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Full Version: Welcome Back Thread: For All Those Members Who Came Back Home
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Le Monkey
This is for people who have been gone for a while to comeback and say hiya all, Miss me?

I would like to dedicate this thread to the returning HITO!!!!

So welcome back HITO!
thanks...? laugh.gif

wow i inspired a thread.... i might as well give all you guys a present while i'm here..

for those of you who want, but haven't been able to you hands on, a gmail invite... here you go

Gmail Invites

it pretty self-explanatory, but for those of you out there that are good friends with jerry lewis here you go:

- click on the link
- enter a email address you currently have
- enter the anti-bot code
- check your email for your invite
- follow the gmail setup directions

but just to let you know... angrychineseguy(@) is already taken. laugh.gif
welcome back again! too bad you weren't on a week earlier because i was in NYC last week. i think i passed by the NY times building? tongue.gif

and if anyone really wants gmail invites, i have 50. ph34r.gif

Do you know how complacent n00bs have been since you've been gone?! Go get them!
QUOTE(xrninja @ Mar 24 2005, 08:48 PM)
too bad you weren't on a week earlier because i was in NYC last week. i think i passed by the NY times building? tongue.gif

i hope your trip to here went well. but i quit the times about 2 weeks ago, so i woudn't of have been there anyways.

Do you know how complacent n00bs have been since you've been gone?! Go get them!

sure... why not? laugh.gif

*puts on his "Die, You N00B Bastard!!!" hat*
Please, go hunt down the n00b in the Rock VS. Rap poll I suggest reading all of it and the Ed/Win topic. Please!
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Mar 24 2005, 09:23 PM)
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Mar 24 2005, 07:20 PM)
i hope your trip to here went well. but i quit the times about 2 weeks ago, so i woudn't have been there anyways.

Oh, wow, you quit? Do you have another job yet? huh.gif

yeah i quit, my priorities shifted... i just started an antiquities importing business, which so far is doing pretty well. actually i was suprised how easy it is to import old crap from china and sell it at INSANE markup to stupid white people... i'm also currently working on putting together another business venture with a couple of friends, as well.

as for the n00bs... it may take me a bit for me to get back in my old n00b destruction routine but rest assured... hell hath no fury like a sleep deprived, grumpy chinese guy from the metro tri-state area.

well... maybe a little crazy latino ghetto girl... but you get the idea laugh.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt

You're back!

Have some sake.

*passes around the sake bottle*
^^ Yes, that's right! Hito's back! <---is late to the party. One of my fave members XD though he reprimands me sometimes tongue.gif Welcome back ^^ Just in time for my Queen-athon *hands flyer*. We hope you will continue your nOOb killing ways ^^
Crimson Butterfly of the Snow
Has a feeling that I will die first

Hallo, hitokiri-san. One day, I'm probably going to get shot by you smile.gif . Destruction has come.

Oh, have you've been to the PoT forums signed as a guest or something?
Welcome back, Hito. Things have seriously gone awry without you here.

If ya want, the Merc. and his assistant are whipping up some soba in the Queendom for you. Fresh Coffee forgot to mention, but there's also a ramen house in the coffee shop. So go grab some with that gigantic cup o' joe you got there...
Welcome back Hito! I don't believe we've met. But I'm sure we'll get along as long as your not like bacon.
welcome back you son of a bitch smile.gif

The only thing that's been going on since you were gone was that we've once again proved that people are stupid. But we already knew that biggrin.gif
Yep, yep, okaerinassai, Hitokiri-sama! laugh.gif *pops confetti*

No needs to worry about Crimson-chon, she's a cultured newbie. happy.gif

Xithion-san, as you can probably already see, Hitokiri-sama has quite the temper and sarcasm expected of the King of Spam. biggrin.gif I don't recall him being the ecchi chikan that Bacon-san is, so that's a positive thing. happy.gif||
Le Monkey


I missed talking to you!!!!

So welcome back!
Yes, I'm glad to be back...and this is a home to me. I've missed everyone.
Le Monkey
wow.. Aqua Alchemist is back too!

