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Full Version: First Time Fanart
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Fullmetal Fangirl
Well....ok, I wanna know what YOU guess think of my drawings...I'm sick my friends comments. This is the first time I've ever posted my fanart on the net since I just got my scanner working.
Also it's not...FMA, I found some pics I drew not too long ago,but if you think THIS ones good enough then I'll draw a few little once and post them.

BTW, its from Naruto, i thkn his names Kakashi, since I actually dont watch it...It's a little bit sideways too...
That looks great! The shading is pretty sweet! =D But since this is a site devoted to FMA, it would be nice to see some FMA fanarts too ^^
Fullmetal Fangirl
Yes yes, sorry man. Ill post some later I was kinda in a rush so I found one and posted it.

Im so annoyed, how do you post the pic in full size without having to attach it, someone tell me please
i've never seen Naruto before, but dude! that was good!!!XD and i agree with nekodesu, some FMA fanart would be cool! :p
Fullmetal Fangirl
Fine, be that way! No no, just kiding, dont shoot me!

Ok, I did this just now, so its kinda crappy, Ed with his auto-mail, like I said, its crap...(please dont attack me!)
wow, nice
That's so awesome! XD
Fullmetal Fangirl
Um, Ill just post this one and thats it, thx all.
hmm....Ed's expression looks a bit weird... but other than that, it looks great! ^^
Fullmetal Fangirl
I know, he looks constipated...
Water Achemist
Thay look really cool! I can't draw well for my life! But you, obviously, can!
Great stuff keep at it and you will get better happy.gif
ah, there's more!!sorry for the late comment, but Awesome work!!! i especially like the way you drew Al!! and the one with Ed by himself is cool too!! keep it up!!XD
Very good.^^ I like the shading in the first pic. The second picture, Ed's face seems a little akward, but that's probably because of the view.^^ Keep drawing. And well, if you want to make this a profession, you'll find there is no "good enough", as I've found, for mostly yourself. They say artists are their own worst critics and they couldn't be more right... Anyway, keep drawing.^^ And to answer your original question, you're good enough. If it makes you happy, it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks, ne? (I say that as, don't let others' opinions effect you so much, though you should value some of them.)
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