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Full Version: My Fma Fanart
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tongue.gif Hey all!! XD
um..i thought i'd give this fanart thngy a go, so here is my very first attempt at drawing Ed!!... laugh.gifi'm not used to drawing in FMA style... i just looked at some random pictures of him in the manga..and...well found one similar to ths, so i tried to draw it but i didn't know how to draw his braided hair, so i drew it with his hair out tongue.gif lol ..oh and FMA belongs to Hiromu Arakawa etc not me^^ -(just thought i'd write that Just in case... wink.gif)sorry it's abit will be greatly appreciated!!! biggrin.gif Thank you~!!!!!XD

Fullmetal Fangirl
Thats awsome!!! XD

Did you copy that off a panel from the manga though?
Thanks so much!!!!XD yeah, i saw this pic of Ed from one of the panels in ch45 in the manga and liked doesn't look exactly like the one i was trying to draw though...(damn).lol.=.=...but it didn't have his whole head in the panel, so that's why i just drew it with his hair out....^^ it took me like 30 mins to draw...! dry.gif (yeah, i know i suck..tongue.gif)
That's not bad. Try doing it without the panel. It's very nice though.
@Falling: thanks,dude! biggrin.gif did you mean to just make up a random FMA picture? smile.gif yep, i guess i can try and do that!! (i'm just not used to drawing FMA..^^) lol
hmn.. i'll add some more later, when i have time... tongue.gif
(damn! i just realised i put 'Fma' instead of 'FMA' in the topic title..i feel stupid now... dry.gif) lol laugh.gif
Hey thats really good stuff you got there happy.gif
its great!
Thanks alot Blackwings!! biggrin.gif thank you all for taking the time to comment!! XD

ok, here's another's a random pic of Ed (from the movie) that i made up last night coz i was bored....(finished it @ 12:13am) took me a bit longer to draw than the other one, coz i couldn't remember how to draw Ed's hair, face and i couldn't remember what his clothes looked like!!!...=.=" hence, the reason it looks abit off...but i thought i'd post it anyways for you guys to have a laugh...XP enjoy!! XD

awesome!! he looks great!
Thanks nekodesu!!!XD
um...when i have time i think i'll post some more! happy.gif hmn...i think i'm kinda gettin' used to drawing FMA style....kinda..(well, the only character i've drawn so far is Ed, so i can't draw the others! LOL!....=.= not yet, anyways! ^^)
Great drawings Kr!zy, I like the second one more than the first. Keep going I would like to see more.
great drawings! just one question. why is ed always so mad? haha
Blade Alchemist
Kr!zy those are some awesome drawings. I wish you could teach to draw like that I suck at drawing.
XD Thank you so much for your comments!!!!!!! laugh.gif
i'll try to post another one soon^^...(yeah, as soon as i can think of what to draw next...!! =.=) lol! Thanks again!! XP
I would be more impressed if you drew that out of your head biggrin.gif But still, that's good! I know that I wouldn't be able to draw something that looks exactly like the original even with reference.
hey thanks dude!!^^-(um,btw the first picture i drew with reference to one of the panels from in the manga^^, but the second one (older Ed) i drew with no reference, and made it up totally outta my head^^)

well, here's another one-it's just a quick one i drew during one of my lectures today coz it was friggin' boring.....=.=
now, i know it looks similar to the first one...and that's coz it's meant to look the first one!!XD (i think that's what Falling meant by doing it without the panel....^^)
i drew it off the top of my head, so it looks......anyways i changed Eds facial expression abit and tried to draw his braided hair.(i'm posting this coz i thought something's better than nothing, until i draw another one biggrin.gif).... it's crap and it's messy, but i hope you all like it! XP

