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Full Version: Requesting Ed X Winry Images For Music Video
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Hey all,

A have a big favor to ask - I'm in need of Winry x Ed fanart/doujinshi to use for an anime music video. The song will be "As It Began" by Crystal Kay, and I'm going to try and make it as sentimental as possible.

If anyone has their own artwork they would like featured in an AMV, plase let me know - credit will be given happy.gif
if you're using fanart/doujin, it's best to go to the original artist (japanese, american, or other) and ask them for their permission to use their art. even if you don't ask for permission but credit them in your credits, it's still considered art thievery.
Yeah, I thought that may be the case. I actually havn't been able to find anyone to ask yet, so I may have to come up with a new concept for a video ^^;
Phyco girl
I heard of a place called or someting like that. They have a lot of pictures there. At least that's what I heard from shardy and chiyo. Maybe you should ask shardypsykoelf ( <-- that's her whole name) for the site. Remember to ask for permission from the artist though happy.gif

Good luck!!! Oh, and I hope to watch this video once you're done with it smile.gif
I have a few pictures, but I don't know who's the author ^^''' I can post them if you want =)
Tobu Ishi
There's more pics than you can shake a stick at here, starting at about page five, and going crazy at about page fifteen, though it's kind of old, so some of the links are broken. ^^;;
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