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Full Version: Welcome Back Thread: For All Those Members Who Came Back Home
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Guess whose smiling now... XD
@Kenji - Glad you got your computer back!! biggrin.gif
Yay! Kenji's back!! happy.gif Welcome back!! happy.gif
Hey y'all! I know I havn't been here at all, but I'm starting to come back. For those who don't know, my name is Allison...Allie for short. I want to hopefully get to know some of y'all and make friends, if I can. Also, I want to say that I absolutely love anime, which is a big reason why I'm here. My favourite anime shows right now are InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Wolf's Rain. I'm in college right the Multimedia Production course. I'll be going into my second year this fall. It's a really fun course. Lots to learn. I'm not sure where it'll take me, since there are so many options to choose from...but I guess that's all part of this great adventure. Well, that's about all for now. I'll try and come by when I can...when I'm like super bored or something tongue.gif I'll leave y'all with some of the drawings I've done. See ya around!

@Edward_Elric_17 - Welcome back!! Glad you decided to come back!! biggrin.gif
Those are beautiful fanarts!! I moved your post in Fanart forum.
You can find your post here. Hope to see more of your beautiful fanarts!! happy.gif
Wow. I don't recognize half the names here o_O. lol No one will remember me especially after such a long abscence. But umm... I guess I'll be back for a little bit. I got kinda curious about how this place was doing =) And how the people were doing of course wink.gif
@~FMAgurl~ - Long time no see!! Welcome back!! biggrin.gif

foolmetal alchemist
Welcome back, FMAgurl! laugh.gif Even though I'm late...Nice to have another Floridian around again. tongue.gif
Alchemy's Lover
holy crap have i been gone that long. this placed has changed a bit. How's it going everyone?
@Alchemy's Lover - Welcome back!! ^^
Yes, the board got a new skin!! It looks nice huh? biggrin.gif
But, in case you want the old skin, you can switch between the new skin and the old one.
The toggle menu is at the bottom left of the forum page. ^^
Alchemy's Lover
That is quite interesting. Well sorry its been so long. I have been getting ready for college and now i have to start that and i am planning running a convention of my own next year and my team and i are trying to get that underway. It is a crazy life i tell you.

Long time everyone, maybe you remember me. maybe not who knows.

Well whatever, I'm back... and that's all, i dunno what else should i say.
@Reno - Welcome back!! Nice to see you again!! biggrin.gif

@Alchemy's Lover - Good luck with running your own convention!!
Hope you can stop by whenever you can. ^^
Thanks tombow smile.gif

oh my gosh. I haven't been here for almost a year. but I have no where else to be and fma-wh*re so here I am. I hope you guys haven't forgotten who I am ^.^;
@Legolas of Mirkwood - Oh my!! Long time no see!!
Of course I remember you!! Welcome back!! Yes, we are still here. biggrin.gif
yay! though my itme is already cut short cause of school TT.TT
how have you all been?
Awww..... T-T


I was Roy Jr btw.

For those who can remembr me....I missed you guys...
For those wjo don't at all... I also missed you guys...

Through the passage of time, I lost my account's data. So now, I'm DjRoy.
I'm no longer the snotty little kid I was back then. smile.gif

hmmm...btw...I think there's something off with the layout. huh.gif
@DjRoy - Welcome back!! So, the young Roy Jr has grown up to be DjRoy? biggrin.gif
The reason you think there's something off with the layout is probably because the board got another upgreade, and the new skin. You can still use the old skin if that's what you want.
Go to the very bottom of this page where it says Modern, click on it to get to the Skin Selector drop down menu, and choose Original, and you will get the old blue skin. smile.gif
*ACDC's Back in Black plays in the background*

Srry it's been so long, BUT I'M READY TO PARTY!!!! XD!
<("<) <( " )> (>")>!!!!
@Tenkyoen - Welcome back!! We got a couple more new game threads in Spam Central!! And, many more Roleplaying threads, too!! Hope you enjoy!! ^^
Legolas of Mirkwood and DjRoy - I remember you two! Though you may not remember me XD

