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Full Version: Al Sketches
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Anyway, I won't go into much detail right now.... I'm too tired.

13 year old Al


Al Kicking butt...

This one is my fave. I drew it during gym today.
They are all pretty awsome i like Al Kicking butt... one

thats got pretty cool pose to it! happy.gif
Thank you! I worked a while to get that pose good....

New sketches! I drew these yesterday at work... it was rather slow...
Awww *wants to huggle the bunny Al* happy.gif But Ed is already evil >:) Al's profile looks a bit squashy, but they're good sketches smile.gif
*smiles at computer screen* Aww! That's really cool! I love the devil Ed. He's like me-pure evil! Mwahaha!

I also like the one of Al with the kitty ears.
I like all of them. My favorite would be Al kicking butt.
^^ nice work!!! keep it up!!! XD
Very nice! I commend you on the last picture. That pose with the legs is so hard to draw!!X_x The lil AL bunny's cuteness nibbles at my soul! XD Devil Ed is cute too...yet evil....eeeeeviiiill. Lol. Keep it up. If you're like me, you draw alot but have yet to color anything. Are you? ^^
Full Metal Engineer
I think the picture in the link was probably the best its just so freaking awesome
Thank you all! biggrin.gif I think I'll have some Al in armor pictures next... since I got the Alphonse action figure!!!

*squeals like fangirl*

Nothing like a lil inspiration!
those Rock!! Is Al your favorite?
Thank you! Ooooh yeah, he's my fav. He's my baby!!! Err.... Sorry, let my fangirl side get the better of me.
Wow! they're all so CUTE!
^^ I can tell you have a passion for drawing him.
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