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Full Version: Ed And Winry
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Yeah... it's all explained below the picture >_< >_< >_<
I like it, it seems really peaceful and Winry looks lovely. Good job!
:3 that's purdy not pretty. XD
Cool!!XD i like it!! it's cute and i think its looks peaceful also. keep it up ^^
Hold on loading I get untitled and ablank screen. Hold on trying again, hold hold hold no dice. Hrm oh there it is third try is the charm. Hey it's good, wtf is up with the artist's comment you go to hard on yourself I draw like a 3rd grader so this is godly to me. Man it seems peaceful enough, until Ed thinks she is completly asleep he sneaks a little closer then Winry slaps him with her wrench. Or Ed farts then she slaps him with her wrench, or Ed does something to ruin the moment like he always does.
lol thanks. >_< Well it's just the grass that I critizise the most. Urgh....
QUOTE(DarkWarrior @ Mar 29 2005, 08:58 PM)
lol thanks. >_<  Well it's just the grass that I critizise the most.  Urgh....

What is wrong with the grass? Lighten up dude, but dont do drugs that lightning up is bad as well as illegal
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