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Full Version: My Ed Fan Art
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i done this little pic when i was bored the other day on the paint programme what do you guys think?? blink.gif [attachmentid=692]
it aint great but hey
Phyco girl
I thought it was great! I'm horrible at drawing with computers and can't afford expensive copic markers (earning as we speak!) so I just do mine with crayola colored pencils (100 set $10) and my brother's set of various colored markers. I'll post some of mine later if my scanner starts up again dry.gif (stupid scanner!)

Anyways I think you have great talent, not he best but pretty damn good! Can't wait to see more!

-Phyco girl
woah i'm more impressed that you did thta by hand! o.o Good job! And it does look like him.
Wow nice dude. I like pie, though this message would be spam if it wasent for this next sentance. Man you drew that by hand? You are a good artist.
@Alchemist_ed: Whoa! You did that with the Paint program ohmy.gif ?! That's awesome smile.gif . Its natural Irish talent wink.gif !... Man, I wanna go to Ireland so bad sad.gif .
thank for the good old irish support there biggrin.gif, im makin and animation with it now! it will only be about a few seconds long. ill post it up later sometime on a different post thing
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