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Full Version: How Did You Get To Know Fullmetal Alchemist?
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Haldir of Lorien
I first watced Full Metal Alchemist on a Thursday night at Denver waiting for Inuyasha to come on.I noticed thhat there was a new show on Adult Swim so I watched it.The first thing I saw was the pint sized Edward Elric.I tried to wake up my sister to tell her a new show was on but she didn't listen.I watced first puzzled about it then I began to understand.Tomarrow we would leave Denver for our home town Casper.I thought this was the only time I would be able to watch it.(the episode was the first one yay the only reasone why I was confused is cause they cut out a part)
That Saturday night, I was sitting in front of the T.v with my brother and sister while telling them about this new show(watching Futurama at the time)my sister complained about why I didn't wake her up (as always smile.gif ) later we where waiting for Inuyasha to come on again when Ready steady go started to play (i did not know the title back then) I was bouncing off the walls cause it played on Saturdays too and I was hoping it was the second episode so I could see what happend to Rose.
It was the second episode and we all enjoyed it and so we added 2 new shows on our "to watch on adult swim'' list (the second show was Stand Alone Complex )
The Toe Alchemist
Well i first heard about FMA on techtv whin xplay was perviewing the game.
I was up late watching Futurama and i saw that FMA was on later that night so i stayed up to watch it....It was the first ep. but i was confused cuz you know how the first ep. is like in the middel of the story ..anyway..Even then the show seemed too short..thats why i knew i liked it.
After the fight seen with cornelo,I was saying to my self,Now iv got to stay up late ever Sat. cuz i just found the best show on TV
two words. Adult Swim. i didn't even know that fullmetal alchemist was the new show that was added in Adult Swim when i first watch it. At first i thought it was kind of boring but after doing some research on the internet i was hook to it.
I first heard about Fullmetal from PLAY magazing. They had an add for the game where the reviewer said "Playing this game got me watching the series." And of course, I saw the name "Square-Enix" in it, so I just had to watch the series.
i had my friends over for a birthday sleepover on a saturday night, and one of my friends said that we couldn't miss her Fullmetal Alchemist show. i hadn't watch adult swim in forever because i was long since over watching Inuyasha and i haven't bothered to watch it since. it was the red water episode (episode 12?) and we weren't paying too much attention because we were all playing around and goofing off. then the next weekend i was at my grandparents' house so they could get me a proper birthday present, and i couldn't go to sleep and i remembered that FMA came on at 12, so i watched it. i loved it, and the next morning i was looking all over online, soaking in everything about it that i could.
I just came home from college on winter break and it was a Saturday night and I wasn't tired and was watching TV with my brother. FMA came on at 12 and my bro. told me this was the new show he started watching. Well the episode that came on was ep. 7, "The Night the Chimera Cries". The episode amazed me and I loved it! I got online the next day and found this site and started reading all the manga and reading episode I've almost seen the entire original series of the show! happy.gif
The first time I saw the show was one Saturday night after work when I was flipping the channels. The episode was number 5(the train one) and I only saw the second half. When I saw Mustang light that guy on fire I got interested. I continued to watch the next few weeks and became completely hooked when I saw "Night of the Chimera's Cry."
One day, when I was finished with my standardized test, my classmate who sat behind me told me about this show involving a fifteen year old boy who could do alchemy. Now I had actually seen a fanart of Edward on DA prior to this, and when he told me the Fullmetal Alchemist's name, I immediately asked, "Does he have a braid?" He said yes, so I knew what it was after that. Anyway, he gave me the first 4 episodes (which I watched out of order at first, on accident @_@) and I was instantly hooked.

