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Full Version: Which Color Do You Like Best?
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EniviD EiraM
P i N K ♥

P e A C H ♥♥

B L A c K ♥♥♥♥
cerulean blue is my favorite color
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
I love BLUE!!!!

Basically all shades of blue are fine... except for really dark blue.
^ya I agree!! ^^
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
Blue is a truly amazing colour smile.gif
I like neon green like my font. xD
Royai plz :3
Green! It's the color of nature~~~ And all sorts of awesome things~ Like the XBox. ....Okay maybe not but green is so pretty!!!! >3<
Little Washu
Though they are shades rather than colors, white and gray are my favorites.

After would be my 2nd favorites, which are yellow, blue, and a particular shade of pink [ff0036]
Well that is a very specific pink, i rekkon that is a cool colour too biggrin.gif

But yeah red and now i choose blue too
Purple is my favourite. But it would probaby be black, if black were considered an actual colour.
Nature Path Alchemist
QUOTE (Lunar_Crescent_45 @ Oct 22 2010, 09:07 AM) *

A Pierrot's Aria
I'll have to say green. It is my absolute favourite colour! wub.gif

Which is closely followed by orange...then yellow...laugh.gif

I just love those fresh, "citrus-y" colours!
I think it would defiitely be green.. because it is the color of nature.
Blue. Or more accurately, that nice shade of blue that the sky has on a nice cloudy day.

Heck, whatever color the sky is, is a pretty amazing color.
Lucky Lucy
Blue wub.gif I love it! It's my absolute favourite color! I like any kind of blue biggrin.gif
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