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Full Version: What Are You Shirking?
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*should* be packing mad.gif *should* be trying to get my sleep schedule back on track...
Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(xiaku @ Aug 15 2005, 05:12 PM)
Great Expectations. x_x

Great Expectations sucks!!! It's SO boring!
Game Maker in IT
I should be cleaning my room. There's papers everywhere. sleep.gif
I should be doing Chinese homework. dry.gif
I will tell you what my computer is shirking....SPEED coz is so SLOW dry.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I should be starting my workout but I'm taking a break. tongue.gif

I guess that's not really shirking anything really.


While skimming throught this thread I noticed I shirk the dishes and the laundry alot. Can't imagine why.
*Looks to see if anyone's watching*

-Getting a summer job
-Writing the next chapter for my fanfic
-Vacuuming the floor
-Buying school books
-Reading Timeline

I can't remember anything else, but there's bound to be more.
Le Monkey
Working around the house..
Should be downstairs meeting the guests. x_x I always hide from guests. xD
Sleeping... I spend FAR too much time at work. And the problem is, I still want to do fun stuff afterwards so I end up playing/reading/wathcing films/TV on top of my working days.
Well, I should be mowing the lawn... or washing my car.... but naah this is much more fun... and alot less work! tongue.gif
I need to clean my room up, and I really ought to be writing the next chapter in my fic...
I really should be finishing Huckleberry Finn, but I can't concentrate. It's too hard for me to read the dialect that Mark Twain uses in it. School starts next week, so I have a week to finish.
Making another siggie... XP
... Doing the laundry, watering the plants... among many other things that I care not to remember at the moment...
i need to walk and feed the neighbors dog...oh well
my school work, IT
Hm. I should be sleeping or doing homework. x_x
i go on here when im a at school. i ment to be doing s&e.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Shirking working or course. biggrin.gif

Not that there's much work to shirk in the first place.
Social Studies test on the Civil War tomorrow. I haven't opened the book yet ph34r.gif
My homework, and I have three quizzes too! sad.gif *gulp*
Mrs. Edward Elric
I'm shirking reading.
I should be packing my clothes to go home tomorrow. But I can do that whilst waiting for FMA to come on tonight. tongue.gif
I really should be doing my math homework or walking the dog, but instead, I'm posting here and reading manga.
I should be studying for a super hard Biological science quiz. :pokes science book:
I have an essay due tomorrow which I haven't started yet! ph34r.gif
my IT (you work on computers) but i want an instasnt message program that works
I should be memorizing a stanza from the poem the raven
Blade Alchemist
I should be doing english homework but I can do it in the morning during tutorial (study hall type time)
I am shirking my book report.
Molecular Alchemist
hehe...I'm shirking studying for my bio test Monday. I REALLY don't wanna read the book, or work with the computer programs, or do the math......uuuggghhhhh blink.gif
I should be studying about rectlinear motion
- Spanish family tree
- Social studies outline
- Social studies homework
- Cleaning my room
- Calling my dad ^^;

oh crap...
I am shirking washing the dishes.
I'm supposed to be doing homework

..........shhhhh <<
homework...lots and lots of homework......
What I shirked today...Hmmmm, quite a lot...

Change spark plugs in the car - now if it quits on my way to school tomorrow, I'll be pissed off and have no one to blame but myself.

Work tonight - went to my brother's house this weekend, now I'm sick as all get figures...damn niece and nephews!

Statistics test Thursday - Analysis and testing of hypotheses including finding test statistic, P-value, critical value, significance level and constructiong confidence intervals...GAWD, what do I even NEED this class for??? What the hell does statistics have to do w/animation anyway???

Laundry - I hate laundry...

Fix leaking shower head which I can hear dripping even with the A/C running and that will continue to drive me insane for yet another night - DAMN IT!!

Dishes - only thing worse than laundry...

Hey, I DID finish my animation project, though. At least I accomplished something today...
I am supposed to be doing my homework.
Let's see...about four days of missed school work -due tomorrow-.

Writing chapter 6 of my fanfic, the reviewers will eat me if I don't update soon.

About three different chores.

Reading books so I'm not compleatly behind in language.

Cleaning my room.

And learning where to find out more about the pre-named Wrath, "moofy."

Yep, that's it... Wow...I have alot to do. -sigh- I'm going to get some of it done now.
My NaNoWriMo. I'm, like 7000 words behind schedule, and I just don't know what to write next.
Ichigo no Aku
homework... gah its always hw... hw,hw,hw sad.gif

..and checking my e-mail... *hides from eke* ph34r.gif
I am suppossed to be selling cookie dough .(I hate fundraisers dry.gif)
I don't really know ._.

...............I said I was doing my homework, but I finished it


sleep! xD
Shirking from being a diligent, pedantic scholar. Oh, I am missing so much.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
The dishes.

Bah, they'll be there tomorrow.
Homework... I have been procrastinating more and more these days. I should go off to do it soon.

Other practices
.....more homework...why do they give so much?
A Social Studies test... ph34r.gif
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