That was quite a long time ago, episode 15 had just come out, so that was last year.. wow. So I told him to give me all the episodes he had, and he had up to episode 15, then every week he would give me the new episode. But the thing is, I didn't really like this person, but he was my source of FMA. FMA won out in the end so I didn't show my dislike. But then FMA got licensed! So he couldn't get the episodes anymore. But then I took the initiative to go out and find them again, and I was successful. So then I was the one providing for him. I felt I owed it to him. tongue.gif

So as my first sig said, "The person I hated most introduced me to FMA, thus becoming less hated."
One of my friends who is really into manga,anime,j-pop, well she's infatuated with japanese culture. She was actually the one who got me hooked on the more recent manga and anime ( The last thing I saw prior to meeting my friend was Ninja Scroll). Anyways, she was reading FMA and I saw the cover with the adorable Ed on it and I wanted to find out more. So she told me about FMA appearing on AS. So I started watching those, then she finally lent me her copies,about a month ago, and I finally got to see the whole series! biggrin.gif
i found out about FMA through an Online TCG and thought that it was some stupid anime about a boy with a metal arm that he couse use to turn himself into Armor (Al) XD!! and then i later met a guy obsessed with it. he showed me where to read the manga and i began to read. sadly i was too late to get too many of the Fansubs ~_~ but by reading the Manga first i have a slight bias towards the Anime.
i also first got to know fullmetal alchemist on adult swim. when i saw the first episode i was hooked.
I found out about FMA from one of my friends.And to think,I wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't for him!
Steel Alchemist
Same thing you did.
One of my friends on the net told me. I saw the one where Ed was trying to find Nina (?) killer, and he almost got killed by the crazy person, I loved it. I am now totally obssessed with it, I'm starting to scare all my friends.
Really?I scare mine too! happy.gif
I originally though FMA could possibly the sequel to Full Metal Panic. At the time I knew FMP was going to have a sequel but wasn't sure what it was called. As time went on I kept hearing about FMA and how great it was at various message boards I went to. I soon realized it had nothing to do with FMP. The synopsis of the series really interested me but since at the time I couldn't download the show I kind of didn't think much of it. Then I heard it was licensed by funimation and I got all excited about this series again looking up everything I could find about it. So the hype defintely effected me. Although I am not a big fan of dubs, I always liked funimation so that was another factor that added to my excitement.
A good friend of mine gave me the entire fansubbed series on a mountain of CDs for my birthday. I was so out of it that day I thought he had given me the soundtrack and I just couldn't for the life of me understand why it took so many CDs... ^^;;; Then I finally understood and the stack sat in my room for weeks. He kept bugging me and bugging me to watch it, but I wasn't to interested. Then the series started airing on Adult Swim. I didn't actually sit down and watch an entire episode (I would flip channels instead) until about episode 9 or so. The whole plot with Nina had me hooked. Then I remembered I had the whole series.

So, during my two weeks off for Christmas, I snuck on the computer at 1 in the morning (I had been banned over the break due to bad grades) and began to watch it. There was no turning back. I finished it before the vacation had ended and have been loving it ever since. happy.gif
i was watching adult swim very late, and i came across fullmetal alchemist on episode 5-"Dash! Auto-Mail" in the very beginning and i got hooked!!! edward is very hot. hahaha, anyways. i started stay up every saturday untill my cousin saw me watching and was like " oh! you watch fullmetal alchemist?? i can give you the whole series if you want."
wow what a great story.
This is such a cool topic. I found FMA while flipping through the channels at 3AM sunday. I started at the third episode (later downloaded the first two). Anyway when it was over i saw the Square-Enix logo, and was like "no way". Makers of the Final Fantasy games are doin an anime, so I tuned in every saturday since.

FMA introduced me to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which is currently my favorite anime (scratch that, show). But FMA is tippin second!
Son Goshin
well, first i heard of fullmetal alchemist was on another forum. i originally thought it was nobuhiro watsuki's new series, but i later found out his was called Armored Alchemist. so when FMA finally came on adult swim, i watched it, and it's friggin awesome! cool.gif this is quickly becoming one of my top favorite anime biggrin.gif
My friend, Ryuuko-san, told me about the basic background information on the morning busride to school sometime around...January 2004, I think (the exact month is kind of fuzzy, but it was fairly early in the school year...). At the time, I wasn't especially intrigued, as I had no idea what the characters looked/sounded like (it would have been very different if she'd shown me a picture of Ed laugh.gif), and the names "Ed" and "Al" didn't seem very appealing to me...rolleyes.gif

After that, Hagaren kind of faded into the background of unwatched anime, until I downloaded 'Kesenai Tsumi' from an mp3 rotation site in May. I became obsessed with the song, but I didn't really look into the series...

