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ed's secret agent

Ed sat crosslegged on the soft, dewy ground, pulling out grass boredly. He looked up slowly, and glared at his dark, bleak afternoon sky. His eyes narrowed angrily ,and he went back to doing nothing. Winry opened the door, and walked outside silently.

She sat behind him , sitting on her knees quietly. She pulled her arms around his neck ,and placed her head on top of his, holding it up a little bit, so as not to hurt him with pressure. Ed closed his eyes with pleasure, nestled in her warmth.

"You loom in this dark, let me be your light....." She whispered. He shook his head, yes, listening to her sweet voice, not really paying attention at all. "As you are the darkness, I am your light, let me guide you, through your plight..." He only let out a small, content noise. She smiled quietly. He must have been cold before she came...

She left one arm around his head, and dropped her arm onto the ground. She gently lowered her head onto his shoulder. A soft wind rushed around their bodies, playing with the grass and trees. His dark sky suddenly lighted up with a proud white light, lighting in front of them.

He slowly turned his head in her direction and stopped. He opened his eyes, revealing warm spheres of serene gold, shining brightly from the light. They both looked up at the beatiful sky. "Let my dreams become your realities, as we sit in this twilight night..." He gently placed his cheek against hers, smiling warmly. "And what a beautiful twilight night it is."
You loom in this dark,
let me be your light,
as you are the darkness,
I am your light,
let me lead you,
through your plight

Let my courage,
give you strength,
let this night,
give you length,
let my dreams,
become your realities

Let me give you,
all my love,
in the patience,
of a dove,
let me give you,
all my light,
as we sit in a twilight night
Enjoy the pointless relaxation.
Ooooh... so nice. Peaceful, very sweet. happy.gif I got the feeling Ed was dreaming or something. Wonderfully done!
ed's secret agent
Yes, Ed's such a dreamy boy...Thanks for reviewing! *gives candy* *Glares at everyone* If you read it, you review it! You can't lie! It says 16 people were peeking you good for nothing- .............
JUST REVIEW!!! *Stomps off*
To tell you the truth it was good but I really don't like short stuff like that. It was still good, kind of like a meditating type of thing. If you read it to yourself a few times it calms you down. *eyes drooping* soooo peeacefuul....
ed's secret agent
That's the way it's supposed to be. Nice and calm... Ahhhhh.... XD
Very good short ff. I should say - with potential smile.gif. Only one shot ff? If no, please go on. smile.gif
A short but gentle piece. Maybe you should do many short stories?
ed's secret agent
Yeah. biggrin.gif I'm doing a different style now. People like my quality over quantity thing better than, when I wrote long things. Tee hee. Watch out for me.
Le Monkey
its nice...

Short and sweet!
ed's secret agent
biggrin.gif Yay! Everyone liked it.
But of course...we can't all right pages and pages after all.
But of course...we can't all right pages and pages after all.

Except for you Chiyo, who has a fanfic 20,556 words long!
That I can't read also because it has spoilers in it.*crys and starts whining*
I wanna read it! I wanna read it!
(Your sig is f^&%$*g awesome.)
Ahhh, I feel very calm right about now. Nice work ESA!
ed's secret agent
Thank you, RogueAlchemist! biggrin.gif
Le Monkey
We all loved it.. Could you continue it?

I can just see someone adding some smutt.....

ed's secret agent
Nah, this is a one-shot. biggrin.gif However, you could use your imagination and push it from cheek pressing to..... the OTHER cheek pressing. XD XD XD
You know.... That one. XD
ed's numbuh 1 fan
oo you dirty dirty person you XD

well i liked it very much the poem/song was so peaceful and serene,very beautiful smile.gif
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