I've been away for a looooong time. Just passing by to say hi, and see how's it going here ^^
I've changed so much. Seriously.
Anyway, it's good to be here again for once in a while.
@Galorfilinde - Welcome back!!
Good to see you again!! Missed you!! biggrin.gif
Thanks Tombow! Good to see you again, too!
This still is the forum with the nicest people, of all forums where I've been to. I guess XD
I can't imagine I have almost 500 posts O.o That's quite a lot XD Ususally I don't even get to 100.
@Galorfilinde - You are one of the nicest people, too!! ^^ Hope to see many more of your posts!! happy.gif
Little Washu
I'm back after me delay of 're-validation'. Long story ^^U

And with a new avie, and siggy.
I'm home I'm home yay!!!!!!!!! I have returned after an absence of a very long time lol
Elania Eless
Yeah I made a account here a while back but I haven't been very active so I figured I'd drop a line and say Hi. biggrin.gif
No one remembers you.
Little Washu
I think there's already a place for you to announce your return. I'll go grab the link...

Welcome Back Thread
Thanks, Little Washu!! biggrin.gif

Merged to Welcome back thread. smile.gif
Well I'm back. I've been gone for a long long time. Well, at least it seemed like a long time for me. tongue.gif
Finals are over, I've been getting less essays to write, less french worksheets, less everything at school. No mas ballet atm. So it's all good for now. 8D
Oh and where is everybody? The board seems so... empty. D:
Damn it's been ages since I been here
Riza Babe
Ohh my fma has changed alot! Well I hope everyone remembers me! lool if your new let me introduce myself! Im Riza Babe! I used to be here waaaaaaaaay back lol biggrin.gif xx and i hope that I get to meet new friends and yeah! I changed alot lool xx I hope everyone remembers me XD hehehe anyways xxxx I'll be active from now on! well try to biggrin.gif x
WoooooHoooooooo!!!!!!! Welcome back Riza. It's been awhile.
QUOTE(Riza Babe @ Feb 23 2008, 11:49 AM) *
Ohh my fma has changed alot! Well I hope everyone remembers me! lool if your new let me introduce myself! Im Riza Babe! I used to be here waaaaaaaaay back lol biggrin.gif xx and i hope that I get to meet new friends and yeah! I changed alot lool xx I hope everyone remembers me XD hehehe anyways xxxx I'll be active from now on! well try to biggrin.gif x

hey Riza how have you been, Welcome back and yeah I'm the same, haven't been here in ages lol

the difference is, people will care that you are back laugh.gif
Riza Babe
loool ENVY! heeey loool woo reunion! loool Nah i don't think ppl will care if im back! XD loool Man I REMEMBEr my siggies xD gosh lol xxx
QUOTE(Riza Babe @ Feb 24 2008, 05:58 AM) *
loool ENVY! heeey loool woo reunion! loool Nah i don't think ppl will care if im back! XD loool Man I REMEMBEr my siggies xD gosh lol xxx

sweet and what's this loool thing about tongue.gif
Alchemy's Lover
so its been about a year and a half since i have been on not sure who remembers but hey guys. Life has been one hell of a rollarcoaster ride but i am back. smile.gif
Alchemy's Lover, and all the "oldie" members who have returned recently...

WELCOME back!! Nice to see you around again on the board!!
Hope to see your posts around the board! biggrin.gif
(= This place brings back countless memories. It's crazy that some of these posts have a span of more than a year between them. Really wish I hadn't stopped coming back here. It was a good place for laughs smile.gif
Um, well it's been like two years since I've been here. Actually I decided to come check out the place because a friend from here asked me ( on Y!IM) why I haven't been here. Um, long story short I decided to check it out, and see how everything's been.
Welcome back, ~FMAgurl~ and sweety_pie! biggrin.gif
Hey Guys, This is Cloud28 here. I am sure no one on the forums remembers me anymore, but I just want to drop by again to say hello to the few people that might remember my name. The last time I posted and visited the forums regularly was probably back in late 05. So roughly 5 years have passed, and what happened?