In July, I went to a Chinese-organized summer camp, which turned out to be full of 3rd graders (dry.gif), but on my first day they showed an episode of Hagaren in the auditorium in the aftornoon (episode 3- I was a bit confused for a while on which one ended up in the armor...). The boy showing all the subtitled anime told us that we couldn't watch anymore after episode 3 because it would start getting very violent (riiiight)...

After that, I searched for Hagaren subtitled episodes on the Internet, and was only able to find a site with epsiodes 1-3, 28, 39, and 40 for download (at the time, episode 40 was the most recent). I also downloaded Hagaren manga scanlations from links offered on this site, which prevented me from being completely lost in the anime episodes I could find. I was very fortunately able to discover a website a few weeks later with all available episodes of Hagaren up for download. happy.gif

From episode 41 on, I basically followed the weekly releases of Hagaren through Bittorent. happy.gif And the rest is Hagaren fandom at this forum. tongue.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I was at a small anime convention in November. I was wearing my Haruko (FLCL) costume and this girl dressed as Wrath came up to me and complemented my costume I told her I liked her costume too and asked who she was (it was a nice costume). She then began to tell me about FMA and I was intrigued.

I found it online and watched the first ten episodes the first night, it was like crack I was hooked! I watched as many episodes as I could each night.

So now I'm a total fan with a huge crush on Envy and a Lust costume in the making. laugh.gif
Hilde Knight
Last summer, a friend of mine did a lot of fan art of the series and it struck my interest. I left my computer on while I was in San Jose, California for 5 days, so when I returned I had 40 episodes of FMA to watch.

I don't think it was even 10 episodes into it and I was hooked. I sat down and watched about 25-30 episodes over the course of one weekend in September and absolutely loved it.
I actually feel as if I had been hearing about this since about 7 years ago. Obviously, it was being hyped up where I actually heard about it so I was pretty excited about it a few days before hand. Even with the preview it still seemed pretty bizarre. I decided to watch it and found that my guess was correct. It quickly became my favorite anime in one episode (episode 1). I first assumed that it took place in our world, only that it was one of those "lost science stories" after the first episode and that something bad only happened to the younger brother from the AS preview.

The first time I heard "Ready Steady Go", I considered it one of the episodes only flaws though the second time I heard the song (AS reshowing on that same day) I fell in love with it. I taped the episode on Thursday and actually kept rewinding it just to hear that segment.
well, this is kinda embarassing, but my friend had just showed me the movie Full Metal Jacket the night FMA was gonna air. I hadnt even heard about it, but I thought it mighta been a good military story like Full Metal Jacket was, but it wasn't-IT WAS BETTER! Then I got hooked, and saw the whole series in Japanese. Now, I'm waiting for it to finish in English. I love FMA.
I heard about it through my college's anime club, around when the first episode came on one of the members brought a CD with the first 2 episodes. I was helping someone in the other room away at the time so I only saw a few minutes of it here and there but I remembered it. And then around when the show was in it's 20's I saw a pack of it on boxtorrents and decided on downloading the episodes. I'm happy I did ^^
Hmm...Well, I wanted to see this show about a month in advance (I saw the previews), and as soon as I watched the first one, I knew it was the greatest anime ever (if you disagree, that's stupid because you're here, right?)!

So I've seen every one that's ever aired in Arizona, as far as I know. biggrin.gif
Amon's Girl
i was waiting for inuyasha to come on so i just ended up watching my luck would have it, it was the first episode! i had to know what happened next so i kept watching it and hear i am, i have not missed one show. so far anyway.
Hagane no Renzy
I was watching AS (what else is new? tongue.gif ) and saw it's commercial for a new anime. I thought, "Hey, that kid (ed) looks a lot like Vash! I should watch it!" Stupid little me.

From the previews, I thought Ed's name would be something weird, with tons of "s"'s in it...weiiiiird.