Everyone is coming home!
^ Yes i am back, it's been a while everyone wink.gif . A lot of random things have happened in my life, and I won't be able to attend forum life as much as I would like to (damn you broadband monthly payments mad.gif ) but I'll try to fit it in when I can tongue.gif

As to how I disappeared? Well go and ask Spectrum_Alchemist about some crazy Nazi Gelatinous Cubes who enjoyed packaging people who have exams in a couple of months in cardboard boxes with chemistry and biology books for days on ends tongue.gif

I trust the above paragraph makes no sense at all :S biggrin.gif
Glad to see you back Aqua, we need to have more UK residence around here.
Welcome back rsF and Aqua Alchemist. *confetti*

This thread is actually useful... whoa.
Sou, sou! I just saw one of Kase-san's posts in Spam Central! laugh.gif!!
Yes, welcome back, Kase. smile.gif
Welcome back, Kase!
YES, you guys beat me here! This is beginning to feel more and more like a Newcomers thread everytime I visit...

Welcome back, Kase. *confetti* *hands out cake and mochi*
Kase ish Back!!! Yay! Welcome Back Kase ^^
Hi Kase! Glad you're back! biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
'Sighted'....? "Oh noes. It's Kase-illa!"

Seems I got beat, knew I should've posted here first thing I got back.

Well. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I sure missed every single one of you. And another thanks for all the "Happy Birthday" PMs and emails I received ages ago. biggrin.gif Yes, I'm horrible for checking Hotmail, but not replying to anything v__v - everyody can take a free potshot at me right now, the ones after those will gonna cost you since I need to pay rent now to be able to keep a roof over my head. tongue.gif
KASE!!! KASE!!! Whooot!! It is great, excellent, marvelous to have you back ^^ Hope you become active again, Kase. I will make you somekind of award or something in a sec tongue.gif brb
Omakase Shimasu
An award? biggrin.gif;; Just for returning to the forum? You replied way too quickly. tongue.gif

What're you talking about Slash? It's very pretty. biggrin.gif Thank you!

@Gas: you make me blush. ~^-^~
It's not too late to welcome you back, is it Kase? Apparently, I wasn't online for the entire week, so I missed your return. tongue.gif

ANYWAY, Welcome back, Kase! biggrin.gif
*crypt walks in... a'la East Coast baller...*

Heya, peepz...! happy.gif!!! How erryone been, huh?

konic vince
lol school's been making me busy these days, I haven't been here in a while
*slides in and waves to everyone* yeah, I'm back, and I'm sure you're all excited (not tongue.gif). I missed you all!

*gives Bling a tight hug and a light kiss* Welcome back honey!

*waves to Konic* Welcome back! And nice siggie and avatar. Both are from Ikaruga, aren't they?
Greetings! I had some time to get on the computer, so I came to visit you all.
a welcome back to vael, one of the first-generation forumers. biggrin.gif
welcome back to ninie! biggrin.gif
Falling-san disappeared for a while, but I've seen a few of his posts today~ laugh.gif
Im back. I didnt do much. But I m back regardless.

^ Welcome back, even though I don't know you very well. Back to the topic in newcomers thread, Ailuro was referring to you? ohmy.gif
Ailuro said she asked her "friend" to make her a sig for me. So, I guess your the one who made the sig. smile.gif Thank you by the way. It seems you have fans in 'who needs a sig' thread because they miss you and say that you abanded them. biggrin.gif Now you didn't want to do that did you...
welcome back! biggrin.gif and yeah, i think some people may have taken over your sig request topic in your absence. rolleyes.gif
Ah, welcome back Haroken-san. happy.gif

Hee, I'm before the 1000 members mark, too. biggrin.gif *feels special*
hey guys long time no post for me just here to say that im back and im here to stay
Le Monkey
I was wondering where hakoren went...
Now what was special... Now I remember..

Did you get the award I did for you?

IPB Image
I haven't done this officially yet, so . . .

Welcome back, Haroken. smile.gif
thanks quis ^^
I am back, very much so - and then not so much so.

Very so much so in that I am here, chatting.

Not so much so in that I can only chat here and there. *Sigh*
---------I have been grounded....
Hehe..I haven't been here for like 2 weeks XD
Welcome back. And welcome back Fresh_Coffee-chan. *hands out cake, pie and throws confetti*
welcome back to Lady Battousai! biggrin.gif
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