FMA was the series that really got me into Anime, and so I found When I discovered this website, I was in high school. Now I am heading back to my last year in University smile.gif

Now looking back, this forum has really given me a lot. It was the first time I ever been on a internet forum, and the first time I really got into Anime. I met great people, and I remember having a great time here. The Penny For Your Thought thread comes to mind, and there were a lot others. I was grateful that no one ever flamed me as an anime noobie, or any thing else.

Why am I posting here again? Well, Only recently I discovered that there is a new series of FMA airing, and suddenly these lost memories of my time spent on this forum began to come back :S. I guess the reason for me to come back and visit is really because of nostalgia, but more importantly,deep down I regretted not saying goodbye when I left. I left the forums back in 05/early 06 because of some "personal reasons" (Don't you love ambiguity?); and those same personal reasons have changed my life completely. Literally overnight I was no longer that immature 14 year old hanging around the computer all day, and I became someone dealing with tremendous stresses of real life. I wasn't ready to grow up yet, but I had to. Now after 5 years, I think I have changed a lot, mostly for the better; but after looking at my old forum posts, I kinda misses the old "me".

In the end, I just want to say thank you to all the mods and the admin who maintained the site for this long. Because of you guys, I was able to find my old posts/threads and rediscover pieces of the "old me" that I have long forgotten and lost.

I think I should end my late night senseless self rant here, I apologize if this post doesn't make any sense or just seem crazy talk; I felt like I just need to get it out of my system.

One last thing, I wanted to say Hi to a few people that I sort of remember: RizeBabe, Omakase Shimasu, LeMonkey, Kokoro no Hana, and all the mods (I think I remember Quistis88, and xrninja), there is a ton of other people which I can't remember the names sad.gif



PS: You know what I think it was too weird to post this, moderators: if this seems to be too inappropriate, please delete this; and man after looking through my old forum posts, I was such an immature teenager sleep.gif
@Cloud28 - Welcome back! Nice to have you again! Yes, the board is still here. biggrin.gif
I haven't seen posts by Omakase Shimasu, RizeBabe, and xrninja for a long time now. LeMonkey and Quistis88 still stop by once in a while, tho they may not post. But, we have some other old members still staying with us, and if you stay around I think you may find some familiar names. And of course we have lots of newer members who have joined the board while you were away. ^^ FMA manga is still going strong, and we have a new FMA anime series, so the board is still getting new members every day. And, they are nice and fun people, too. Hope you can stick around for a while and get to know some of them. ^^

I thought of several places to add this. Since this one is with nice thoughts Penny thread might be a good place, but the post could easily get lost in there, so I think Welcome back thread might be a better place for this. Anyway, I'll get to that in a while. ^^

ETA: Oct. 24, 2009. Thread merged.
Nothing wrong in seeing an old face around here, though they are few and far between. A new FMA, a new generation of FMA fans, who in actual fact have probably kept this thread alive as much as mods and admins.

Welcome Back
Smoke Alchemist
Holy crud cakes Tombow you are still here! wow what a fantastic place to post a semi? return? This place is more then special to me because I met the love of my life on these forums smile.gif
^ Thats totally me *flex* YOURE AWESOME HONEY! Yeah after like 3 years of being gone we decided to come back. Check it out we're totally awesome. lol I still have my warning lv from 3 years ago, that must mean I rock.
Oh my, Smoke Alchemist!!! *runs up and hugs her* WELCOME back!!! biggrin.gif
And, Kyros, wow!! Long time no see!!
So, you guys are still together? That's awesome! ^^
Yeah, I'm still here, and so as Chiyo, and some other oldie members. XD Plus, we got lots of newer posters, and they are very nice people. Hope you'll enjoy meeting them!! happy.gif
Wow, it's been a while since I've been here!
I didn't really post much before, but I wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm hoping to stick around longer this time. :D
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