back.

It was a fairly short race, once around the track. Once they got to the halfway point Demon would really need to put on the power.

The pack rounded the turn, still bunched tightly together. Demon was lucky- running on the outside of the pack left him a clear field.

As they came down the home stretch Al could see Celeste lean further forward, asking Demon for more speed. The chimera obliged willingly, lengthening his stride and pulling ahead.

The pair continued to advance on the leader, a stocky bay. Demon thundered right on past, his stride eating up the ground. He passed the finish line several lengths ahead of the others.

The crowd erupted. Al, too, was screaming his lungs out. But although the other horses were walking back to the stable, Demon was still running. He was galloping full force around the dirt track. Celeste was leaning back and pulling on the reins, but the chimera didn't respond. He wanted to keep going. To make matters worse, he had taken the bit in his teeth. Celeste had no control.

She gave a sharp, powerful jerk on the reins. Demon slid to a halt and reared up to his full height. His yellow eyes were rolling, his hooves pawing the air.

Celeste's foot slipped out of the stirrup. With a muffled cry, she slid backwards of the saddle and fell.

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Chapter Six

It seemed to take an age for Celeste to fall. She slid backwards out of the saddle and seemed to stay suspended in the air for hours. Finally, her body struck the ground and she lay there, unmoving.

"No!" cried Al.

Demon's front hooves touched the earth once again. He started to gallop forward once more, but the reins had flipped over his head. When he lunged, the reins got wrapped around his front hoof. Al could see the chimera's eyes widen as he lurched forward and fell. A sickening crack reached Al's ears.

But he had no time to worry about Demon. Al vaulted over the fence and charged down the track to the spot where Celeste lay.

He knelt down next to her. There was a stream of blood flowing down her face from a sharp gash on her head. In an incredible impression of Major Armstrong, Al whipped off his t-shirt and wrapped it snugly around Celeste's head. Hopefully it would stop the bleeding until someone got a doctor.

A small crowd was gathering around them. Al could hear them speaking, but no one came in closer to help.

Celeste's eyelids flickered open. "Al?" she murmured. "What...happened?"

"You fell," he said soothingly. "Don't worry. Someone will get a doctor here as soon as possible."

She managed a small smile. "What about Demon?"

"I'm not sure," said Al. He glanced over to the spot where the chimera had fallen. He hadn't gotten up.

She closed her eyes for a moment. "Do you think you can sit up?" he asked. "I'll try," she said. She started to sit up, but then grimaced and grabbed her shoulder.

"Ahh," she said through gritted teeth. "I think it's my collarbone."

"Stand aside!" barked a voice. A tall, brown-haired man shouldered his way past the surrounding crowd. He knelt down next to Al.

"I'm Dr. Tim Wilson," the man explained. "Can you tell me what's wrong, miss?"

"I think I hurt my collarbone," Celeste told him.

"She hit her head, too," added Al.

Dr. Wilson checked Celeste over, prodding her shoulder and asking where it hurt. "I think it's just a sprain," he decided. "But you'll need to keep your arm up in a sling for a while. See if you can get up."

With Al's assistance, Celeste managed to get to her feet. "Good," said the doctor. "Now let's get you over to my house. I should have a sling there, and we need to get some proper bandaging for your head."

"What about Demon?" she asked again.

The doctor shook his head. "I'm no vet, but I can tell you that there's no hope for him. Probably a broken leg."

Celeste looked at the ground. "Oh," she said quietly.

Al noticed a stout man hurrying over to Demon. He was carrying a gun.

"Let's hurry and get that sling," said Al quickly. "The faster we get your arm up, the better."

Celeste nodded sadly. They slowly made their way off the track and toward the house, Dr. Wilson walking ahead. All the way Al could see the tears forming in Celeste's eyes.

Suddenly a gunshot rang out, and Celeste broke down completely.

Al let her cry into his shoulder. He didn't say anything. There wasn't really anything to say.

After a while shey stepped back, wiping her face. She sniffed. "I'm sorry," she said.

"It's okay."

He turned to head into the house, but Celeste didn't follow. He twisted his head and looked over his shoulder at her.

Her silver eyes were as round as coins. "That tattoo," she said. "On your back....where did you get it?"

Al remembered that he had taken off his shirt. The tattoo would be in plain sight.

He opened his mouth to give some sort of stupid excuse, but then he closed it again. He didn't like to tell people what had happened. But this was Celeste. She would understand....wouldn't she?

He opened his mouth again and started to tell her the story. It was going to be a difficult tale to tell.

