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Full Version: What Are You Shirking?
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let's see
-math worksheet
-social studies questions
-language arts myth and drawing
-cleaning my room
-takeing out the dog
-finishing some fanfics
-finishing a story
-finihsing a textbook worth of work in Korean

hmmmm......that's all for now. but half of the time my list includes sleep.
Envy's lil' miniskirt

The dishes, the laundry and a shower and giving myself a facial. Yup, I think that's all.
QUOTE(mei_tenshi @ Jan 31 2006, 02:16 AM) [snapback]345171[/snapback]

Believe it or not, I'm shirking sleep.

I have been shirking sleep, too... but I think it's time for me to catch some zzzzzz.... happy.gif
QUOTE(Envy's lil' miniskirt @ Feb 1 2006, 04:27 AM) [snapback]345397[/snapback]


The dishes, the laundry and a shower and giving myself a facial. Yup, I think that's all.

I'm a good girl and have done all of the above this morning, and it was a lot of dishes too. And I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

Now was meant to be dedicated to making a new FMA wallpaper with a new FMA pic I found, I'll do it later....I'm sure.
u know im not shriking anything right now ohmy.gif weird i always have something to do but i dont dry.gif
Molecular Alchemist
I should be:
-reading my good ol' science journals on some crap that I'm probably gonna have to lookup
-doing the measurements for my solutions for tomorrow...I HATE mixing solutions
-doing a BLAST search ( i don't really feel like sequencing now)
-reading 4 chapters in my cell culture book
-getting a handout ready for sunday (officemax), presentation monday sad.gif
-taking a nap...i only got ~2hrs of sleep last nite...

*sigh* soo many things to do...only 1.5hrs to do them in before i go to work. ohmy.gif
Blade Alchemist
I should be doing my french hw and preparing my NJ uniform but im tired and need a break.
Sleep, definitely. tongue.gif
Smoke Alchemist
I should be sleeping O.O
^Did you stay up all night???

I should be cleaning my closet
QUOTE(zarpia @ Feb 7 2006, 02:00 PM) [snapback]347480[/snapback]
I should be cleaning my closet
Me too.
I'm also shirking doing my math and science homework.
Also my week long math assignment. Yup, that's all.

i should be doing my math....
I should be working on my report....
i am shirking an autobio i have to do but i dont feel like doing it
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i should be doing my math homework =_= and i don't want to! laugh.gif;;
^^ Me too. Sleep. tongue.gif
Molecular Alchemist
^^^ME three laugh.gif and by sleeping I'm shirking my paper that's due monday (that i didn't even start yet)! Long Live Shirkiness (if that's even a word)..haha
why am I a midget...
*sorry, I'm a random sort of person peeps*
Some paper I have to translate for my mom.
Should be getting my late lunch before I faint.... mellow.gif
^Hurry up and eat! ohmy.gif
i should be go home by now,
and catch up my lesson at home,
and eat dinner at home,
and drink milek at home,
and wash my face at home,
and sleep in my room, obviously.
^^ Thanks zarpia!! happy.gif

I should go getting some zzzz. smile.gif
Molecular Alchemist
Visiting dreamland, but I missed the 5am I think that I need to catch the 6:15am local laugh.gif
work....I had to tell a lie XD
Sharingan Serpent

Well I should be running away from my teacher for daydreaming again...and the fact that my brother is threatning me to get off the computer so he could test his game...oh no he's going for my laptop now...

Thought's: NO FAIR NIISAN GET BACK HERE!!! ohmy.gif
I should do my maths work
and study for the japanese test
I'm shirking my break homework.
I should really get to that... later rolleyes.gif
I was thinking of doing laundry tonight, but I was too lazy... tongue.gif
I shld start studying for my economics..(market failure..labourmarket..macroeconomy.. dry.gif )
I shld start reading my literature texts...(blah othello..boring silas marner)
I shld be getting started with my dinner.. huh.gif
I shld start curing myself of anime addiction cool.gif life is filled with only studyin and studyin.. laugh.gif
Hana no Kuroi
I should be offline andthinking about my science project...
Sharingan Serpent

I should be trying to relax and take it easy...
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Shirking working.
I should be reading Lolita right now.
I should be reading Grapes of Wrath.
I should really do all my lundry.
The situation is getting serious!! laugh.gif
i should be doing all my make-up work for school.
I should be watching Educating Rita so I can choose what scenes we will record on Monday for our radio show.
Sharingan Serpent

Spanish dry.gif mi mal detesto espanina
Molecular Alchemist
finishing my research proposal *bangs head against table and causes piles of books to come crashing down* OUCH!! I'll gladly pay someone to do this for me *sigh*
Sharingan Serpent
I'd love to help Molec-san...but I know nothing about research prospels...happy.gif;; ~Hear sounds in background~ huh? ~Gets smacked by Spanish book~ AAAAAAGH!!! Wha, Spanish...oh no...sleep.gif;;
Kraven Hughes
finish my 2 page english essay thats due tommarow .... dry.gif
Finishing my report.
Two articles for the paper.

Should be cuddled up, warm, happy, and sleeping under the gentle lull of the rain.
Writing a snail-mail letter.
-I'm short, and my hair is always a plat-


omgosh, peop,e are so busy as well...
I have lots of assesments to finish and we have like a 4 day test next week!
im supost be be doing a research project about the worlds population
Sharingan Serpent

Getting more sleep...either that or my Science Teacher snaps at me with her Glare of Doom
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