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Full Version: Some Of My Fanart
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Ummm...Here! What do you think?

Nina and Alexander
Little Ed reading a book
Just some oekaki
Ed running away
The sketch of the previous drawing (in case if somebody wants to color it, cuz, as you can see, my coloring sucks...^^')
Wow! They're awesome ^^ I especially loved the milk one.
Nice. LOL @ Edo and milk one, I think the colouring is fine.
Very nice. It's very accurate and nicely drawn.
Hagane no Renzy
0__0 How can you call those 'crappy?' You're an art prodigy! I'd kill for that art talent. Kudos.
Phyco girl
I really don't see how those are crappy, I think they're great!!! happy.gif
They arent crappy at all they are pretty awsome happy.gif

i sure like the Ed and milk one it made me laugh lol
Thank you, everyone! I'm glad you liked my drawings =^^=
Here's more!
Lust - it doesn't look like her at all...-__- Oh well, it's my first time drawing her ^^
Edo - just some doodle I did during the history lesson =)
Winry - I like that one ^^
Winry cosplaying Ed XD - This one is strange, I know ^^' At first I just wanted to draw Winry with a braid...And then I thought that she would look nice in Ed's cloth XD
Another Winry fanart - drawn with a red pen =)
*blinks**rubs eyes and looks again* WOW. Wow.
nice, i love the one with the milk and cosplay:]
Oh shoot, why did I miss this work, its fantastic! Hope to see more, your style is unique but works so well. Love Winry cosplaying as Ed smile.gif
Saturn Stars
Haha, me also likes the Winry one. Cosplaying Ed huh? Kinky! cool.gif
sorry,I can't see the pictures..They're being again???
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