And about a month ago I started downloading them and lookit me now...I saw the whole series. happy.gif

On another note: AL ROX!
Saw the raw on Thought it was a sequal to Fullmetal Panic so I downloaded it. Unfortunally I watched like episode 17 and got really confused. So I ignored it for a while until I watched episode 1 fansubbed. Took me like 30 seconds to get hooked.
I was first introduced to FMA about one year ago in my school's anime club. I remember that we were voting on what to watch and I had an embarassingly huge obsession over Rurouni Kenshin, so I was like: "Vote for Kenshin or die everyone." Kenshin lost and we watched FMA instead. I remember wishing that the FMA CD would break so we could watch Kenshin... (Like I said. I was OBESSED!!! Not to mention immature). And the CD did start acting weird in the beginning until someone fixed it.

Anyway, after the first episode, FMA worked its magical wonders then I became overly-obsessed with FMA. And so is the magic of my first encounter with FMA. The end.
I read about Fullmetal Alchemist in a magazine, so I decided to find out more about this show that was soon to be aired on Adult Swim. I searched around the internet to find more information, but I couldn't find a lot for some weird reason. sad.gif Then the first episode aired on Adult Swim and I was hooked. I searched without doing anything else for a whole day(and part of the night) and found this website. biggrin.gif
Then when I got to school that Monday, I went to my friend and was like, "Did you see the cool new show?" and she was as excited as I was. cool.gif
Then when I missed an episode(which is near to impossible since I went through Yu Yu Hakusho several times without EVER missing an episode) mad.gif and I just had to find out what happened(it was the Thief Siren episode). So I looked everywhere for somewhere to download the episodes, and I did. So now I've seen the whole thing so many, many times. ph34r.gif
Some friends who have an anime night watching fansubs told me about FMA. When I saw it had started on Cartoon Network, I remembered to watch it. Needless to say I got hooked but now I needed to see the first few episodes. So I was able to borrow a copy of the fansubs to watch not just the episodes I missed but the whole thing. Yet I still watch every Saturday and Thursday night (yes I watch the rerun..must see more FMA).
Well, I have been waiting for someone to ask that question! My mom said,"OK, you kan stay up until 12:00 so you can finish watching Wyatt Earp." Now I know, I shoud have not dissobayed my mom, but I couldn't resist! I had herd of this Fullmetal Alchemist, so I wanted to see what it was about. I fliped to cartoon network and it was AWSOME! I even picked out my fav charater: Huges. I mean who doesn't like Huges?
I remember (I think). It was Thanksgiving, and I ended up spending the night at my cousin's house. I was flipping throught channels, and FMA was on, my cousin told me about it.. I ended up NOT watching it (Stupid me!). Well, the week later, episode 6 came on.
Then I remember getting a magazine with an article about the show, and well since I hadn't seen it the week before, I thought I should watch it, so I did... Nina was adorable, and I just had to find out what happened next. It was only the 7th episode (The 2nd episode I of the series I had ever watched) and I started crying. It was so sad, and, well, no anime has made me do that before, so it was special. Now I watch it every week, my new obssesion is Ed, and I drive people insane showing them random pictures of him, and asking "Ain't he just so cool!?" And it ish now (To meh) even better than Inuyasha, which I believed was the absolute best anime, ever.
Mweh, Ed ish so friggin' cool. *-*
I actually watched it by chance. Thursday night I watched it becuase we had no school Friday, and I was lucky becuase I changed it to cartoon network 5 minutes bfore it started. I watched the first episode and I went cool show. I liked Ed becuase of his metal arm becuase I am astar wars freak so Darth Vader's metal arm anyone? On topic I said I am going to watch this through and through and there Ed became my favorite anima character. He and Major from Ghost In a Shell are the coolest in my book.
When I watched it I was just waiting for InuYasha and then I saw it it was the Cornello episode the first one I think and then after that I just kept on watching because I thought it was cool if I could do alchemy and plus I'm like Ed the whole short thing.
My husband and I had watched all of Wolf's Rain on Adult Swim. I believe FMA started after that series concluded. Now we're watching FMA and GITS. I'm the bigger FMA fan, he's the bigger GITS fan wink.gif . But we're both lovin' Saturday Night Adult Swim!