Wow. Those pics are great. They have seem to have a bit of american influence. (i.e. marvel, d.c.) He looks muscular, 5 foot 9 inches and about 26-ish. Very nice. I'm almost speechless...
Sweet man. Just do me a favor and make one of Ed fighting Darth Vador, nah J/K. So K!zy how you holdin up there big guy/girl wanna soda? Oh bloody hell I tried being nice and it aint working screw this *Kills some bystander* oh Fing great I work so hard for maximium LS points and its bak to the dark side I gotta do alotta stuff for free now.
wow i didn't even know there was a second one! I like the second one! Yeah he does look tall and older, but I love the expression! awsome piece of work dude. happy.gif
gosh, Thanks very much for your kind words XD..*sniff*...('m not crying,.. i've got a runny nose...*sniff*) LOL!!! laugh.gif

*ahem*......thanks guys^^

@Falling- biggrin.gif um, if only i could say my work is influenced by marvel etc, but i'd have to say it's more influenced by manga though...^^(their art is cool though!)- (the only american comics i've read is an X-men and Spiderman comic that my cuz had...=.= there's hardly any comics shops where i am, and when i do find one, its way expensive..T.T- dude, especially manga)

@Sonic-lol^^ ohmy.gif oi! dude were's my soda?!! don't i get one now...??! mad.gif laugh.gif

i really appreciate your comments biggrin.gif (like i said, i'll post another one as soon as i draw it) XP

Edit:@ Dark Warrior- biggrin.gif i just saw your post, dude!!^^ thanks alot!!! XD
Whoa, sugoi. It looks like Edo all grown up (aww). Ever thought of colouring your drawings? *gives you beans* They aren't much but watering them with milk does wonders XD
biggrin.gif thanks alot!!XD arigatou gozaimasu~ ^^
hm...i've never thought of using colour.... tongue.gif
huh? beans....?*takes beans* huh.gif laugh.gif thanks dude! lol!!!XP
that is pretty goed damn cool i like.

why is it that people draw ed and not alphonze? even ido it
hey, thanks man! laugh.gif i only just started drawing FMA fanart....i wanna try and draw Al though...eventally XP his armor rocks!

oh,btw, i see that you're new here... well, Welcome!! XD
^^ um.....(btw, i'm not double posting,-well i don't mean to anyway....^^wink.gif

....ok, here's another one (in colour) that i drew using a tablet and Art Dabbler...i suck at drawing digitally!T.T well, this'll do 'til i can work on another pic.... sorry it's's supposed to be Ed from the was pretty random, so....yeah.enjoy! XP

OMG handsome! What wonders colours can do for you. Who knows why Ed is drawn more, more fangirls probably? But Al is really the "Fullmetal alchemist". I draw Al, but only after I've drawn like a million Edo sketches lol. Sad because Al is my 3rd favorite FMA character. But even if I draw him he is the cute boy form. Armor is not my friend. My FMA character fanart ratio in order from Ed, Al, Roy and other before the newest movie trailer; 8:2:4:1 , and after the trailer 11:5:6:1. Big improvement laugh.gif in terms of the Al art.
thank you, Edo-mame!! ^^
Ed's the only character i've drawn so far (and he's the main dude tongue.gif),um, i hven't really attempted to draw the others yet^^ ah, you draw also? do you have any posted here? *starts looking* ^^ so you can draw Al?lol *looks at ratios* that is an improvement in terms of the Al art^^lol i want to draw him, but armor is also not my friend =.= LOL!! XD
I can't even dream of drawing that good. dry.gif I try, but I suck at it. I have tried to draw Roy's head, using a refrence from the game's gallery, but it Maybe I'll post it, but it's close to what my avatar looks like, except his smile is biger.

Anyway I like your work. It's really, really good. Love it, keep up the good work. biggrin.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
-New Goal: Beat -Kr!zY- with own fanart-
Ed looks uber yummy. Great job! I wish I had the discipline to keep drawing.
XD!!thanx so much for your comments!!!!!!!!*^.^*
@Fullmetal Fangirl-lol^^ i like your art as well dude!!!XD

well, i've been trying to draw Al, by observing (and kinda drawing) some random pics of him(so i could get used to drawing him)....and so, i tried to make one up, and came up with seems abit off to me, as i couldn't remember how to draw Als armor (thus i didn't draw the body><) and i think i got Al's hair right (human Al)...i think i need to draw him more.....>.<"i could have improved it, but i wanted to hurry and post it.(to get it out of the way...tongue.gif)lol
anywayz, i thought i'd draw someone else this time!!so, i hope you like it!!!!XD


(sorry, it's 161.81kb....but please do take a look and tell me what you think, and how i can improve him ^^;)thanx^^
That's a very good start on the armor. The way his horn thing on the helmut lis drawn is really cool. And the human Al is cute!

