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Full Version: My Drawings
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Maes_ Hughes
I did them on scrap paper!
Maes_ Hughes
Here is Roy. That weird shape near him was my friend trying to draw Shaggy.
Cool drawing Hughes. [spoiler]To bad you die before episode 30 sad.gif[/spoiler]

edit from xrninja: use spoiler tags on those kind of comments, idiot. -__-
Hagane no Renzy
Eeehhhhh, shudn't that have had a spoila' tag? 0o

Anyways, the drawings are good but I'd kinda like it if the heads were differently shaped. My two cents
@Maes Hughes: They aren't too bad. Practice makes perfect. Oh, and try not to double post(use the edit button).

@ Sonic-Teal: GRRRRR!! You spoiled for me....I'm pissed.
Why does hughes have Roy's flame gloves on?
Maes_ Hughes
I forgot that Hughes dosent wear gloves.
Maes_ Hughes
I forgot that Hughes dosent wear gloves.

Heres another one of Hughes
Hagane no Renzy
That one's better. Keep it up.
Maes_ Hughes
My latest and greatest: Cool Hughes.

And for the girls, Sessy Hughes
please don't double-post. if you have an art update but you were the last poster, just edit the previous post.
Cute.^^ Good too, though I could I get you to draw full-bodied pictures? I'd like to see how good you are at that. The last pic lives up to the title, and I definitely think Hughes is that defined.
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