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Full Version: Hex-sama Artwork
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In my opinion, my art isn't that great, but I just wanted to know other people's opinions besides my mother laugh.gif . This first one is of Edward. I was looking at a picture for reference while I was drawing it. I'm sorry about the low quality of the pictures. I don't own a scanner, so I had to make due with my webcam sleep.gif .
LOL! CUTE! XD great expression.
It reminds me of manga Ed. Very nice, by the way,
Aww how cute >_<

its great!
That is much too cute, great work.
Awesome!!!XD that's cute!^^
Thanks for all of the complements biggrin.gif ! Here's another picture, this one is of Alphonse. Once again, I had a picture for reference.
Wow! Very good. I don't draw good with references...last time I checked. Lol. More art from you? Maybe?^^
Thank you dragonflame327 for that complement happy.gif . You want some more? Well, I'm out of FMA fanart right now, but I do have some InuYasha fanart smile.gif . I froze a picture of Myouga on one of my DVD's, which was my reference in this picture.
Hikusa Rockgirl X
=O good artwork xD
do u can color them *-*?
O: cute Edo, nice nice
ahh u need a scanner ;O;
@Hikusa Rockgirl X: Thanks and Welcome to the forum smile.gif . Yes, I do need a scanner sleep.gif . If only I had the money unsure.gif . I don't color the pictures because I can never seen to find the right colors for them. I'm always out of red, but its the color I use the least blink.gif . My lil' sis must be stealin' my supplies dry.gif .
My lil sis does that, but shes trying to draw anime so I'll let her off.

More good work biggrin.gif
Hikusa Rockgirl X
QUOTE(Hex-Sama @ Apr 8 2005, 11:51 PM)
@Hikusa Rockgirl X: Thanks and Welcome to the forum smile.gif . Yes, I do need a scanner sleep.gif . If only I had the money unsure.gif . I don't color the pictures because I can never seen to find the right colors for them. I'm always out of red, but its the color I use the least blink.gif . My lil' sis must be stealin' my supplies dry.gif .

ask her if she's stealing them or hide ur colors! XD
when i was young *like 7* it was me who steal my bros colors
*i have a mountain of colors o_o'''*
PS. thanx 4 teh welcome x)
This is another InuYasha fanart. It was a request from selenium alchemist. I had a picture for reference again, but the end result only resembled the reference picture by alittle blink.gif . What do ya'll think biggrin.gif ?
Nice! Koga always was cool....but Naraku, now he kicks ass. That or the really gifted albino child with the purple sheild.^^ You'll know who I'm talking about if you've seen him.
@dragonflame327: Thanks for the complement biggrin.gif . I know what your talking about, I've seen all of the InuYasha episodes that have aired on Adult Swim so far smile.gif . Plus I've seen the first 2 movies cool.gif .

Miroku Rules! laugh.gif
Can you draw some characters from Beyblade?
OOPS sad.gif ! I'm sorry, this post was a mistake. I didn't mean to double-post.
Here is one of my own works of art. It's not as great as the rest of the drawings, because my style is kinda... dumb/weird sleep.gif . Most of my friends at school say that my "original" drawings always have some kind of wolf-like aspect to them. After reviewing my own art... I think it's kinda true laugh.gif . I can't help it, wolves are so cool >.< ! Anyways, I'll just shut up and post the picture.

His name is Draco, a bad-guy character I made for one of my silly made-up stories rolleyes.gif . Enjoy smile.gif .

@Dragons04: BeyBlade, huh huh.gif ? I've heard of it before, but I don't know much about it. PM me some pictures of it, if you can please, and I'll see if I can sketch up something for you happy.gif .
Okay, I'm really super sorry to triple post, but I had no other choice sad.gif . No one ever looks at my art anymore! *cries like a pathetic loser* ... Excuse me, sometimes my emotions get the best of me sleep.gif . Anyways, here is my newest addition to FMA fanart... Kinda laugh.gif . See, the thing is, it's supposed to be Edward, but for some reason, (Don't ask me why, because I don't even know myself... and that's sad) he turned out like this... Well, look at the picture and you'll see biggrin.gif .
I'm sorry to post for the fourth time in a row... But no one has posted (besides me) since sometime in May sad.gif . Hopefully this next one will get me some attention, and if I do get enough replies, I may post another picture dealing with this next one. This is a head shot of Zarai, a character to a fanfiction that a friend of mine and me are working on. She's a werecreature, (what else huh.gif lol. ) but isn't really a werewolf (atleast not in the world of Final Fantasy X... Oh crap, I just gave away what world the fanfiction was set in >.< .) . If your wondering what that purple thing is on her left ear, its a earring tongue.gif . I showed it to someone else and the event played out like this:

Other Person: "It's okay, but... What the heck is that? *points to purple dot*"

Hex-Sama: "Uh... An earring. *thought it was obvious that it was an earring*"

Other Person: "Oh brother... I thought it was like... A pimple, or a deformity or something like that."

Hex-Sama: "Thanks sleep.gif ."

To make it easier on myself, I made Zarai's head from one of my favorite wolf pictures which you can see here: Hex-Sama's Favorite Wolf Picture

Anyways, I hope you all like it, since I worked really hard on it, and please, do reply with your opinion unsure.gif .
I do enjoy the pic of Zarai, I think it's a very clear picture, which I like. And I was able to put together that she has an earring. biggrin.gif What did you use to draw it?

Keep posting your artwork! I love looking at fanart.
@MiyokoChan: First, thank you so much for replying and commenting biggrin.gif ! *glomps you* I'm glad you could tell right away it was an earring smile.gif . It's the kind where its just a dot in the front, not like a loop or something that hangs down, though that would have made it more obvious that it was an earring unsure.gif .

What program did I use huh.gif ? Microsoft's Paint, since I don't have photoshop sleep.gif . I'm saving up to buy a Wacom pad, which is awesome for drawing stuff on the computer, so my artwork would improve alot if I had that. I've gotten used to Paint by now, so it might feel wierd to me if I used another program to draw with laugh.gif .

I'm working on more pic's of Zarai, and I'll post them up later on. Thank you again happy.gif .
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