I haven't really posted anything here yet(still drawing dry.gif ) but I will be sure to when its done.
Very nice. Al in the armor isn't exact, but it's pretty accurate none the less. Al as a human is very accurate. Why sad.gif is stead of smile.gif or mellow.gif ?
thanx heaps guys!! ; )

...i was abit hesitant to reply coz, if nobody replies after me, i don't wanna double post next time i post a pic, so sorry ^^;

@Edo mame:i've seen one of your pics in another thread(the one of Ed)!it was awesome!!XD

@Falling: cheers dude!!^^ yeah, i thought the armor wasn't quite exact as well...i need to draw Al more, me thinks ^^ to answer your question,he looks sad.gif in the pic coz this is what i think he feels inside...his longing to return to his human body..well that's what i wanted to portray.i hope that makes sense...^^;....
but i have drawn a pic of Ed smiling...well kinda(the one in colour) doesn't that one qualify as a smile.gif ? ^^ but yeah, i'll try to draw some 'not-so-gloomy' pics as well. lol ^^

again, thanks for your comments!!XD
*claps at the oh so pretty pictures and demands more*
Fullmetal Fangirl

*grabs pencil and paper*


*starts drawing*


*tries to make up some try-hard master piece...*

You're frickin' awesome!
Little Al...cuteness...must hug....
foolmetal alchemist
Whoa! Thats an awesome Al picture! I wish I could draw like that.
*^__^* Thank-you all so much for your comments!!XD
sorry i have no pics to post, i've had no time to work on anything....TT.TT'
im so busy with uni at the mo, but i'll definitely post more as soon as i draw them!!
thanks again!! ^w^
Do another one of Al...I love Al.
And Roy! Yes, do one of Roy!
I don't think Al needs to be improved! HE IS HAWT! Lol sorry, but he is....-drools- The human Al I mean. XD
Your drawings are excellent!!!! And please draw one of Roy too~~~
If you can draw Winry or Ranfan, it would be really nice ^^
~Aoko-chan, sweetums and Luckyalchemy27-thank you for your comments!^.^v

ok, here's a pic of Scar that i tried to draw. it's a bit rushed i guess, i think i need to make his hand bigger and fix a few other things..i dunno, i might just re-draw it again....=.=; lol

btw, thank you for your comments on who i should try to draw next*^^*
i'll eventually draw them i guess^^;-so far i've kinda started to draw Roy..
however, i think for my next pic i'll draw Winry...^^.....i've been inspired by chapter 47-i see a few other artists here have been as well^.^ lol

well enough blabbing from me, here's scar...^^;
all comments are most welcome! ^w^


(oh, thanks to the mod who deleted my double post^^)
Phyco girl
Awesome pictures happy.gif I'm not really good at drawing FMA fanart but I'm going to try harder *determined face*

Scar looks like he came right out of the manga! You have some skills there! Maybe try drawing Winry or Riza next time?

Hey, where'd everyone go? *looks around room* Well, I'll go ahead and drag some of my sis's butts over here so you can keep posting without worry happy.gif

Happy posting!
whoa~! I thought this thread had disappeared from all existance! hehe laugh.gif
Thank you for your comment and suggestions, Phyco girl!!! happy.gif All the best for your fanart~! cool.gif I've been a lazy bum and haven't drawn much FMA for a while hehe...but i'll try to draw more when i have the time biggrin.gif
Phyco girl
It's always nice to revive an old thread. Maybe when you have the time you could draw another pic happy.gif
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