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Full Version: Episode 21 "the Red Glow"
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ymsg: He's the villian of the FMA game, "Sonata of Memories".

Lute D. Saxophone could be caused by all as the "Shuyin of Full Metal Alchemist". He was the student of a State Alchemist named Cravis Fagott, another man in Basque's Chimera project, until the public learned he transmuated the Amore couple into chimeras. One of their daughters, Lila Amore, was mortally wounded when the Military came to kill her parents.

Lute took his finace to a hospital, but she's beyond the doctors' help. So Lute did the only thing to keep her alive...Making her a chimera. But the transmutation was a failure and Lute distenced himself from his now-malformed love{Refusing to accept his love IS the chimera he created} and vowed to make the military pay for this.

Soon after, Fagott gathered all the beast-men chimeras he created and made peace with them, promising to protect them and Lila from the harsh outside world. But Lute tircked the Chimeras to attack Ametris, killing Military personalle that Lute would use in the creation of the Philosopher's Stone for his ultimate goal: To merge Lila's soul into his.

After killing his mentor and Lila, he performed the soul transmutation. But it failed and he turned into a giant mindless chimera instead, getting killed as a result. Lute soon learned that dispite all the horror he did, Lila loved him anyway. And thus he dies, knowing he and Lila would be together forever in death.

He was another of those who the Homocunli helped, though he backstabbed them.
Gluttony offered to eat him, but Lust suggested letting the Elrics dispose of Lute for them.
Well well, there is another psycho. But wasn't he trying to save this Lila person? Tucker just up and transmutated his daughter, who had so much to live for.
Steel Alchemist
It was a pretty violent episode. It said TV-14, not TV-14 V, like it would normally. Ooooh and Tucker had a horrible voice, almost a whisper like talking.
Ymsg: You sorta got something there, Lute was trying to save Lila, but he did kill her years later to complete his plan. But his ambition was the result of blind rage and pure-love, composed to Tucker's ambition out of fear and curiosity.
But I think only non-FMA villian who can be compared to Tucker would be Dr. Hinelar of the Sentai series MegaRanger(PRiS in USA). Much like Tucker, Hinelar{Samejima as he was known} used his own daughter in his experiment to prove that cyborg-modifications are the next step for humans to take.

But the only factors were that Hinelar did it out of his free will(He never questioned the consquences), his daughter was 14 years older than Nina, and she didn't survive the ordeal. This devastated Samjima, years later he and his friend Kubota were working on a dimension-gate project. But Samejima was sucked into what came to be called the Twisted-Dimension of Nejiria and become the mad scientist Dr. Hinelar{Using a machine to kept his body from folding on itself as result of being the dimension for so long}.

Much like Tucker, Hinelar created a being in the image of his dead daughter(Shioblena & Hizuma). Technically, Hinelar could count as a maker of 'chimeras' (If you add metal pieces in the mix) when it came to the PyschoNejilars of the 2nd half{Shibolena made the regular Nejire Beasts of the 1st}.
that's still sickening. I can't believe people, animated or not, lol, could be that twisted (Although it adds to an interesting plot >_>)
ymsg: Well Hinelar IS that twisted, mentally and physically. But there always seem to be a madman who does such a thing to his only child to rob him/her of any humanity.
btw guest, my name is Rae, lol. Ymsg is my pseudonym. And of all the people those mandmen have to mutilate, it has to be children, the people who are our future of tomorrow, ne?
Hinelar was only a man who was for the future, as he envisioned the humans of tommorow would be cyborgs. But Nejireia affected his mind, giving him a "Hitler"-persona when it came to his creations as being superior to humans. But Hinelar was nothing compared to Guirail(Darkonda in PRiS), this guy was the most sadistic: Using children as shields, performing imhuman surgery/torture on Nejire Beasts.

After Yugande(Ecliptor) got mortally wounded, Hinelar had enough & gave Guirail
a power-augmenting capsule. Only not to mention the capsule's side effects included mental degeneration and insanity.

But, if you, like, I'll tell more of it via E-Mail.
go for it. I wouldn't mind finding out more.
that ep was good a little wierd but really good
Yeah. Too much pressure for me, lol
Philosopher's Stone
Let me dash the hopes of all Nina fans:
She doesn't come back.

Now you want to tell me: "Don't spoil it for me, you !@#$!"
To quote Star Wars: "Search your feelings, you know it to be true."
I mean, why kid yourself by clinging to a shred of false-hope, when every alchemist in the show that acts like that gets smacked down by God's heavy hand?

Do you think it would serve the narrative of FMA to bring her back, when the entire theme of the show is that chasing futile dreams never brings happiness? That desire and greed is suffering? Chasing the Philosopher's Stone, is an ephemeral goal, for example.

Tucker can't get his daughter back because he was looking for the perfect chimera. He can't go back to the way things were. And now chasing that goal will become his tormenting vision on the horizon, much in the same way the Elrics are trying to chase after their past. This is based upon the simple fact that humans desire more and more, even after they have achieved something.

In other words, your Nina is a plot device used to make FMA that much more...*cough* tragic. (I tend to view it as scrumptous, and by scrumptous I mean very bloody and twisted.)
Philosopher's Stone: I knew that fact, but I thoughtr we leave that kind of stuff in the dark, only hint them in ways that make want to know So bad.

Plus i'ts apparrent Tucker never gets Nina basck, hence his plan to deceive himself by creating a new Nina, one identical to the original. So as you said, Tucker can't go back to the way things were, but his urge to make so drove him to utter maddess, to steps the Elrics did that cost them dearly but stop while they were able to and accept their mother's passing so they can undo what they did to themselves.

But Nina is a plot device used to show more to the darkness of FMA, of the maddness of one man who loses everything from his family to his very humanity.
However, I'm surprised no one ever thought to add a "Perfect Chimera" into any FMA plot, and I don't mean a talking one(sorta).
Philosopher's Stone
Umm...Tucker pretty much perfected the process for a "perfect chimera" in the Lab 5 or whatever it was. An intelligent chimera is the perfect chimera (Doi!). And look! all these live prisoners, gee aren't we happy?

Besides, you're missing my point.

Like you have reiterated, I'm crushing your hopes: I wanted to deliver the killing blow to the hopes of any who loved Nina. To quote Maddox of internet infamy: "With the eloquence of a drunk eating his own puke, you stumbled through this fact completely oblivious."

My point was precisely: "HA! HA! I'M KILLING YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS!"
Hey Philosoper's Stone, try using a spoiler box once in a while. I read the first sentence of one of your posts and it was a spoiler. A lot of people on this site have not seen the whole series yet and they don't want to know things until they happen on the show. If you don't know how to do a spoiler box it goes like this:
1) before the spoiler type spoiler in brackets [ ]
2) then type the info
3) then type /spoiler in brackets []
Thanks a lot.
I don't think I spoiled anything. If you're reading a thread titled "episode 21", what do you expect? You know all this already.

If you don't already know?
A) What is Tucker doing there in the first place?
cool.gif Wasn't Nina technically the "perfect chimera".
C) Wow, the people in this lab don't value human life at all. Wouldn't it be suprising if we used all these humans to make chimeras like Tucker did with Nina?
Ya u have a point Philosopher's Stone. Oh and crishing ppl's hopes is fun. biggrin.gif
sorry everones always doing that to me and all u can do about it is laugh laugh.gif
hey its the truth
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