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Well...I was rather hesitant to post my writing here, but I finally caved. I figured no one would mutilate me too badly. XP

This is my attempt at the EdWin 100 Themes. I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon here, because there seem to be a lot of responses to the themes, but so many ideas came when I read that list. I had to do it.

I'm still getting used to writing short thing like this, but I'm really enjoying it so far. It's helping me control my need for way to much detail. I'm not sure if I really like how these came out, especially the first one, but...-shrug- Anywho.

Oh, and don't make fun of my cheesy title. sleep.gif;; My friend wanted me to call it "Fresh Meat and Anchovies." (FMA. Get it? Hahaha.)

Disclaimer(Because I can't afford to be sued): I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of it's related themes. I hardly even own the plot in this case...

Theme #1 - Childhood Friend

There was a barrier between them. Unseen, nearly undetectable, but most certainly there. And the few that did notice were left to wonder what could create such a blockade.

The time apart seemed the obvious suspect, but judging by how quickly they fell into the old routine of yelling and teasing, it was unlikely.

It could have been their suddenly changing lifestyles, but seeing how often they managed to make those paths cross that reason was just as unlikely.

The list of possibilities, each more absurd than the one before it, was quickly dwindled to nothing, and simply left no plausible explanation. It wasn’t until it was heard straight from the mouth of the oblivious culprit that the answer was found.

“Winry’s my mechanic,” Ed had said nonchalantly one day, as he always did one someone asked about her, while reaching across the table for the last pastry on a plastic tray, “I’ve known her since I was two.”

Childhood friends. It was the last thing anyone expected to separate two people, and yet it made the most sense despite itself.

But there wasn’t a barrier in any history book that didn’t fall someday.

Theme #2 - Family

If you had told Edward Elric, age fifteen, that he would be a family man in six years, he would do one of two things. He would either scoff and leave the room or blush profusely at the very notion. Or perhaps he would shout instead, as he seemed to think that solved all problems in the world.

But that wouldn’t deter you, as you followed him out of the room. No honestly, you’d insist, and go on to spin glorious tales of his white fenced home and how utterly terrified he was during the birth of his first child.

At this point, the boy would probably stop and fix you with a suspicious look. First? He wants to know, though he thinks it would have been smarter not to ask.

Yes, you tell him, she’s beautiful girl, that one. She looks just like her mother, but has his eyes. The little boy takes more after his father, though, you add as an afterthought.

At this point, the wide-eyed alchemist cuts you off, fearing the possibility of any more children, and storms out of the room.

Once he’s recovered from the shock of having someone detailing his future to him, he may just wonder on why it wasn’t hard to imagine that girl with the golden eyes, and her hair was such a nice, light blonde…

Well, that's it for now. I'd love some opinions. tongue.gif (Ugh. Can anyone tell me how to indent on here?)
hmn..not too bad..abit out of character(just my opinion), but not too bad!^^
(btw, me likes your ava and sig ^^)
Phyco girl
I don't think Ed would blush that's the only part that seems out of character. Other than that I thought they were great. To indent just press the space button 5 times. Don't press the tab button because it'll go to Add reply. I know this from experience dry.gif Good luck with the rest of your EdWin fics and by the way I thought #2 was really funny!:
Or perhaps he would shout instead, as he seemed to think that solved all problems in the world.

Oh and also:
At this point, the wide-eyed alchemist cuts you off, fearing the possibility of any more children, and storms out of the room.

Nice job and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! biggrin.gif

Phyco girl
-grins- Constructive comments. I like this place already. XD Thanks for replying.

I had meant for the blush to come across different, but looking back at it, it really doesn't read the way I wanted it to at all. XP Ah well. To be perfectly honest I strongly dislike the first two.

Here's the third, which I like a little better:

Theme #3 - Remembrance

The binding was faded and stretched, despite being fairly new, but the soft leather was a comfort every time she opened the book. And she opened it quite a lot.

Everyone did, really. For beneath the binding was a collection of pictures, letters, certificates, anything that connected to the past. They were in perfect order, painstakingly placed and glued down, and had notes and dates written under every entry to the point where it became a timeline of sorts.

It had taken Winry two years to complete. Two years of digging through shoe boxes, taking apart frames, collecting the few letters they received, and even solemnly picking through the ashes of the old Elric house to find everything she felt she needed for the album to be truly complete. Even now she continued to add to it.

Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Everyone, which truly consisted only of Edward, Alphonse, and her grandmother, was truly shocked when she first slid the book across the table to them, with a mix of pride at her work and sorrow from the now fresh memories.

A hushed fluttering was the only noise as Ed slowly turned through the pages, the other two behind him. All three were too stunned to comment, though varying emotions played vividly on their faces.

It wasn’t until they reached the book’s end and closed it with a dull thud that anyone spoke. “There’s no title.”

Winry looked up in surprise. “It’s just a photo album, Ed. You don’t really title them.” He responded only with a thoughtful frown.

The album was forgotten as the brothers prepared to leave the next day, and Winry didn’t pull it off of the shelf for several weeks. When she did, she was shocked to see Ed’s neatest handwriting on the cover in gold ink, spelling out the word, ‘Remembrance.’

