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Full Version: Mp3 Players: Useful Or Useless?
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Personally, I like MP3 players -

CD players are convenient, but they only work if you don't do anything crazy, like move your arms, legs, or body.

MP3 players hold 5x more stuff, don't skip, and have much longer battery life. I think it's worth the $150, no questions asked.
I like MP3 players.

You don't need to waste extra money on blank CDs when you get sick of a set of songs, you can use some MP3 players as portable hard drives, they don't spoil so easily (darn CD players and them lenses), and MP3 players are smaller.

*Wonders what kinda MP3 players you guys use*

I use Creative's Zen Micro.
Had been considering the Ipod, but the regular ones are too heavy (I don't need 20gigs either... o_O), and I really don't like the minis' design. Now I hear Ipod's got some copyright catch to it. Is that true?
i have a ipod photo 20 gigs is not that much if u r always traveling and get bored easily
but i have no clue about the copyright thing
Mp3 are way better though they are expensive your saving more overall instead of having to buy cd players you can just download a song and pop it in. XD
Kitty Cat
of course MP3 players are useful! I cant live without mine...
I'd only accept mp3's because CD suck when you want to move around alot or excersize while listening to music. It's just more convienent to have an mp3!
Kokoro no Hana
I think mp3 players are very useful. I'm happy that I have one ^^
Nobody has voted "no" yet. tongue.gif I own a Mp3 player as well, except, mine only holds 128MB, which really is not enough...

Hm... We're comparing Mp3 players to CD players, but what about MD players? (Nobody remembers them tongue.gif) I find MD players pretty useful too.
MD players? EH? I really have no idea what that is.
MD = MiniDisc
Carnal Malefactor
If I ever go traveling abroad for an extended period, the first thing I'm packing for the trip is an iPod, because there's no way I'd be able to haul around 600+ cds like that.
^^ what whould you do with out Them? Sit around and do Nata?
Steel Alchemist
Mp3s rock! They wipe the floor with cd players.
I've got a 20gog iPod. I lurve it but its made me paranoid. I wouldnt have paid for it my self, it wasnt worth that. I've only got 1000 songs on it but I use it as a hard drive as my personal computer only has 8gig of memory and its full tongue.gif.
Plus I had a Discman that would jump at the slightest movement and this is so much better.
mp3 players save me from the bordom that is my carpool in the morning. gotta love em. (and mine was a gift so even better)
Yes,MP3s do have their usefullness
They're useful and you can use them for stuff other than mp3s biggrin.gif
MD, oh ya I remember those I hardly had one of those back then. I wish I had an Ipod instead I have an orange Mp3 player 0_o.
Wow! I am the first to say I don't prefer MP#s to CDs blink.gif I prefer CDs even though they are bulkier. It's not even the cost or anything. I just like the look of CDs and the CD cases are usually decorated nicely ^^ and the CD jackets *booklets* are always fun to look through. They are much more attractive. I love the aesthetics. I pray to the lord all mighty that MP3s don't replace CDs T.T *goes out to Blurst Buy and picks up some MJ and MCR CDs* O.O
Gotta go with the MP3. Lets extra stuff to carry around and mine only cost me $30, even though I cant hold anywhere near 20 gigs! Mine's only like 128MB but thats just about all I need. wink.gif
I luv my mp3 player. Its a rio sport and it only has 64mb. Oh well. Its full of mostly Slipknot and The Used anyway. smile.gif
I love my mp3 player. It's only about 2 inches long and holds 256 mb. It also has a radio and a voice recorder.
Yesim, MP3 players are quite nice. laugh.gif Their ease of use, mass storage capablities, lower prices for equipment is great! ^__^

As far as everyone complaining about CD players skipping when moving around, that's what one gets when they don't spend the extra dough to get somehting that has antishock protection. I know that Panisonic has put out great CD players that come standard with a 40 second antishock system and the average battery life is close to 35 hours....

So I could go either wya on the media format, but I would probably go with Slash on this and end up choosing CDs in the end. Even if it's MP3 CDs. biggrin.gif
*hugs iPod close* MINE! Yes, it's awesome...that's my vote! laugh.gif
im still stuck with a CD player >.<
the ironflame alchemist
i wouldnt know, i still use a cd player
but i want a mp3 player
Mp3 Players must be convenient...I want one for my birthday...happy.gif...Then I would be more motivated to go jogging...laugh.gif;;

What Defining-san says about CD players is true. I had a really nice mp3 CD player last year that had anti-skip and decent battery control, looked really pretty with it's sparkly black varnish, and had this really cool round thing that you could spin to change tracks instead of pressing a button. But then my mom broke it...>D...and my aunt assumed it was my fault and bought me a crappy regular CD player without anti-skip or even a 'hold' button...(well, at least it hasn't fallen apart yet, for all the times I've dropped it...)

