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Full Version: My Edo Art
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This is the 3rd pic of Edo I drew...

Anyone have any tips on drawing Ed? -____-;
Fullmetal Fangirl
Well, is it Chibi or what? If not, you dont his eyes so big XD

But its cute =3
Made me laugh
It's very nice... Eyes are a bit wide spaced, but overall, very nice...
Good, but man those eyes creep me out. Jeepers creepers where'd get those peepers?
Sorry ><; A little bit of my drawing style was in it... It's hard drawing Edo's eyes for me .__.;;
Yeh i agree with the bit more practice on the eyes happy.gif;;
and maybe a bit of wrikles on clothes to make it look natural and stuff
I can't do wrinkles on the clothes XD I never learned how to do them... I have no art teacher that teaches me how to draw and stuff. -__- Isn't that like professional stuff? o.O
It just takes observation and paractice when it come to drawing the folds. There are useful tutorials on the web and I pretty much learned from those...although I'm still very far from being good at it. My brother (who's a really good artist) says that drawing the folds is one of the hardest things to do. And your picture looks really cute ^^
Oh ok. :3 Thank you!
i loooked at and said it was pretty cool ansd then i shivered once i noticed the eyes!
that's a very cute picture of Ed!!XD-(i also think it's tricky to draw his eyes!)^^lol anyways, great work!!!keep it up*^.^*
...I think it's the size of the pupil that's creeping everybody out. So reduce the size to about..I'll say half..and maybe you should shade it in.
I think that it's good, I want to present a challenge to you, can you draw the characters in baseball uniforms?




Whoever you want
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