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Full Version: New Action-packed Movie Trailer Out~
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Alphonse Alchemist
Sorry.. I don't really try to be bilingual cause I'm just too damn lazy ><
Saturn Stars
okay, what you have to remember with trailers is that they are all scrambled scenes, I can tell you now that the bit after al cries out to ed and he says 'I will protect this world' is most probably not in the same scene, probably light years apart actually.

The fact ed holds up his hand with Winry's auto-mail, that would signify to me that he means Amestris. Don't get too worked up just yet.

And yes, he did say I will protect this world.
Hmm, good point, Saturn stars biggrin.gif . (I hope I'm not spamming -.-)
Saturn Stars
No your not. But guys, don't you remember all the anime and all the movie that time after time make you think something is going to happen from the trailer, but it actually doesn't? Hello! This is a teaser trailer, they are going to put random things together like al crying and ed saying he has to protect this world just to get you talking and wanting to see the movie...

So far... people are really upset about Ed staying in our world... lol! I see that people who made the trailer have done their job sufficiently
Remember that technically Envy is Al and Eds half brother and he did go into our world too
Yea but I read in some kinda synopsis somewhere that Envy comes back in our world as that green dragon that was chasing Edward.
the movie looks awesome, but it's coming to America right?? huh.gif
QUOTE(Karo @ Jul 13 2005, 09:02 AM)
the movie looks awesome, but it's coming to America right?? huh.gif

hahaheh...*crys* We are most likely not even going to see this movie until the dvd of this comes out, which could be anywhere from 6 months to a year [no idea when dvds of movies come out, but this'll probably be the time frame] and that's just for a subbed version to come out on the web [the series isn't even over in America yet]

in conclusion, the movie will hopefully come to america, but it will probably be a couple of years.
oh my gosh! thanks SO MUCH to whoever posted this!!!! i was looking for it everywhere!! XD
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