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Full Version: I Got/am Getting FMA Tattoo On Me!
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Hagane no Chibi
For anyone looking for a clean vector of Scar's tattoo 1 and 2

Restored version of Riza's tattoo is found here.

For those of you who had seen my previous post about getting the Snake/Cross Tattoo, I got it done yesterday on my upper right arm. As soon as I get ahold of someone with a Digital camera I will have a pic taken of it and if I can figure out how I will post it here. Hopefully I will have the pic in a couple of days.

Snake/Cross Tattoo:
whoa! nice! I envy you (your courage and your tattoo!)
Can't wait to see a picture of it tongue.gif
Ooo! Great news. Hope it turned out alright. I know some tattoo artists just don't know what the hell they're doing half the time. So.
I don't know which I'm more taken by, the feeling that I want to congrat you, or smack you.
Hagane no Chibi, cool.
Please post them for us!!
Hagane no Chibi
I will as soon as I can, It came out perfectly. Its still in the scabbed over/healing phase but it looks really good.

I have Rolfkaese to partially thank, he is the one that found the pic that I printed and took in to the shop.
I will be back for the pic.
QUOTE(Hagane no Chibi @ Aug 15 2004, 02:11 AM)
I will as soon as I can, It came out perfectly. Its still in the scabbed over/healing phase but it looks really good.

Wow! Congrats!

I know alot about healing stuff (I have a tattoo me 2) so I wish you the greatest luck and most of all take care of it! ^o^

Is your tattoo done with black ink or with colors??
I'm waitin' for the pic! I guess it will be wonderful!
I would like to have one too... but i'm not old enough...
Post it as soon you can
no problem hagane no chibi. We all look forward of seeing your tattoo biggrin.gif
biggrin.gif It takes some extreme fandom to do that. I can' t wait to see some pictures. I think the cross would also look pretty good on your lower back between the hipbones... it would hurt as hell to get tho >_<
Hey, i was thinking of that same tattoo. On my upper arm (same as al) I can't wait to see picture.
GreetZ Ferry
yea, congratz, i'm also curious about how it has become.... post it as soon as you can!! laugh.gif laugh.gif
Alright!! I wanna see your picture too. But i'm more curious if u got other FMA tattoo, like for example the homunculus tattoo?
Yea... the ouroborus tatoo would be respect laugh.gif
aw man you beat me to it! I surly want a tattoo but i preffer the ouroboros at least for now tongue.gif

take pictures asap
Picture! Picture! biggrin.gif
We like to see picture of tatoo!!
My god that is awsome i thought you would do it but not show us and i can't wait to see it it will be such a cool tatoo to show your children or just anime fans on the street
Hagane no Chibi
Having alot of trouble linking this, try that. Its a big file and the picture is huge.

Its still scabbed over like you can see in the pic and it will take a couple weeks to heal.
Is it just me, or does that link not work? It links back to this thread.
yea sorry Hagane no Chibi but the link is not working all to well maybe you should try again
did u accidently linked it to this site? meh.. got excited..
Wow, I hope my Ouroboros tattoo turns out that well. Nice job, but the picture is freaking GIGANTIC
that's awesome! might i suggest cropping/shrinking the image? XD
i'd actually love to buy a pack of temporary tattoos of the Ouroboros mark, the Flamel, Roy's flame array, military crest, etc. that'd be cool! tongue.gif l0l
Well, i can't say it's original, but i think i better be quiet amongst you fma-fanatics.
But it is a cool design, just take good care of it.
can't see the tatoo!!! :'(
lol cant see the tattoo , either. >.>;;
even download as doesnt work ><
I can't see it too. Maybe u jus post it into the thread.
Wow, dude. That's crazy. And sweet!

I had trouble viewing it at first too. Clicking on the link would just reload this page. I managed to get it working by copying and pasting the link into the location bar in my browser. (Using Firefox 0.9.3) It's on a super slow server and it's super huge. It took a long time to d/l.
One word: BADASS.

The tat is sweet yo uneed an ouroboros one now biggrin.gif

Letting peeps know, I resized the pic so you can see it easily now!

Whoops sorry bout the double post! tongue.gif
<Merged double posts. 04/03/07 ~Tombow>
two thumb up.
coool... cool.gif
wow... cool.........but sooo much meat around it^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Be Nice!!
Prinz Zoisit.
Omakase Shimasu
True work of art, Haroken! ^__~
how much did you pay for your tatoo

If you can tell us??
Hagane no Chibi
So much meat around it? Heh I guess thats what you get for delivering furniture and doing heavy lifting for a living for a couple of years.

The tat cost me $110 US, a little pricey but the artist was excellent and I didnt want to go to a second rate place since any mistakes would be mine for life.
but i must admit it really looks awesome and very very wellmade, respect to your tattoo-ist XDD
Cool. Now we need someone to get an Ouroboros on their tongue tongue.gif
TONGUE!?!? WHY? That'd hurt SO much.
Hagane no Chibi
Well, Im sorry to say Im not that much of a fan.
Hah hah. Oh well, it was just a thought rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Hagane no Chibi @ Aug 23 2004, 07:46 PM)
So much meat around it? Heh I guess thats what you get for delivering furniture and doing heavy lifting for a living for a couple of years.

puh!! dry.gif
Cool. Now we need someone to get an Ouroboros on their tongue 

or if someone wanna be Pride... laugh.gif
Thats gotta hurt!...
Edward Elric
aiiiiii pride >_<;;

ouroboros tattoo of lust would be cool :,3
Exactly what do you wanna see, huh? huh.gif
I'll pretend it's the tattoo.

Nice Snake/Crown/Cross tattoo, guy. My ouroborous one will kick more ass, though. biggrin.gif
If i ever get it. sad.gif
<Merged "Scar's Tatoo, o.0" thread with 5 pages of posts. 05/03/07 ~Tombow>

Hey there, new to your forums lol, just wanted to know if anyone knew what the latin part of scar's tatoo said, im getting the same tatoo, and i'v had to spend days in photoshop remaking it, cause i'v only got a pic i took as a screen shot from the cartoon. When i get home in a few hours, i'll upload what i'v converted so far, as it was with scar with a bent arm, which means the tatoo is mangled to hades.....and so on

I just wanted to know if anyone knew what the latin on the tatoo said, Im guessing its something related to the philosophers stone, or something like "equal matter conversion"

But i want to know for the tatoo lol, charrrrrrrrrrrs

Okay here it is, its hard to remake it, as his arm is bent in the pic. But its all i'v done so far, so enjoy.

I really need to know what this says, or if anyone has any other good suggestions, or if anyone knows what the hell "equal matter conversion" is in latin.....then i'd be your slave forever....

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