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Kanda.......... huh.gif

I finally got caught up. [spoiler] NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I'll be devastated if she killed off Kanda. I can't even think straight. WHYYYYYYYYYYY??????[/spoiler]

That was the pimpest fight so far in D.Gray. I don't care if you don't like Kanda, you can't deny how f*cking awesome he was in that fight.
^ [spoiler]I don't think she killed off Khanda because she still hasn't explained his grudge, etc.[/spoiler]
QUOTE(Blitz @ Sep 1 2006, 01:31 PM) [snapback]439907[/snapback]
^ To read it? Go right ahead. Currently, it's one of my top five favorite manga. ^^
I'll buy a few next time I go to B&N biggrin.gif
Woot. I just read volume 3 of D.Gray-man! smile.gif Man this volume was good now I can't wait to read the next one. Anyone notice that Viz misspelled Linali's name in this volume?
Heard this Manga's rather "Unique" title floating around for some time now, just cracked open the first chapter. Not too shabby. Yet another Manga I might have to end up following.

Why does this keep happening to me? I'm satisfied and collecting a few series, and something new always pops up. My mind is happy, but my wallet weaps.
QUOTE(Nepharski @ Nov 27 2006, 11:23 PM) [snapback]478860[/snapback]
Why does this keep happening to me? I'm satisfied and collecting a few series, and something new always pops up. My mind is happy, but my wallet weaps.
You're not the only one>> I have lots of new manga to collect and new ones just keep coming>>

I just have the first volume.
I'm trying so hard not to get bored with the series, but the last few chapters i've read have been like 15 pages with hardly any dialog! NOTHING'S happened since cross showed up!

Not to mention Kanda and Crowly have been absent for way too long! Seriously if i wasn't worries about those twp i think i'd just stop now!
Ah, yesh...D.Gray Man...

Started this manga recently and, so far, it's great! I just love gothic/horror stories, especially those concerning the supernatural! happy.gif

So far, I've read vol. 1-5, and am still waiting for vol. 6 to arrive at the bookstore *nods*

Favorite characters: Allen, Lenalee, Komui, Lavi, Rhode Kamelot, and Mirando Lotto (from vol. 3; she's hilarious XD)
ah..this is my fav manga-anime....

my fav are:
well my bro has started reading this and me and him (plus a bunch of others) are gonna go to the london expo as members of the black order tongue.gif

yay a good thread
YAY! it's back after a break again..though I was slightly dissapointed in the chapter..Its seems to be going too slow and i'm not very fond of this arc. Anyway..I started reading it last summer I think, then I read it up to current in a week I loved it so much. Tyki mikk is the best...
Yeah, I agree: it is moving rather slowly and the artwork is just a mess!

...Well, not the art; just the way the panels and certain scenes are drawn and organized. Very jumbled.

But, still, I'm glad it's back ^^
^yeah...Its not that its messy but it does seem somehow cluttered...I noticed that with chapter other thing I noticed was that I think shes trying to reintroduce the how it explained the akuma's levels and such...
I started checking out manga volumes from the library about two months ago, and it's rapidly become my second favorite title after FMA. It's inspired me to write a couple of DGM fanfics and even attempt some drawings. Both of Timcanpy, I love that flying little ball o' fangs. Manga wise, I'm us to volume 13, plus I've read several chapters over at I thought the last few were full of crunchy action goodness. The new exorcist, Timothy will be a trial to the Black Order. Komui's expression was just priceless. Tim's pretty cocky, and I fear he's going to be in for a hard fall once he encounters some really tough akuma, or even one of the Noah.
I read 185....Allen looks kind of hot as a Noah and the art is much much cleaner than the past few chapters. finally another look at the noah! just tykis back though and road sucking the lolly pop..hopefully it will get into the story again
You must be way ahead of me, 185 isn't out here yet. Allen is a Noah! NOOOO!!!! ohmy.gif I don't want him to become a Noah! And Road is still alive? Darn it, I want her dead! Real dead! Deader than a doornail!
Chapter 184 just came out on onemanga, I didn't know it would come out so fast, good thing I checked back. Poor Allen. Lenale sleeping in the next bed is probably the closest he will get to having sex with her. Timcanpy was rather amusing with his "will everyone shut up so I can sleep?!" attidude. Everyone - Allen, Kanda, Link and Timcanpy - seemed rather cranky. I also wonder what Epstein's game is.
Question: Towards the end of 183, Allen lays back on his bed and a really terrible scar which runs from his right shoulder almost to his right hip is seen. Who gave him that injury? I must have missed it somehow.
I'lml nervous about discussing recent chapters as I'm so afraid of accidentally spoiuling something for someone. I think I did all right with the spoiler tags, though.
(kanda, allen and Lavi are all so awesome ) ^^

