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Full Version: My Drawing
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I drew this from a picture from this website. Anybody like it? I sure hope so, but please tell me what to fix. biggrin.gif
hey not bad!nice work!^^ the hands and gun look a litte bit off, but other than that, great effort!!lovely shading!!! keep at it!! *^.^*
Yeh its pretty good and i do agree with a bit of work on the hand happy.gif

but its looking bright well done

ps are u korean? i see the little korean writing on the bottom of pic cus im korean lol
Not bad at all! But the neck, or maybe it's the head looks a tad wierd and I think the back should be curved inward, not outward.
Nice work. Her head and neck seem to be a bit off. Use illustrations as a base, then try drawing freehand. (or without something to copy off)
Thanks everyone. I really do appreciate the comments. I'll have to redo it when I have free time *HW is so time consuming*. Yeah, I am Korean. I was adopted so I can't read it sad.gif .
Sry, for the re-post. My computer crashed and I didn't know if I had posted. Looks like I did. wacko.gif
Wow! Very nice.^^ Good pose, very Riza-ish. Nice job on the shading too. More? Maybe?^^
I like it biggrin.gif

You're from Michigan? Which part??
Phyco girl
Pretty good. I agree with the hand thing though.

Hey, I'm Korean too happy.gif Let's make a club! My mom's Korean and can speak Korean (can't write or read in it because she moved to the US when she was like 5 or 6) my dad's American and I was born in the US so I never picked up the language. I'm teaching myself Japanese though happy.gif

Well that was a rather long bit of useless information don'tcha think? laugh.gif Anyways good job. Your shading is awesome biggrin.gif

-Phyco girl

I also lived in Ann Arbor,Michigan for 4 years but that was a long time ago (from when I was 4 to 9)


Uh, sorry happy.gif
Pyco girl:That is awesome that you are learning Japanese!! I wanna learn Korean and Japanese someday. smile.gif Maybe I should start soon? laugh.gif I live out in the middle of no where in Michigan, so yeah.

I hate drawing hands, I guess it's because they are hard for me dry.gif . I might need to learn how to draw a gun if I'm going to draw Riza alot.(Never seen a gun before). Thanks alot, I'm so gald that people would actually download my picture.
It looks great!

The fingernails on the left hand look like claws, but it adds 'spunk'.
I love it! You may not be very good at drawing hands or guns, but you're way better than me!

by the way, I love your Icon!
Mustang's Apprentice
We need more!!
It's wonderful, all though I do agree about the hands though. But I like it alot none the less!
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