I was hooked right away. It seemed like FMA had the kind of complexity I enjoy and I really liked Ed's character (a lot of credit goes to his English voice actor). I haven't been disappointed!
I download a lot of manga and had just finished Chobits, I was asking friends what to try next and a pychopath called Shasta said GET FMA GET FMA! (meaning the anime which I couldnt get because it took too long). While looking for nothing in particular I stumbled across the 1st 15 FMA chapters and downloaded them all to take home and read. I was hooked by the end of the first chapter and have been ever since.
I first saw it on a saturday night waiting for inuyasha to come on on adult swim. I think it was the first episode, because the prior week inuyasha had come on at it's regular time(It was the one when they met Rose and the priest with the artificial philosiphers stone). anyway At first i didn't like it and thought it was boring but then i watched it a couple times and started to like it.
Blade Alchemist
I heard the title before I knew what the anime/manga was about then I started to watch it on AdultSwim.
Lucky Charm
My friend had told me about the manga over the summer 04, about how great it was. He also told me about Adult Swim airing it on November. I didn't pay too much mind to it till I saw the end of episode 2. I started getting hooked on it. I've seen the subbed version, but not all of them.
I just remembered something funny!

At the risk of sounding completely foolish, after I watched the first episode of FMA, I spent some time trying to figure out what this had to do with Full Metal Panic! rolleyes.gif I guess on first hearing the title, I assumed it was another generation - you know, like the different Gundam series or Dirty Pair series where they change the name with the different seasons or stories or generations.

i was on the internet. came into the bedroom cause i had to get ready for bed, and the show was starting. i liked the theme song, it was cool, so i decided to watch it. im glad i did. happy.gif
I was one night I decided to watch it. I thought it looked wierd, in the commercial. I saw episode 3. I cryed too. From that night on I knew that this was my new love! Fast, I became addicted to it. I just fell in love, and I wrote to myself in my diary never forget...
WOW, its been forever now, It was about 2-2 1/2 years ago on Toriyamas World (which has nothing ow. lol. I was looking for some Naruto torrent downloads, when I stumbled upon FMA i read the first chapter (which is even better than the anime mind you) and I was just BLOWN AWAY!!! I then downloaded the anime off of Endless Anime. TO tell you the truth I was pretty sceptical of FMA being on Adult Swim (at least its not on toonami) even after the 1st episode, I wasnt sold on the english dub, but its sorta grown on me, but dude Armstrongs voice is HORRID!!! If your reading this FUNimation I dont want the freakin guy that plays Armstrong to make him sound like Piccolo of DBZ!!!! GOD!!!! he's supposed to a "muscley afeminate voice", not a deep gruff one!!! my rantings over...
Some time early last year, I found out about Toriyamaworld. I noticed that they had the Full Metal Alchemist manga there. I didn't start reading it right away, though, because I was hooked on the Hunter X Hunter manga there at the time (and Full Moon wo Sagashite, but there's only 4 chappies of that X_x). About a week or two before it started on Adult Swim, I read about it in Newtype magazine, and it sounded interesting, so I decided to watch it. And now it's one of my favorita anime/mangas of all time. ^^ I've seen the whole series (the anime and all of the available manga chapters), and I can't wait for the movie! *_*
Took one look at Ed, (by accident; was waiting for Inuyasha) and fell in LOVE! lol. It had been reccomended to me by my friend, but I had brushed it off, uninterested. I started up at episode 2. I just had to see more of Ed; he was so cool. love it! happy.gif
I first saw the show while waiting for Inuyasha to come on, and then I was like "Hello, I know this show!" A long time ago, I was an avid fan of this now dead website that this girl used to post her art, and she was obsessed with FMA. She drew fanart of it all over the place, and even talked about it sometimes. I got the impression that she show was about a 25 year old TALL (yes, tall X33) biker who had a fake arm and ran around turning people into armor. I thought it sounded ultra-stupid.

Then, I started watching it, and the first thing that came into my mind was "So I'm watching this new show called Fullmetal Alchemist, and the main characer's name is Ed and he has this little blonde braid..." and my brain sort of went, bingo. So I hunkered down to watch it, and I loved it. I don't really even watch Inuyasha anymore. I've even gotten my brothers to like FMA almost as much as I do. It's so sad. o_o;;
since i already watch adult swim for a coupleof other animes i saw FMA on there and was hooked from the beginning.......cya all soon
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