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Full Version: Movie Cast List?
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Please be aware that the follow has yet to be officially confirmed, therefore should be treated as a rumor.

A reputable video and DVD shop lists the following cast names under its Fullmetal Alchemist; Conqueror of Shambala DVD section (not released yet):

朴[王路]美 (Paku Romi / Edward Elric)
釘宮理恵 (Kugimiya Rie / Alphonse Elric)
大川透 (Ookawa Tooru / Roy Mustang)
内海賢二 (Utsumi Kenji / Alex Louis Armstrong)

Tsutaya >> link (jpn)
go on...
Full Flame Alchemist
YAYYY!!! Mustang might be in it!!!!
yes!!! more!!! give me more!!
*shall keep in mind its rumor*

Ooh, exciting!
Roy and Major Armstrong!!!
YAY!!! laugh.gif
now add Michiko Neya and my life is complete >.>
From the Newtype article that was translated by Syca, we know for a fact that Al H., Ed, and Gracia Hughes (in AU form) are in the movie. They made a mention of discussing Roy and the others in the next issue, so we'll just have to latch onto Syca for a translation of that article when it comes out.

Woot! So this means Roy might possibly be in it! happy.gif Or maybe... his twin in Ed's world? Mwhahaha... that would be interesting.
I hope Winry is there. As well as Riza. It would be so empty without characters like them.
Chibi Viki
i actually held unto my seat while reading the list... i thought it would be a long one...

aww... still waiting for michiko neya and any riza hawkeye news >_<;;
Roy equals goodness... but if there's no Riza, I will be sad...
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