"When I was nine and Brother was ten, our mother was stricken with a terrible illness. She died soon afterwards. Our father had left us when I was a baby. We had no one left.

"We found a teacher who taught us everything we needed to know about alchemy and more. We returned to Risembool. Brother knew we were ready."

Al took a deep breath. This wasn't getting any easier. "Brother and I tried to bring Mom back to life." he looked at the ground. "We failed.

"Brother lost his left leg in the transmutation. I lost my whole body, and Brother gave up his right arm to bind my soul to a suit of armor. He had his limbs replaced with automail.

We left home and Brother became a State Alchemist. WE wanted to get our bodies back to normal, so we searched for the Philosopher's Stone.

"For five years I remained in the armor. I couldn't eat, sleep, or feel. But we were determined to get our bodies back.

"We never did find the Stone, but in the end we discovered a way to regain our original forms. Brother had used a special transmutation circle to anchor my soul to the armor. I'm human again, but the mark remains on my back. So I'll always have that reminder of what happened when we disobeyed the laws of nature. This way I'll never forget."

Celeste was speechless. She had never expected something like this. "I....I never....Al," she said. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

Al grinned. "It's not exactly something you go shouting about, is it?"

She didn't say anything. Instead she stepped forward and pulled Al into a tight embrace.

Al's eyes widened in surprise as he suddenly found himself being hugged. But soon he relaxed and returned the embrace.

He didn't realize he was doing it. He didn't even remember deciding to do it. He leaned back and looked into Celeste's eyes. Before he knew what was happening his lips had found hers. He kissed her, slowly and gently.


A shout interrupted the moment. The two separated, both blushing. Dr. Wilson was glaring at them impatiently. "Do you want that sling or what?"

Celeste's face turned even pinker. "Sorry," she said, and started to walk to the house. Al followed, hanging slightly behind.

"Hey, Al," she said.


"What did you do to get your bodies back, anyway?"

Al grinned. "Sorry," he said. "Brother said I couldn't tell. I've been sworn to secrecy. He would kill me if he found out."

Celeste smiled, too. "Well, we can't have that happen," she said. "It would be a shame to be murdered by a guy half your size."

They both laughed.

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Chapter Seven
four months after the accident

Al leaned against the paddock fence, the breeze ruffling his hair. Celeste was seated on the grass, carefully polishing the metal bits on her saddle.

Two horses grazed peacefully out in the paddock. After Celeste had recovered, Cody had accompanied her to a horse auction. They had purchased Blade, a sweet-tempered gelding, for Celeste. Surprisingly, Cody had also taken an interest in a small mare, Arrow.

The slim buckskin swiveled his ears as he cropped the lush green grass. The Appaloosa pony seemed to be focused completely on her food.

Celeste finished cleaning the saddle and set it aside. She looked up at Al. "Do you wanna go for a ride?" she asked.

Al nodded. He whistled, and the two horses looked up at him. The buckskin immediately trotted up to the fence and shoved his nose into Al's chest, begging for attention. Al laughed and stroked the gelding's face.

Arrow hesitated before ambling after her companion. She hung her head over the fence and sighed contentedly.

Celeste stood up and retrieved the two bridles that hung over the fencepost. "Blade," she said, clicking her tongue. The buckskin abandoned Al and walked over to Celeste, allowing her to bridle him.

She handed the other bridle to Al, who, with some difficulty, managed to get it on the pony. "Ready?" he asked. Celeste nodded. "Let's go."

Ten minutes later they were out on the the trail. Celeste had taught Al a little bit about riding, but he still had a lot of trouble controlling even the well-mannered Arrow.

"Head up, Arrow," Al commanded for the fifth time as Arrow lowered her head to take a bite of grass. He tugged gently on the reins and nudged her with his heels, making her walk on.

Celeste was quiet for a long time. She sat on Blade's back, playing with his dark mane. Halfway through the ride she finally spoke. "We're leaving," she said.

Al pulled Arrow to a halt. "What?"

"We're leaving," she repeated. "We're turning in our watches and going to Xenotime."

"Why?" cried Al.

She shrugged, still pulling her fingers through Blade's mane. "We both decided that it's for the best. We can start a buisness out there. Breeding horses."

"When are you leaving?" he asked.

"In three days."

Al looked at the ground. He wasn't happy, but there wasn't anything he could do about it.

Nothing more was said until they had gotten back to the paddock. Al slipped the bridle off of Arrow's head and let her loose.

He walked over to Celeste and kissed her lightly on the cheek.. "Promise that you'll come back and visit," he murmured..

She smiled. "Wild horses couldn't stop me."

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