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Full Version: Madde Up Family Of Characters
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Haldir of Lorien
well, all my made up characters are Fma characterAmara, has two older sister,Lee, is my case closed character. her younger sister Setsume,is my wolf's rain character.her mother ,Alia, is my Ghost in the shell.and the start of their family is the ever so evil ........NARAKU.(stupid I know)They would have had another sister but she died when she was four.the family is rich but the girls(Lee,Amara,Setsume) hardly ever see thier parents.The again Amara goes about her state alchemist work,Lee helps richard with his cases, while Setsume is traviling with her wolf buddies................. tell me is this a good idea...........
good idea?yup yup yup it is!
Haldir of Lorien
thnx,I thought people might think this is stupid(probablly becasue of the naraku twist)
some of the characters from different anime ive never seen but the story is a good start!
er....good idea for...what? O_o are you writing some crazy crossover thing? or...what? i'm confused... how do you have FMA, detective conan, wolf's rain, ghost in the shell, and inuyasha all at once? and is there an actual plot? or is this just people you made up...? this makes no sense to me...
Haldir of Lorien
I have made up CHARACTERS for case closed,wolf's rainFma and Ghost in the shell.and they are All RELATED TO EACH OTHER and the family Ancestor is NARAKU
(i am not triing to be mean,just triing to x-plain it smile.gif
Hagane No Renkinjutsushi {ED}
X_x im confused ....
Phyco girl
I think that all the made up characters from different anime/manga are all related and I have no idea what the plot is. Kind of hard to remember all the characters. I guess it's like a giant crossover thing-a-mabob.
Haldir of Lorien
@HaganenoRekinjusushi{Ed}:My Fma Character has an older sister,right,Her older sister is my CASE CLOSED characteer.She also has a younger Sister,She is My WOLF'S RAIN CHARACTER.
(didn't I write it on our fanfiction at The Library??)
please put up Ch. 1!!!
Haldir of Lorien
(listening to BROTHERS as I type kinda my inspiration)

"Our story,is not as sad as others,darkness,is a virtue,we cannot all belong to the light.
our family,The Haganye family,has seen to many troubles,to many to count.but in spite of all that, me and my sisters, live almost alone,we hardly see our parents,but that has made our bonds ever so stronger.And so, let me tell you our story, a story that revovles around sadness, maybe not to you,but to us. listen as we tell you a story about death,life,and bonds between sisters,and how tight.....they can be...."
--Eldest sister,
Lee Haganye

(the story is told through Lee's eyes ,just so you know)
It is raining outside,as daddy drives us to the hospital to see mommy,and our new baby sister.but lately, daddy has been worried about something.he tolled little sister Amara that some bad guys are after him but he won't tell us why,all he tolled my and my other two sisters,are that we were put under something call A witness protection program
Me and Amara are just thinking about many different names when all of a sudden, we feel a sudden jolt and the last thing I can remember is Amara and Daddy screaming,and I saw darkness,but seconds later, my eyes are still closed,and I here sirens,and i feel like I am being lifted into the air, in the distance i hear Dad,telling Amara it was going to be alright....

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