its really good- just not really popular
^I meant 184, sorry, i get so confused XD

I think that injury was given to him when he stabbed himself acting like an idiot forgetting he was a noah >>, I was actually happy to see the Noah and that the story is moving on XD I thought Noah Allen was sexy >>

ah, I cant wait to read the real 185 XD
Re: 184, I just thought Allen looked more - calculating - with his eyes narrowed like that. Until he saw who else was in the room and his composure was blown completely.

Not to worry, chapter 185 actually was uploaded to onemanga recently. Hoshino is really setting a torrid pace with a chapter a week, apparently. Anyways, this new chapter knocked me sideways with two startling revelations:
1) The new kids on the block are "The Crow", half-human, and half-akuma. They really don't play well with the traditional Innocence possessing exorcists.
2) This tack was tried nine years ago with tragic results ,and Yu Kanda was in the middle of it. What did he have to sacrifice?

3) Komui and Chan must be mainlining anti-acids after they heard what the North American branch is up to.
4) Bookman is comedy gold.

I guess we will find out next week if Hoshino keeps up with this release schedule. I still don't like the idea Allen could end up losing his identity as Allen Walker and become someone else. Someone he wouldn't like.
O__O Whoa!

Time out here, people: ...Allen's a Noah? ...HOW THE F*** DID I MISS THAT?!
...*sighs* Looks like I have some re-reading to do. Thank god for the four-day weekend that is Memorial Day =w=

On another note: ...D.Gray-Man is on hiatus again.
Katsura Hoshino is being sued by Takeshi Obata (artist for Death Note and Bakuman) for plagiarism.

Click here for the news

Just click that link; it tells all.

...Well...ouch. It really sucks, but there is a chance she did swipe something from him (or, rather, 'copied').
*sighs* had JUST returned from its last hiatus! This is just getting too weird! least there is other manga out there to keep me satisfied until it returns.
QUOTE (Rosicrucian @ May 21 2009, 11:00 PM) *
O__O Whoa!

Time out here, people: ...Allen's a Noah? ...HOW THE F*** DID I MISS THAT?!
...*sighs* Looks like I have some re-reading to do. Thank god for the four-day weekend that is Memorial Day =w=

On another note: ...D.Gray-Man is on hiatus again.
Katsura Hoshino is being sued by Takeshi Obata (artist for Death Note and Bakuman) for plagiarism.

Click here for the news

Just click that link; it tells all.

...Well...ouch. It really sucks, but there is a chance she did swipe something from him (or, rather, 'copied').
*sighs* had JUST returned from its last hiatus! This is just getting too weird! least there is other manga out there to keep me satisfied until it returns.

TT_TT I really hope that's just a rumor that got blown out of proportion...Hoshino getting sued? Re-serialization undetermined?? Those are frightening words sad.gif

And the manga has been great plot-wise lately and we were just starting to learn about kanda...I hope that everything turns out all right.

