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Full Version: If They Played An Instrument
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I don't know why but lately I have been wondering " what if the characters from this series played instruments?" Idon't really know wich one each character would play but I was just curious. I think Riza would be suited to play the flute or something. Every one else i'm clueless.
Ed would SO play an electric guitar =P
Lust's Stalker
I could see Lust playing the Violin
I can picture Riza playing the flute, too. happy.gif

...Maybe Sloth could play the piano...rolleyes.gif

Hm...I can imagine Aru playing the triangle~ tongue.gif
I'd say Roy on sax and Armstrong with the tuba. I wonder if Winry would take the drums?
Fullmetal Fangirl
Yeah, Riza for the flute
Roy for guiter, maybe acrustik
Ed for the guiter, eletric
Winry for teh TUBA!
Ed on eletric defiinatly smile.gif
I think Al would be on drums. Envy on the keyboard or something.
Lust is good for voilins and stuff like that
gluttony I just don't know.
As for Wrath xylephone lol

( I play the Viola and Hali plays the voilin )
note Hali = little sis
Fullmetal Fangirl
Gluttony on the drums

Really? I pictured Gluttony munching on the panflute for some reason...rolleyes.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl

What the hell is THAT?
Haldir of Lorien
Lust would suit on a violin and that would BE SO COOL!(I'ma HUGE Lust Fan)
Fullmetal Fangirl
This thread's moving very fast...

What? Are you sure?

What about Envy?

Double Bass!
If FMA was:

...a rather awful 1st wave ska band:

Ed - guitar
Winry - trumpet
Lust - bass
Alphonse - keys
Wrath - drums
Roy - erm, vocals?

...a small scale classical orchestra:
Ed - cello
Winry - flute
Lust - violin
Alphonse - piano
Riza - clarinet
Roy French horn
Gluttony trumpet
Envy double bass
Armstrong - bassoon
Armstrong on Piccolo for sure!
I can also see Al doing the whole Ocarina thing like in Zelda.
I agree with Ed on Electric, Riza on Flute, Lust on Violin.
Winry - vocals?
Armstrong on Piccolo for sure!
Oh my, I'm not the only one who thought of that? Kyahaha! laugh.gif
riza on the violin (or some sort of stringed instrument) or piano. but i think i'd be cool if she played the guitar. cool.gif and al on drums.
Lust on any string instrument I suppose, Roy and Winry would probably would be the best vocals. but wrath...... still the xyllphone. Sloth looks like the piano kinda person but what about scar? ( impossible thought) or Izumi or hoenhiem ( alot of character to thnik of when it comes to playing music biggrin.gif)
Armstrong on the piccalo sounds hilarious I mean someone as muscuely as him playing a pueny picalo rolleyes.gif
Hagane no Renzy

So many opertunities rolleyes.gif

Human Al-Flute for me, definately
Armour Al-Cello, lol
Ed-Yah, electric guitar

Now, seperately, the Seven Deadly Sins:

Sloth-DEFINATELY piano
Envy-Hmmm....Jazz Flute??? blink.gif Jk! Probably tambourine...or something...

Pardon my choices. biggrin.gif

Edward = Cornet
Alphonse = Clarinet
Roy = Trumpet
Riza = Flute/Violin/Cello/Harp
Winry = Timpani
Pinako = Gong
Havoc = Harmonica
Fuery = Piano/Synthesizer
Armstrong = Tuba/Piccolo/Euphonium
Breda = Trombone
Falman = French Horn
Sheska = English Horn
Dante = Organ
Hohenheim = Bassoon

Lust = Saxophone
Gluttony = Cymbals
Pride = Bugle
Envy = Flamenco guitar
Greed = Accordion
Sloth = Banjo/Mandolin
Wrath = Bagpipes

Black Hayate = Tin whistle
Den = Penny whistle
dude, quis! i'm *dying* at envy on the flamenco guitar! that's hysterical! aaahahah!!! and wrath on the bagpipes is...bloody terrifying, dear... wow.

i love havoc on the harmonica. that is image that will forever be burned in my head. that was sooooo hilarious.

lessee...i can't quite see roy on a trumpet... somehow, the image just...leaves me going O_o i always saw roy on something more... i dunno, 'everyday'. he seems like a plain-old acoustic guitar guy to me. down-to-earth, versatile, expressive and sometimes humorous.

thanks to tobu i keep getting the image of big armor-plated al playing these little bitty bongo drums, too. *laughs* so that's all i can see for him now. and now i have the urge to draw fanart of riza playing the harp, that's awesome, nice choice.

gluttony with cymbals is awesome, and greed with an accordian is prolly the funniest image i've had all week, that's great! aaahahaha!
I really see Roy being really good at singing
I don't know why but I just think he'll be great at vocals
For some reason I imagine Al playing the drums with some nice shades on, in his armor form.
Ed I see playing the flute for some reason o.O one of those cool hero characters playing the D: .
Sloth -> piano
Lust -> violin
Greed -> electric guitar
Envy -> flute also o.O
Pride -> sax or something
Gluttony -> I see him playing the symbols...but eventually eating them D:!
Wrath -> Electric Guitar
Riza -> Harp
Roy -> not an instrument..but I see him snapping a lot tongue.gif
Armstrong -> those giant drums that's turned on its side ohmy.gif
Winry -> a big music set out of automail parts XD
Pinako -> triangle
Fullmetal Fangirl
Roy -> not an instrument..but I see him snapping a lot 

blink.gif thats true...
Steel Alchemist
No one would play an instrument.
QUOTE(Steel Alchemist @ Mar 19 2005, 04:36 PM)
No one would play an instrument.

