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The Alchemist of Eternity
mines sort of clean

sometimes its messy

I have mountains of books falling everywhere so there isen't much room
my room is not messy coz i wont be able to do my assigment if its messy. but, it will be messy after i have finish doing my assigment n.n"
So, the Spam Assassin "office" recently went under renovation . . . still have a few organizational props to gather, and they'll be arriving within the week.
Molecular Alchemist
*scratches head* Organizing mine is on my "to-do" list today....i have the mountain range of various textbooks, the Leaning Tower of Papers (crappy science journals i have yet to read), and a bunch of jewlery that need to find their way back to the jewlry box..... ph34r.gif
You should post some before-after pictures. smile.gif
My room can be very messy at times,however my mom tells me I should always clean it or else she's gonna ban me from using this computer...
Bed unmade, swivel chair off it's mat, books everywhere, random scrunchie/hairties/brushes on the table in front of my mirror, clothes strewn across the room, desk is full of rubber shavings and bits of paper, PE uniform needs to be washed (and is somewhere in my room), books misplaced... I think I could go on forever. But I'm happy to say that my room's floor is regularly cleaned (we have floorboards). smile.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
My room is messy. Especially my cabinet table wherein all my stuff are scattered around.

I'll post a picture of my room soon.
My desk is cluttered to no end with drawings, art things, three empty Coke cans, one empty glass that I can't remember why it's there, two candy bar wrappers, and some nut shells.

My bed needs to be made. The floor is just barely visible by the door because of clothes.

Because my rooms is COVERED in FMA things (and I need to seriously clean it up a bit), anime/manga books, merchindise, toys, movies, ect. ect. are EVERYWHERE.

-sigh- I love my room laugh.gif
Indignant Judgment
laugh.gif My room is actually decent, not clean, but decent, it is covered by my notebooks and manga happy.gif I love my room because it is like my sanctuary, a place where I can be at peace (until some little brat comes knocking on my door dry.gif)
messy right now. But ever time a clean it up gets messy again. sleep.gif
I used to have a clean room, but now it's messy all the time because I re-did my room and it has more space. I have blankets and sheets thrown everywhere, there are stuffed animals all over the floor, and I have drawings scattered everywhere.
Umh.... Messy-clean room n_ņU
Equilibrated biggrin.gif
Yeah... You know why?
īcause when you touch or move something... All the pile falls over you!! XDD
My room's pretty messy.
My beds undone and people trip over the crap I have on the floor. sleep.gif
I am not what one would call a 'neat freak', but I usually don't let my room deteriorate into a impermeable fortress of dirty clothing and rotting food. My room back home is fairly organized, although my father swears that I have a magical world in my closet. (Basically all of the stuff that I am too lazy to clean gets thrown in there.) My dorm room is another matter; I am beggining to think that the dust bunnies underneath my desk are actually rapid. It will get cleaned once exams are finished...
Well, I share my room with my two (yesh two) younger (ones 12 and the other's 5) sisters. Their portion is a tragedy. Mine's neat!!!!
I also share a room, but with my older sister. she is 19 and is always busy so I have to clean it, right now it okay. It's not messy but it's not neat.
I don't share my room...but the bad thing is that mine does not haves a door XD, a curtain is there...but it does not helps much >_<
I don't have a messy room, its just the way i keep it. It's not that i'm a neat freak but i don't really ever eat in my room and if i do i clean it up right away. My papers from work and school are usually in folders. If i ever do a big school report i do have papers and pencil shavings on the floor and desk. But i don't like looking at it so i clean it up right away happy.gif. So i guess i can say its always clean.
my room is messed up hehe... theres like go pieces and guitar pics everywhere [and i wonder why i lose them...]

its clean now!!! my parents were like GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM YOURE GROUNDED

so yeah...
Envy II
My room is a mess right now.

I'm pretty lazy... lol. The only place where I keep it clean is my practicing area.

I'm going to clean it again, though, because I really hate having anything messy.
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