On a lighter note...after reading 186 I think that Kanda and Bak Chan make the funniest duo ever XD. I really hope we see more of their interactions.
Well I just finished reading DGM up to where it stopped. The art isn't my favorite style, but the plot is really interesting. It has some funny moments in it too laugh.gif

It's a bummer that it's on hiatus though. Any news on when it's coming back? I've heard about the plagiarism, but other people are saying that maybe she's sick again.
Oh, so it's on hiatus because of sueing....
to be honest, i think Obata is just a fusspot.
Sometimes things are just coincidence, or maybe he was part of Hoshino's inspiration.

I want more Dgray Man!! T__T
Hey, I never noticed this before, but re-read chapter 184. Pay close attention to what is going on in the background of pages 15-16. I thought Timcanpy was trading "dirty looks" with another golem; but what he' was really doing was sizing it up as "lunch"! Timcanpy isn't technically alive, but apparently a lot of things are edible to him. Another member of Deviant Art was more alaert and she put ithe images all together as "Timcanpy the Cannibal"
Forsaken Love
I love D Gray Man. It's my 2nd favourite manga after fma. What the hell is up with this hiatus though???? whaaaaa, I need more dgm to liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! *sob sob* I'd recomend d gray man to practicly anyone who likes fma, there are a lot of similarities between the two series (not as in copying ideas but in genre and stuff, mostly)
Yeah, I recommend it a lot to people who like Bleach because I feel like they are very similar.

But unfortunately there is not really any news about when it will be returning. There was recently a volume put out in Japan of the most recent chapters, so perhaps that's a good sign that the series hasn't been......canceled....I don't even like typing that lol. Hopefully we'll see it again soon!
Woot, DGM thread!

I love the manga (and the anime wasn't bad either!) and...yeah. I love Lavi and I cant help but love Link as well. He amuses me...and I think he's an interesting character *proud to be in the minority* and Tyki is the sexiest thing every drawn...

I almost forgot about DGM through the hiatus this time. Since it's the second time, I don't even care anymore. It's more annoying than excrutiating (though ITA that Bak and Kanda are the most hilarious duo!)
Liiiink! :3 he really is amusing. I especially loved him in...*looks* 184 when he wouldn't go into his room because Lenalee was in such an "immodest" state laugh.gif. And he has a fair amount of mystery surrounding him as well, so he is definitely a very intriguing character.
Update from MangaHelpers biggrin.gif

Seems like DGM will be coming back next month, but it's being published in Akamaru Jump instead of WSJ. I'm confused on that part though, because I'm hoping DGM will come back as a weekly series...
Forsaken Love
I'm not XD lulz i was talking to my friend about how i wanted it to go monthly and she thought id gone insane XD (lulz people in japan heard me mayb? XD) I prefer monthly anyway, but we may get some consitancy, instead of all these missed weeks. Also I was talking to a British writer a while back, and she said that in Japan some weekly writers get like 4hours of sleep a night or somthin' to make their deadlines. Considering Hoshino's fragile health if that was the case it's hardly surprising shes ill all the time. I'd much rather have a consistant monthly than an eratic weekly.
@Forsaken Love: I still don't know if the hiatus was caused by Hoshino getting sick (again) or her being sued, I've just heard rumors of both. I don't really like mangas being published monthly though, even though the chapters are longer we have to wait a whole month! (Like FMA, Claymore, Vampire Knight...) But I guess you're right, making a monthly manga will be easier on her. Reading Bakuman made me realize how hard mangakas work tongue.gif
Red Shrimp
It's a good thing that DGM is coming back rather than feeling hopeless without knowing anything if they will continue it or not.

I still wonder why they changed it to Akamaru Jump (where Zone was also first publicized). Was it because of the "sue issue" (or if it was really true or not).

Then again, it's a good thing to have the manga back than not having any news at all hehe. Besides most of the Kanda fans have been waiting for months to know about his past.
QUOTE (Red Shrimp @ Jul 14 2009, 06:53 PM) *
Besides most of the Kanda fans have been waiting for months to know about his past.

*drools* there can never be enough Kanda in the world. I really hope we get a Kanda-centric super chapter! Hoshino-sensei can't leave us hanging after that last chapter!

