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Full Version: Results Of Depression And Other Abnormalties
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And the first edition is:


IPB Image

I was thinking of dressing up as this for AWA in September just to freak people out. They might get the wrong idea though. biggrin.gif

And don't ask where I got this idea for a drawing. Just. Don't. Ask.

EDIT: Originally I said "don't ask where I got this image". Sounded like I got this off a site or something. I drew this people! I promise I did! Unless I was hallucinating again...^^;;
O_O ....the scary thing is, the outfit looks really nice on him. Anyways, cute pic ^^
I've seen loads of these kinda pics and to be honest it doesn't bother me too much. If the work is good, then who cares about subject matter biggrin.gif And the work is really good.
Phyco girl
Yeah go shardy happy.gif Didn't disturb me much. And besides it didn't have porportional issues so I give you a thumbs up biggrin.gif
Full Metal Engineer
Wow sis your a really good writer and now your a really good artist too! your drawing was just simply awesome in one word I mean like Phyco Girl said its proportional which is hard for some people and the colouring was awesome ah its just so freaking good kudos to you!
You write and draw, is there something you can't do?!?!
Name: Evan Rockbell/Elric
Age: 13
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Personality: If there is a personification to Ed's anger, Evan is it. Is quick to anger, but instead of throwing a temper, just stares at the antagonist while silently plotting their untimely demise.
Weapon: A dagger that he can alchemize to a giant sword taller than himself. Due to being forged with automail material, it is many times lighter than it looks.

IPB Image
i like those pics, he does looks a little freky, or is just me?
Who? Hoochie!Ed or Evan? o.O?

If you mean Evan, well, he's a rather unhappy child. ^^;;
mm, he's cute, but the pecs are a little too round and defined (especially compared to the other muscles) so they look a tad like breasts to me. happy.gif;; and maybe this has been answered in your stories, but i'm ignorant to this stuff as i don't read many of the fanfics posted here: how does he alchemize a dagger into something that huge? he has to follow toukakoukan (doesn't he?), so where is he getting all that extra mass from?
Sorry, it was the ink...^^;; And his shirt folds offer a bit of an illusion because it's big.

Remember those plastic "light-sabers" that fold out when you swing them? His dagger is kinda like that. The blade of his dagger is made of many layers then compressed. So, he has all the material he needs to make his sword as big as it is.

And let's just say he also...has a bit of Daddy's talents....XD
@Shardy: You are so talented biggrin.gif . The "Hoochie Edward" drawing was good, but when I first saw it I was almost brought to tears, not just from laughing, but from shock and horror laugh.gif . I liked the Evan drawing, he looks so cool cool.gif . Wondeful job of blending colors on both pictures happy.gif .
Hikusa Rockgirl X
Evan looks cool~
already like his father XD
the weapon remains me a lil about sanosuke o.o; *rurouni kenshin*
and so great design~ x3!!
*puts evan on her big list of bishonens o_o xDDD*
You're an RK fan!?!?! O.O!!!

I love you even more now!!! XD

Thanks, and I adore your pic of Ed and Evan on my was so cute!
Steel Alchemist
Wow. Art is great if you look at it in the artists point of view. But I like it.
Hikusa Rockgirl X
QUOTE(shardypsykoelf @ Apr 27 2005, 10:41 PM)
You're an RK fan!?!?! O.O!!!

I love you even more now!!! XD

Thanks, and I adore your pic of Ed and Evan on my was so cute!

Of course, RK is cool *-*

and im glad you like it~ :3
i'm thinking about drawing Evan, can i? xD
*first will read more of 'The Fuehrer's daughter' to know more about how is Evan* =O!
-squeals loudly-
-huggles Evan-
YAY! Such a cute picture!!!!!!!
Hah. That's excellent. I just recently made a bunch of doodles of FMA characters with changed genders. Why? Heck if I know. -.- Because I can, I guess.

Maybe I should scan them if I get a chance. XD Edwina is such a lil' tomboy (She's so perky! X3), Alice, is pretty much the same, just with long hair, William reminds me of Ryuichi, and Roy-ko is fascinated by her own... assets. XD

Evan looks like such a lil' rebel. Oooh, teh madd angst.
The drawing thats name is Evan is almost exactly like me except for hair, eyes, and weapons.Personality, height, and name are exactly the same.
Hahhahahahahahahahha hoocjie Ed lol I almost pissed myself laughing. Nice drawings still better than those stick figiures I make lol.
Yay! Do another one of Evan. Me like Evan.
Hikusa Rockgirl X
=O me want to see Evan with Rebi~ xD
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