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Full Version: What Are You Shirking?
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Envy's lil' miniskirt
Hi all,
Are you in the computer lab a school discussing Ed's hair length? Should you be cleaning the house but instead are ranting about how much you hate Wrath? Are you at work talking about who would win in a fight between (insert character name here) and (that other guy) on the company dime? Well confess your sins here! Common you know you do it!

Yes, this was posted on the company dime. I would go crazy if I didn't get away from the phones and complaining customers every once in a while. tongue.gif
Le Monkey
Im shirking sleep...
Its 12:43 am and Im in school @8 tomorrow...
Blade Alchemist
I'm supposed to be doing my L.A., math, and science homework but I have so much of it to do.
I'm shrinking on sleep...

Not 'cos of foruming though... been up 20 hours doing an animation sequence. It's an hour and a half to noon so I'm contemplating if I should bother with sleep even.

EDIT: Oh. And food. (ŻoŻ;) Got too into work and forgot to eat. *Listens to the sound of own stomach roaring*
Nah! I usually stay up once I reach midday, the next day. I was supposed to go to dance practice tonight, but I was simply too tired to go. Or you could call it lazy.
i'm shrinking on homework ofcourse, but i have to do it soon because i have to practice driving later...>_>
Should you be cleaning the house but instead are ranting about how much you hate Wrath?
*ahem* I happen to like Wrath very much, thank you. happy.gif

I suppose I'm shirking my usual...rolleyes.gif
Should be working on Logic assignment that is due tomorrow. Well, I am working at it, but I'm stuck. mellow.gif
Well me strinking wouldnt happen because I'm only 4'11, so if i got smaller i could be in the wizard of oz.

String B. cool.gif

Learn to read and spell, kids.
'Write an essay describing the process of organising and conducting an in-depth interview. Include and analysis of question-setting and construction process, contrasting varied approaches for different purposes.'

1000 words for tomorrow....I should really start.
Le Monkey
Owch.. Not fun....
You remind me that I really should start preparing my presentation for tomorrow - about energy-efficient architecture... ohmy.gif
Well I got it done, all I have to do is hand it in tomorrow. biggrin.gif
Now I have nothing to do but prepare a presentation on anime, which is in three weeks time.
I have English homework on Francesco Petrarch. Plenties of fun!
my homework, i don't have that much today so thats good.
i've been ignoring my layouts though, i should start making one soon, i don't like being on hiatus.
I shoudl be doing an english project worth half my grade. oh well.
Just re-read my 'Love Actually' ideology essay. Gah its not good. But all I have to do is pass this year, even if I do really well it doesn't count.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I should be doing some chores and working on my Lust costume but instead I'm screwing around here.
Studying for a Sociology midterm and working on my Psychology Literacy assignment. God, I am so lazy and work-avoidant... I guess we're all a little like Roy... sigh.
Work on a paper three days later, work on literary persuasion essay due tommorow. I've had two weeks to work on it and all I have is a working(?) thesis.

DIE. (blah blalblahblah...)
ed's secret agent
My pile of absent homework. *cries*
Tobu Ishi
Packing for spring break. happy.gif
Should be reading, and getting some info for the presentation tomorrow, and also, sorting my mail, paying bills, eating, etc.
Creating an invitation list.
I should be finishing my geography homework but I'm lazy and don't feel like doing it. happy.gif
Kokoro no Hana
E~to.....I should be eating breakfast.... I think.... It's 12.30 PM right now XD That's what happens when I start doing something "important" at my pc ¬¬
Uhm... I guess I should be cleaning my room too =_= Maybe I will... later... or tomorrow tongue.gif
Blade Alchemist
I'm supposed to be doining math homework but i'm gonna put it off till maonday night. (Dang you math Mr. B why must you torcher me)
Also I should clean my room but I don't feel like it right now and I should be putting my mokisons (sp?) on the right foot.
Le Monkey
I should be leaving my internett conection alone because Im doing a HUGE download....
I haven't posted in my fanfic for over a week XD My non-existent fans are getting quite pissed XD
should be answering the questions on the lang reading and studying for tomorrow's part one of the ginormous 8-chapter calc midterm. instead, i'm going through albums i've dLed and am deleting songs i don't like.
Should be studying spanish. Am watching Battle Royale.
DarkWater Alchemist
Should have been doing a film analysis, have been watching DNAngel, Naruto, foruming, ...
This week. So today, from nine in the morning till 3, I've been working HARD on that, and finished it and handed in. Wooooh!

(this is a topic for me >_< I'm good at doing this sort of nothing.)
Blade Alchemist
I should be finishing math homework that's do at the end of spring break I don't feel like doing the rest yet.
Riza Babe
hmm I should be making a new siggie but can't be assed to lol.
Full Metal Engineer
*thinks really really hard*

nope I dont have anything I should do atm thank god to laugh.gif
I'm suposed to do quotes for this 'Heritage Fair Project' thing for my school. Except I'm lazy XP
Riza Babe
I should be eating lol
White Thorn
Sigh sleep.gif'.... 8 page english essay on "how does shakespear create a ambiguos feeling toward caliban" From "The Tempest"

Riza Babe
waaaaaa cruel @_@
i should be working on my roiai themes so i can frigging catch up to my overacheiving lil sister... dry.gif but i'm chugging coke and watching FMP? Fumoffu and laughing my ass off...
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Laundry (god I hate doing laundry!)

Grocery shopping.

Picking out my outfit for the Pillows tonight.

All other errands are null and void due to it being easter and everything is closed.
QUOTE(Envy's lil' miniskirt @ Mar 27 2005, 12:30 PM)
Picking out my outfit for the Pillows tonight.

agh! have fun. sucks that i'm only 45 minutes or so away and i can't go.

should be doing treasurer-ly duties for key club, writing a newspaper story, studying calc, and finishing my room clean-up, but i'm sitting here and eating chocolate instead.
QUOTE(xrninja @ Mar 27 2005, 04:12 PM)
should be doing treasurer-ly duties for key club, writing a newspaper story, studying calc, and finishing my room clean-up, but i'm sitting here and eating chocolate instead.

Good girl. biggrin.gif

I should be doing those required readings. But I'm not.
and now instead of doing previously said work, i'm eating my tarako onigiri and milk coffee because i finished off the chocolate. yumm, nijiya is so generous with the tarako (salted cod roe). happy.gif
I'm supposed to be washing the dishes, cleaning my room, folding the clothes, and taking care of the dog. I'm online right now posting instead biggrin.gif
alchemist x

I'm supposed to be takin a shower right now but im on here, so I'm not takin a shower.
school work just is not fun so i go here for quite sometime
Le Monkey
I really should be sleaping.....

its now 1:16 am....

I have to.....wait?...i'm not supposed to be doing anythink right now, oh well, i'll guess i'll do my room, wich..... is been.... already..... done......weird?
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