I'm also interested in what their new mission is.
Ick, one of the things I loved about DGM was that it was weekly. Monthly KILLS. FMA, Ouran High, Black Butler, Vampire Knight...and now D. Gray Man, too! If this means it'll come out reguarly, I shouldn't complain, but I really loved the weekly thing. Ah, well, my friend will be happy.

I read that the next chapters will deal with a Noah reunion, third exorcists, and Kanda's past. I hope it's true, b/c I'm looking forward to all of those! And the 14th stuff.

And eventually Cross, too, because I"m dying over that. It's been WAAAAY too long, with no definite answer to his condition/whereabouts. I'd hate to think a bas @$$ character like him would die so lamely, and at the hands of who knows?

And Link b/c I love that dorky little guy.
Just finish reading the first 3 volumes of the manga and I love the anime openings especially uverworld, nam takami, and the first one.

I could see at first glimps how the main character resemble Ed but I look closely and well Ed as he was drawn by Hirumo is much more masculine looking, blocky and well has other features that that make him so much different. The Personalities of Ed and Allen are also destroys any similaries as Allen is more polite, gentleman, and humble while Ed is more To the point, Confident, Defensive(especially when insulted), Action guy and well other things I can't name on top but yeah. There past I can see being similar as Allen try to bring his father figure back and ended becoming a akuma compare to Ed and Al bring their mom back and ended up doing the taboo.

At first I was turn off by their similarity at first glance but seeing the series and how different both characters are and I love both differently which finally got me to the series and was ashame I let something like that prevent me from trying it out.
Red Shrimp
And eventually Cross, too, because I"m dying over that. It's been WAAAAY too long, with no definite answer to his condition/whereabouts. I'd hate to think a bas @$$ character like him would die so lamely, and at the hands of who knows?

Maybe it's too early to figure out what happened to Cross. It will come eventually biggrin.gif I still believe his alive. He knows too much about Noah, the 14th and the way the Black Order is moving. We can say he's one of the best key players in the story.

We cannot forget the Bookmen, too. I'm sure Hoshino will find ways to make the mystery about them to be known. However, putting all these mysteries altogether will eventually prolong the story [that will be an advantage for us readers ahahahah!]. Anyways, I think, Hoshino will put the puzzle together, only, in slow process.
Wynter Myth
How did i not glompify this thread? *__*
I freaken love Allen!!! x333
And Lavi!!! x333

That reminds me...I need to continue on with my Allen and Lavi fan fiction.

(I know what it sounds like but it's NOT yaoi or shonen-ai >>; )
Forsaken Love
Cross is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavourite character, I LOVE HIM, and my 2nd favourite all time anime character, hes just pure awesome XD so I want explanatnions about his 'death' and i want them now _
Red Shrimp
There's an update from a DGM LJ community: About Akamaru Jump publishing DGM on Aug17th.

I'm sorry I can't provide the link at the moment because that certain thread is locked for members only.
DGM 187 is out on OneManga (alkdshfasjdf asa YAY), and Binktopia will be releasing the chapter as well on Mangashare within a couple days (probably with a clearer translation) \o/

So much going on in this chapter! Where to begin!

TYKI!!! He's back! :'D he was always my favorite Noah. And we got to see nearly everyone again! LAVI!! I wish there was more Kanda, but I always wish there was more Kanda XD

I'm hopeful that Bink's scanlation will have a clearer translation, because there were parts of this chapter that were kinda confusing ^^;

Also, Allen seems to have gained a power-up of sorts...what was that "Death Ball" thing? Could he always do that?

