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Full Version: Sweet Metal
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Sweet Metal


Her finger tenderly traced the cold metal, feeling the pricks and dents from years of toil. Her eyes lowered, a pang of sorrow and sympathy clutching at her heart.

Although some claimed he was smaller than others, she soon realized that size really didn't matter. In fact, they seemed to be a perfect fit. It just looked right and above all, felt right. In her hands, she could feel such immense power when she held him. At the same time, this power frightened her. With him, she did things she would normally be unable to do. In the end, she would be exhausted, sweaty, but satisfied, while he would retain his cool composure, never seeming to change save for her sweat glistening on him.

Sometimes, although no one knew about it, they shared the same bed. She would stay awake while he lay near comatose, showing no signs of life. The moonlight would stream through the open window, transforming his metallic limbs to silver and at times, a white-gold.

By now she had realized that she really was a machine freak. When her fingers danced over the cool metal parts, she could feel a shiver of excitement slice through her torso and she wanted to use him so badly. At times she wondered whether he received the same satisfaction from her.

Her fingers wrapped around the length of him, her heat penetrating him.

They had been together since childhood, but she never knew how much they needed one another until she held him. That was when she realized that he was different. Without her, he was useless. Without him, she couldn't be satisfied. Gran had said it was the same way when she had her first.

She smiled softly and lay down next to his petite frame.

"I love you..."

The wrench merely twinkled in the moonlight as a reply.


a/n: yeah, I deserve to be shot for that but it had to be done.
Well no, not shot, heck I did read it all.

Nicely worded one shot, very good, I suppose the word I'm looking for is subtle.
mellow.gif Wow
Tobu Ishi
*snerk* Pervert. XD
I thought it was Ed. blink.gif
Saturn Stars
tongue.gif I really loved that tongue.gif Maybe I'm a little perverted ahaha! Nah it was a sweet scene with much emotion, so thats why I adored it (Cough)
ed's secret agent
*adores* I'm so perverted happy.gif
*cracks up*

I figured something was up when you said that she put her hand around "the length of him". I was like, wait a minute. Kris-chan didn't put an NC-17 warning. blink.gif

This is almost as good as "Stupid" when it comes to twistedness. I applaud. biggrin.gif
Phyco girl
Was a pretty good fic and like Chiyo said it was good worded. Kinda perverted but you know we love it happy.gif Especially the pervs in here:lol: (and I must admit I'm a sucker for EdWin romance so you hit the nail on the head with this one)
Hahah good shot. I am such a perv lol.
lmao that was so funny. well written; great job.

For a moment there, I thought the wrench was Ed O__o.
QUOTE(Aoko-chan @ Apr 15 2005, 09:45 PM)

For a moment there, I thought the wrench was Ed O__o.

That was interesting......funny tho.
I think we all thought the wrench was Ed. XD
Mustang's Apprentice
Good descriptive writing and fine use of details.


I just wanted it to be longer.
Same as me, a pervert, I thought the metal parts is Edward

blink.gif Whoa, that was good... I'm a pervert tongue.gif I thought the wrench was Ed LOL
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