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Full Version: Calling All Anime Artists
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I'm looking for a good anime artist to help me out by creating a request work for me. I can give the details of my request and reason if anyone is interested. I would, of course, be eternally grateful to anyone who offers their skills, even if I choose not to use them. Just offering to help is great of you.

All I am looking for in this thread is a gauge of whether or not there is anyone interested in helping, on this site. Being that I enjoy the show I decided to give you all the first shot at it.

If I should turn you down: trust that it has nothing to do with your talent, I am looking for a rather specific look and feel. Your particular talent just may not be what I need presently. There are likely many, many talented artists and I am not to be seen as any sort of judge of ability. Do not let me discourage anyone.

And if you read through all of that... I would love to hear from some artists!!
Maybe you should have posted this under Fanart?
And what would that request be? blink.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
ME ME ME! *puts hand up*


I'll do it for ya, man! C'mon, try me!
The request would be for one (so far) picture of a female character. She is the lead role in a book I am working on, not a manga I'm not stealing art. I am working on a novel and feel like it would help my process somehow to turn my mental image of this character into a real image to look at. I know it sounds odd.

But to sum up: Female character to help my writing, NOT going to steal your work.

To give people who are interested an idea of what I am looking for(to decide if this is your type of art at all)..........Female, beautiful, young, long dark hair, bleak unhappy type of image.

Thank you all again for your help.
Can you be more specific? Like the clothes, hair color, position of the girl in the art, etc.? o_o

Because I'm very interested. =3
Fullmetal Fangirl
Yeah, how bout clothes and all?

Listen, how bout I start workin' since I'm bored?
You guys are great for such a positive reply.

Details: Attractive female(19yrs) with light skin, thin and toned (no or very little muscle defintion), dark eyes

Current clothes, simple yet sexy outfit (possibly a tight t-shirt showing a tiny bit or alot of her stomach, and long skirt or jeans) nothing very fancy or garish(think inconspicuous) also fighting effective, no high heels, flowing dress or jewelry.

Hair: long either very dark brown or black, I was thinking either Envy-ish(less poofy[volume]), or something along the lines of dredlocks or multiple braids(many small ones).

Medium sized breasts, she is not Pamela Anderson, but she is still a girl.

I was hoping the work itself would have her in one of two situations: 1) walking casually towards the viewer, slightly angry look or disinterested, holding a Zippo type lighter(if details are possible on the lighter [engraved rose, no color] if not, the work will not be lacking at all) background either completely in flames or a government looking building in flames. At night.
2) the character leaning against the wall in a side alley, smirking slightly, lighting a cigarette, fire or building on fire visible out the alleyway, still at night, same lighter if possible.

If there is some detail I missed please feel free to ask. Again thank you all for your interest.
Fullmetal Fangirl
So....she smokes....?
yes she smokes occasionally
Just wondering if anyone planning on giving it a try could reply here or send me a private message. I don't know if I should ask more people or if I will get responses from here. Thanks all.
Fullmetal Fangirl
Alright, you said shes shy, right? and...she smokes? Well, ...ok then
I may tackle this in my spare time. It seems quite interesting, it'll be fun to draw, and it will cure me of my boredom. biggrin.gif
i would try it but iu dont have any spare time, though if i do ill give it a go!
I tried drawing it and I'm going to color it tomorrow (it's getting late here right now @_@). I was wondering what colors you'd like for the clothes (I drew a midriff shirt, jeans, and sneakers for her). Also, I'd like to know what color the lighter should be. Thanks in advance. ^^
I'll give it a go. I'll try in school, its always boring. Thanks for curing my boredom. I'll see if my friends will draw it too. I'm not to good at drawing from nothing, but I'll try.
As far as clothes colors, I was thinking black or a dark blue/purple would work, but you're the artist and if you feel something else looks better I am fine with it.

The lighter is metal so I was looking for a silver/chrome look.

Thanks again everyone.
I finished it. happy.gif Here-

Hope you like it. ^^
That came out really nice Mitsuki.^^

First off Convict, I LOVE the Wrath avatar....if nothing else, just because it's Wrath. That's it, I'm making an Envy/Wrath avatar. Anyway!! I'll see if I have free time tomorrow, which I'm pretty sure I should. If I do, I'll make a few sketches, post them up here, then draw one of them, post it up. You tell me which of the sketches you like.^^
First off, Thank you so much MitsukiKouyama. Yours was the first finished work I have seen so far and I have to say that it helps a lot. You're wonderful for taking the time to make this image real for me.

You're all so generous for wanting to help me. And believe me I will look at anything that anyone comes up with. Everyone's different ideas and interpretations are a great help. Thanks again.

Dragonflame327, I would love to look at them. Just tell me where to go.
Would you mind if it's just a sketch...I don't have the heart to color in it ('s my laziness)
Okay, I couldn't get them done. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow if I have the time? I should.^^
Phyco girl
I'll give it a try happy.gif Sounds interesting.

Phyco girl, thank you very much for the picture. Yours was also very helpful to me.
Thanks everyone
Full Metal Engineer
@ Phyco Girl wow thats a really nice picture you drew there...god so many good artists here kudos to all of you heheh kudos...
Phyco girl
Thanks happy.gif Glad it helped you Convict725.

-Phyco girl
Steel Alchemist
Maybye I could give it a shot. I think it would be great to help someone with a book starting.
Fullmetal Fangirl
Hurray! I was just on MSN and decided to draw it now, since my friend was talking about nothing...

Sorry, I didnt really follow any of what you told me to do...its actually snowing and shes wearing a lighter, no cigerette, no colour, was actually a bit random, not matter.

Its here.
This is my first version. I'm not satisfied with it yet, but I have not enough time to work on it now. perhaps later.


Does this girl have a name?
Phyco girl
Nice guys happy.gif I like both of your pics very much!
Thanks again to everyone, especially those who took the time to work on this for me.
All of your works have been phenomenal, thank you all.

To DonnadelDrago,
Her name is Isra. Which roughly translates to "Night traveler"

Thanks again.
Fullmetal Fangirl
Hey, whats the story about anyway? Are there any other characters we can help ya with. Well I dunno about the others...but im all hyped up.
Phyco girl
Yes, it would be very fun to draw other characters too happy.gif
Yay! I love designing characters biggrin.gif I'll try Isra if you still want pics, and other characters are good too.
Wow. I'm such an ass. I'll have a picture for you of Isra by the end of the night, even if you don't need it anymore. It'll be in black and white since I can't color but I'll have it.

EDIT: Never said I'd scan it... >> I've been yelled at to go to bed. It's a quick5-10 min thing, so it's not perfect, and you can tell I got lazy near the end, lol. I'll scan it tomorrow around 4:30-5:30 EST.
We got in late and I needed to eat and check my daily stuff and take a shower...^^;; Here it, this picture sucks. You want a better one than this peice of crap?
I am always interested in more pics. I would love to see different ideas.
Thank you all again for the works you have sent me so far, they are wonderful.
Thanks all.

I would be willing to let people in on the details of other characters, if you are interested, PM me.
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