But yeah, no new chapter for a couple months, and then DGM will be serialized regularly in Jump Square, which is a monthly mag. So DGM will now be monthly...which I won't know how I feel about until it runs for a few months. I'm anxious to see how it'll affect the pacing and such. But YAY! It will be coming back regularly, at least.
I read it on Onemanga biggrin.gif it was pretty great. I agree that when the translator talked about the apostle/disciple names, it didn't make much sense to me. And I think that "Death Ball" attack is new, he probably got it recently ((offscreen) it sure is powerful 0.o) I was dissapointed that Hoshino didn't really continue the story from the recent events of the last chapter.....
Forsaken Love
i read the latest chapter yesterday, I was pretty dissopointed tbh, I'm still really not likeing hoshino's new style, and all the story was really hard to follow for me, (I've forgotten most of the stuff thats happened recently but still) also we STILL have no explenation about kanda and nothing much happened _ guess will have to wait till november
Things look really, REALLY bad for our heroes., although it is always darkest before the dawn. Here is what I think will happen in the next chapter. Take this with an extremely large grain of salt becauase I tend to be wrong almost all of the time. The blow Allen takes knocks him out and he's helpless,so his Innocence activates the Crowned Clown armor to protect him. Simultaneously, the 14th realize no one is minding the store and he takes over Allen tempporarily. The 14th then does one of two possibilities:
1) Kills the other two Noah, but hesitates before attacking Tyki Mikk who escapes with his life.
2) Puts a severe beatdown on all three Noah, they strategically retreat.

Allen wakes up just before the 14th deadlines Madarao and regains control after a brief struggle. He helps the wounded Madarao and the dead Third (didn't catch his name) back to camp. The stage is set for more angst when Allen discovers what happpened to the other exorcists, including Kanda. Worst of all, the other Thirds no longer trust Allen to have their backs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (ie:the American branch) all Hades breaks loose as the Earl tries to to recover the Alma Kadema. (BTW: Nice hairstyle Lero! laugh.gif )
Red Shrimp
@ IttyBittyPretty
I like your theory. It could be possible - the awakening of 14th and taking advantage of Allen's condition (who seemingly tired and out of energy, has he eaten anything? O_O)

As for the entire 187th Night, I sort of feel disappointed. It was just a hype when we all know it's coming back, but when it was laid there for us to read-- I was thinking: "Is this really DGM I'm reading?"
Jealous Rogo
I have to admit when I read the latest chapter I was a little thrown. More because so much info was revealed it was like the author was trying desperately to make up for the hiatus (which wasnt really necessary) I mean after slowly introducing us to Noah individually, we're now suddenly given the whole lot (of which on Wisely interested me in the slightest) Was interesting to find out that the Earl is a Noah as well, I guess that was obvious really.

Also I don't like the Earl's human form... I prefer his usual grinning death mask of my nightmares.
I think that the Earl was already revealed to have been a Noah, just a super awesome special Noah haha. And I do agree that there was a little too much going on in this chapter. I hope not all chapters will be like that in the future and that it's not too hard for Hoshino to switch to being a monthly manga as opposed to weekly.
A Pierrot's Aria
I wasn't very impressed with the latest chapter...I think that the past 10 or so chapters have been too convoluted and hard to understand; characters now just seem to pop out of nowhere. On top of that I really dislike her new style...they sort of look like they've regressed. xD;

However, some of the information revealed was interesting. I hope there's more Lavi soon. *shot*
I hope there's more Lavi soon too. I miss him...;_;

And I also feel like the chapters since her most recent hiatus have been all over the place. It seems like she's rushing the ending. sad.gif


K-Kanda......*lip tremble*..... no.gif I don't even understand what's going on but it's upsetting me more than FMA 100 and xxxHolic 182...combined. TT_TT

188 has left me confused. I'm anxiously waiting for a better translation.
A Pierrot's Aria
Nothing about D.Gray-man is upsetting me anymore-- not in a good way anyway LOL--not even chapter 188...It's just not the same anymore...>.<;; I'm getting kind of irritated by the convoluted mess it's becoming...
Glad I'm not the only one who is confused and didn't understand everything in the newest chapter. I don't really like Hoshino's new style, I prefer the old one. And it seems she wants to end the manga soon. sad.gif

I missed Lavi. I hope we'll see him in the next chapter. And what's going to happen to Kanda now? huh.gif
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