dry.gif I guess everyone has their own opinion...
I'd think that...
Edward: electric guitar and vocal/ violin
Alphonse: cello
Roy: flute
Riza: violin
Winry: piccolo
Hughes: trumpet
Armstrong: double bass
Dante: organ
Hohenheim: possibly an Acoustic guitar
Lust: violin or cello
Gluttony: recorder
Envy: vocal
Greed: bass
Sloth: piano
Wrath: drums
Sorry for not naming them all... im just a bit lazy
Everyone's choices are so neat to imagine Roy would be good on the vocals, , snapping, hhhhmmmmm imagine roy doing that weraing glovs * sets everything on fire*
You'll learn that Roy is an excellent vocalist once you've heard the Roy Mustang Songfile CD.
What about Lyra playing the harpsichord? *kicked*
That would be soo neat. rolleyes.gif
imagine Ed on vocals, hmmmmm
with a voice like his it might be something very interesting thig to listen to .
ed's secret agent
Ed: Vocals O_O [That would be so awesome]
Acoustic Guitar [while singing >:D]
Electric guitar

Roy and Havoc: Havoc would be playing the harmonica and Roy wold be singing the blues XD [That would be so awesome]

^ The solution? Fanart!!!

Winry: Vocals
sax [maybe]

Al: Armor- Drums
Flesh- Acoustic guitar

Riza: Vocals

Aw man, my fave is that Roy/Havoc Blues thing.... Somebody should really draw that........
Yes, the Edward Elric Songfile CD is very good. Paku Romi is an amazing singer.
AA battery
If to picture Hagane no Kokoro, then Ed should be with the electric guitar, Al with the keyboard, and WInry with the drum set!
I think Izumi would suit them hand drums.
for some odd reason I see winry on the piano but that seems more like the thng for Sloth .
I think we all think Ed would be best on the electric guitar . ( hmmm good images in my mind about Edward on the electric biggrin.gif )
Fullmetal Fangirl
Whos heard Ed (Poki somebody forgot his name) sing Melissa? It only goes for about 30 seconds but oh well, its hilarious
I don't even like the song Mellissa but hey Edward singing has to be something to hear. dry.gif
I always imagined Ed on the drums, but probobly cause I think drums are sexy. Lust on the harp. Roy... hm. Probobly the electric guitar. Al... hehe, I like the bongo drums idea! I could see Winry playing flute, Riza, I could see Riza playing the harp too.
Hee....I can just imagine an illustration of chibi Aru (<--the armor-suit one) softly tapping on bongo drums, surrounded by kittens...laugh.gif

@Legolas-san: Ed singing, ka...why don't you try this link? biggrin.gif

'Melissa' by Ed and Aru's seiyuu~ laugh.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
Winry on the drum set! she can use her wrenches!




Ed: Electirc Guitar
Riza : Flutes
Winry: Vocals? Her voice is super
Al : piano

I actually play drums, piano, and keyboard..but i suck at them all xDD
Fullmetal Fangirl
Oooh, I play the Saxamaphone, clarinet and soon the drums!

Hurray! Riza on Flute...hmm, its possible
The first thing that popped in my mind when I thought of Riza was her playing a violin. I see Roy on the guitar. Scieska would play the oboe. I could see Ed and Al both playing the flute. Winry could play the tambourine.

Brenda:Small Drum
Havoc:Big Drum


Gluttony:French Horn

Greed:Electric Guitar
Dolchatte:Bass guitar
Martyl:Bass guitar
The big dude:Drums

And she would beat up Ed and Aru everytime they goofed up on timing, etc. laugh.gif||
well ed and al would have to be careful not to goof up. lol

I think hoenhiem would suit the Sax , if he wore some jazz like suit.
I also see jean on the drums too.
Alchemist Adiktus Alexuna
If they played instrument, it will be:

Ed - guitar, electric
Al- drums
Riza- electric piano
Hughes- percasion
Roy- Tap of feet

Rock band and Orchastral
Al - I think of him as a bassist. I feel that the bass's part in music and his general character match up.

I always imagined Ed on the drums, but probobly cause I think drums are sexy.

Hell yeah tongue.gif and it'll be great anger management for the midget. [Scrubs] Tiny fists of fury.[/Scrubs]

Great, now I have images of the Elric brothers as a Drum & Bass band. DFA 1979?
Hmm...dunno. Looking at all your guys' thoughts, I'm very indescisive.

In Hagane no Kokoro, I keep imagining:

Ed-electric guitar
Winry-bass guitar or electric keyboard
Al-drums xD

And every one knows that their vocals are super =3 So, they can do that too!

Roy and Riza...hmmm. Dunno. I'd say something jazzy though, like a saxaphone or trumpet for Roy, because most of his character file songs have that sort of...jazzy feel to them, especially Ame no Hi wa No Thank You.
Haha, this is amusing.

Hughes - Trumpet
Falman - Trombone
Armstrong - Saxphone
Havoc - Bass
Fury - Piano

Hawkeye & Roy - Vocals for "Ame no Hi wa No Thank You"

What a simple picture off of DeviantArt can do to you. :] Props to hime1999 of DeviantArt.
Art of Misconception
Riza - viola

Roy - acoustic guitar

Hughes - acoustic guitar

Ed - Drums

Alphonse - piano
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