Well, there you go. tongue.gif No funniness this time.
Those are really good. And I don't think the part about Ed blushing is too out of character. I remember very clearly an episode in which Ed is writting Winry a letter and when Nina asks who it's it for, he starts blushing. Then Nina asks if Winry is Ed's girlfriend. That was a really funny part laugh.gif ...Anyways, good job. biggrin.gif
that one was beautiful!!! i really liked it, it was great!!XD i hope you post more^^
Phyco girl
Well it was just a comment. I guess Ed did blush in that eppie but I guess I was in a hurry at the time. You're doing great so far and I look forward to reading more! biggrin.gif

-Phyco girl

(Sorry if my comment offended anyone. Didn't mean to biggrin.gif )
Uh. I forgot I had this on here. XP Thanks everyone for your comments. Um...I really don't have anything to say...-lethargic- Um, just ignore number four for me, okay? I wrote it at like, three am. XD

4 - Dog

It was almost funny the first time. He swore it really, truly was.

When he opened that package, mere weeks after he was declared a State Alchemist, and found a brand new, finely made, black dog collar, he had to chuckle. “Dog of the military,” he had said to himself, “Very funny, Winry.” It was promptly dropped into the nearby trashcan.

By the time his birthday came around, the date itself he always seemed to forget, he had also quite forgotten the incident. He opened the package without much thought, more concentrated on the muffin he was shoving into his mouth. He had broken the seal of the box about the same time as he swallowed, and therefore saved himself from choking when his hand pulled out a leash of a matching black. He still managed a wry smile then before the leash met a similar fate.

However, the set of hand sewn dog ears he received next was enough to push him over the edge. “Damn it, Winry! Knock it off!”

The girl had burst into hysterical laughter, not stopping even as Ed shoved the package onto the ground and stormed out of the room. She did, however, stop sending him anything canine related. The first furious outburst was always the best. Everything else seemed…unfulfilling.

5 - Library

“Ed, that’s dangerous! Make him stop, Al!”

“Um, um, Nii-san, she’s right…You’ll fall…”

The boy gave a short laugh, leaning back from his perch several feet above the ground to grin haughtily below him. “Don’t worry! I said I’d get it!” he called down, returning once more to his climb.

Winry huffed impatiently as Ed reached out to grab hold of the next shelf and heave himself up. His sandals slipped against the polished wood. “I said you didn’t have to do it!” she shouted up at him, “Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

“We’re going to get in trouble,” murmured Al anxiously. The poor boy had edged far away from the scene, clinging to the corner of a towering bookshelf and peering around the aisle.

Ed ignored them both, grinning widely as he came to a stop. He reached out with both hands, balancing precariously on the shelf below him, and grabbed a thick novel. “Got it!” he cried victoriously, giving it a sharp tug to dislodge it from the packed shelf. Unfortunately, Ed had severely misjudged the book’s weight, and the sudden force of such a large book coming toward him threw him off balance.

He gave a strangled yelp of surprise and grappled madly for support, succeeding only in causing a landslide of books to tumble down with him.

“Edward!” Winry cried, rushing forward as the mass of books and boy fell to the ground. Al jumped at the noise hurried after the girl who was already frantically digging through the pile. She found Ed’s arm in the mess and began tugging on it, perhaps a bit too forcefully.

“Ow!” exclaimed the boy, jerking his arm away from her and shrugging the books off of his back. He scowled at her for several seconds until his eyes lit up with realization. “Oh,” he said, bending down to lift the hefty book that caused this mess, “Here. This was the book your granny wanted, right?” He shoved it toward her with a slight scowl, his pride ruined by the tumble.

Winry blinked, her anger at Ed’s idiocy fading, and reached out for the book. Her eyes lit up for a brief moment as she stared down at the cover. Ed’s arrogant grin had just began to return when she lifted the book above her head. She paused, shot him a pointed glare, and brought it down soundly upon his head.

“Edward, you dummy! I said you didn’t have to get it!”
Ha! That was so likw Winry!

Ed’s arrogant grin had just began to return when she lifted the book above her head. She paused, shot him a pointed glare, and brought it down soundly upon his head.

“Edward, you dummy! I said you didn’t have to get it!”

keep it up!
Saturn Stars
Great work so far! Can't wait for some more do you mind getting a copy of the list for me so I can take a shot at these lil themes
Theme #6 - Always Right

You sometimes wonder why you go back. It would certainly be easy enough to find another good mechanic, a closer one perhaps, with the money you make. But you know this isn't truly about prosthetics. This is about her. She knows it too, and this is why she works to let you have your automail excuse.

She puts all her heart and mind into the project, all for you. She can make it stronger, lighter, more durable, she says. And she is right, always right.

And every time you return she makes these promises, and every time she fulfills them. Yet, you leave her behind with no explanation. It amazes you. She is unconditional in her devotion.

Yet you leave. This place, this person. They are home. They are family. They are your one security. But, you have a duty, a promise, that drags you away, and you don't even hesitate.

You don't understand how your heart can be torn such different ways. You don't understand how you can long for home, for her, and still harbor this twisted desire for your military life. All you know is you must sort everything out before you can move on. And when you're finally through, she'll be there waiting for you, and you know she will. Because you are right, too. Always right.

This one gave me no end of trouble. ><;; I wrote the whole thing and saved it. Then I looked at again, and hated it. So I spent a week tweaking it. Then I finally scrapped the whole and wrote this. Then tweaked it. =P
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