*sigh* rolleyes.gif
I have an antiskip Mp3 CD player and it works just fine. Of course I would love to get an MP3 player I just don't feel like shelling out the cash for it.

The fact that my CD player plays MP3's helps because I can just burn a bunch of MP3s on one CD.
I still have a CD player.... I wish I had an mp3 player! it would save me the trouble of having to delete me my only CD-RW CD and put the new songs that I downloaded...
They are quite useful, especially if you go to boarding school (if I have completely grasped the concept of those two words together in the same sentence) and you can't bring your computer/audio system in the dorms in fear of scum dorm 'buddies' stealing your expensive stuff... Err... Yeah... Very useful... I should buy one for the times people just get too much into just yelling with no coherent reason...
AA battery
mp3 player is love... it keeps be from getting sick on the bus x.x

mine is SanDisk 512MB
Christallie Kalric
mp3. got mine free!!! you still can decorate mp3 with *tatoos*. no need to buy new cd if you get bored with the songs and they can only store about 20.
I looooooove my MP3 Player, though I need new headphones cause these dont work very well. And it only cost me $30, so why on earth would I buy the bulky, inconvenient CD player. wink.gif
MP3 players are quite possibly one of THE best inventions ever! Or at least in my opinion, since i travel a lot, i dont have to carry tons of CD's with me if i just have all my songs in one player. I have the iPod Nano so it's pretty small and convinent to travel with.
I <3 MP3's!!! I have 2 ipods. one 30 gig video, and one 20 gig not video but it's in a coma. CD players just suck. i don't have the time, patience, or concentration to deal with them besides, i lose my CDs a lot.
Fayth Prophecy
I can't say about MP3 players, but I take my friend's and use her's when I'm bored. But I personally don't own one, so I really have no say in the subject.
Mp3 players are so great! i like mine a lot!! and i use it a lot, they are useful, specially when you are bored!!! biggrin.gif and so small too! you can go with it everywhere!!
I got it a few weeks ago, but i really like it!!! tongue.gif Christmas present...very late present... ph34r.gif but it was worth the wait!!!! laugh.gif
CD's.....dont get me started.....theres a ton of them,you waste $ on cd's instead of downloading free,having 20 songs on a cd when you only need one or 2 of them,if they scratch your screwed......and they are flamable X3 but mp3's aree sooo much BETTER p.s. any of you got psp's all you seem to have i-pods sleep.gif
yea mp3 are a good thing to have now. but there is something bad about them. casue now people dnot really pay attention so when your on the subway anyone can just walk up and take your things, but only the really experiened theifs and that was not really a problem we didnt have to worry that much about before mp3's. but i would go as far as sayin that they are bad they just some problems.
first mp3 dont cost $150 i got mines for $50 and i love it plus i got a memory card for it i needed more music biggrin.gif
i like MP3 players. I've got a 20gb one and it's really useful.

However sometimes i preper to listen to albums on cd players cuz the qual's bettter
ohmy.gif I can count myself amoun all the happy mp3 users, this ipod nano is my like now laugh.gif
The House believes we have gone too far with the ipod.
i have an apple ipod mini.
DarkWater Alchemist
I'm stilly using a portable CD player. If I want an MP3 player, I want a GOOD one with at least 6 gig storage capacity, I'd want to have all my favourite songs with me, wich is quite a lot. So I wait until the thingies get better and cheaper. smile.gif

Oh, and by the way, if you really like a band, do support them, especially if they's new or indies - buy mp3's, buy CD's, whatever. Besides, CD's have nice booklets with pics and lyrics, CD's are LOVE !
Yes, LOVE. *hugs her Déspairs Ray CD* It's materialism. I want to hold it in my hands. Have it. You can't hold your mp3 songs.
QUOTE(What, no bacon? @ Mar 20 2005, 09:30 AM) [snapback]136545[/snapback]

If I ever go traveling abroad for an extended period, the first thing I'm packing for the trip is an iPod, because there's no way I'd be able to haul around 600+ cds like that.

I can't live without my friend the iPod. I've got a Nano. I'm going to download some songs. (Cuddles iPod lovingly) Oh, my sweet iPod! *batteries run out* Shoot.
If you want to get down to it, all music, video games, and teleivision is "useless". But life would suck then. Anyways, as far as music listening goes, Ipods are useless, as they are much to expensive. MP3 players are quite convieniant, and you could get better quality ones then Ipods for cheaper.
Black Zero
Well it depends on which Ipod u buy because the video Ipod is a good deal.
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