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Full Version: A War Between Brothers
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ed's secret agent
My first fic with chapters, YAY!
[Ed and Al gots their bodies back and live with Pinako and Winry]

Chapter 1
Ed lay lazily in a couch, his arms behind his head, him looking at the ceiling. He had his black tank on and some dark blue shorts. [no shoes] Aaahhhh....


Al ran down the stairs and got slower as he went down. He wore a bright red t-shirt, blue pants, and black sneakers.

"Yo, Al!" Ed called out. Hhhmmmm...

Something was up with him...

"Hi Ed!" Said Al.

"Anything wrong? ....."

"No... Nnnnothing...."

Something was indeed wrong with Al. He never sweated, he didn't stutter, and since when did he call him Ed?!

"Uh...Uh-- See ya." Said Al.

Their eyes met for a quick second before Al ran to the kitchen. Ed recognized that look. The look of anxiety. Nervousness. Hmmmm.Weird. Since when has Al been nervous. anxious, or weird? nnnnnn..... Weird maybe ,but not ever anxious or nervous... Ed quickly followed Al to the kitchen, curiosity filling him.

He slouched on a wall behind Al. Winry was in the kitchen, washing dishes. She wore a short pink shirt and a small light blue skirt.

"Uh...Uh... Hi Winry." Said Al.

"Hmmm?" She turned around.
"Hi Al. Hi Ed." She smiled brilliantly at them. [Ed had a heartattack. Al drowned. Love... Heh.]

"Ummm... Winry...Will you...maybe...Uh...." Spill it out! Thought Al.
"Uh, go on a date with me?" He said fast.

Ed's eyes widened. He glared at him.He took Al by his [shirt] collar and led him out of the kitchen. Winry looked surprised.

"Brother wha-"

Al was cut off by Ed's hand on his mouth. He slammed Al [silently] on the wall and watched him slide a little.

"You like Winry?" Ed asked quietly.

"Well...... yes....."

"...........Well then, we'll fight for her!" Said Ed fiercly.

Al stood up and wiped his pants from the dust. Al then looked up at his brother. Al smirked widely.

"Sure Brother... We'll start tommorow... Good luck..."

"Good luck....." Growled Ed.

They both marched silently to their rooms. Who knew... Thought Al. That we would be in love with the same person... Heh... He glared at the floor. If it's a fight you want Ed, then it's a fight you'll get..."

This was not a fight. It was a war between brothers.
Next chapy [probably] tommorow! I'll try to make a chapter everyday.
This was a quick intro. {Not really "quick"}
[How come nobody's thought of this before?]
Very quick, but this shall be interesting to watch/read.

'Ed had a heart attack' amusing image.
Hagane no Renzy
I can't wait to read the rest. Sounds like a funny and amusing little fic.
ed's secret agent
Only 2 comments? C'mon people! THIS IS EDWINAL SOETHING NOBODYS EVER THOUGHT ABOUT BEFORE!!!!!! .... Dang....

"The rules are quite simple." Explained Winry. "You will have a 5 round fight. Er, battle. No actual fighting involved. Whoever romantasizes me the most wins. In the last round, you will both participate so it's fair. 'Kay?"

Both were drooling at her. "uuuuuuuu..."

"OKAY?" Asked Winry.

"uh... Yeah."They both answered.

They both saluted her and marched off.

She stared at them dreamily.


Only one, would survive.
Sorry, but, my mommy is calling me down to dinner and, I have homework. I'll post "Chapter 3, Round 1" later.
Please RxR!
[Sorry for short chappy]
Phyco girl
Hmmm... I want to see how this turns out but I think that first of all you should tell us WHEN this happened. Second of all I don't think this is very in character for Ed and Al. Also Al would probably never be so rude to his brother, neither would Ed even if he DOES have a short temper from time to time. And last is no offence but the idea of a battle of romancing Winry is kind of dumb. I don't think Winry would even tolerate this kind of thing let alone set the rules for it. Please next time you do a topic put a little more thought into the character's well... character. Sorry for the scrutinizing! biggrin.gif Maybe you could have the same topic but a different approach? I don't know. Don't feel bad though, it's just my opinion. GOOD LUCK!!! biggrin.gif
ed's secret agent
QUOTE(Phyco girl @ Mar 17 2005, 04:51 PM)
And last is no offence but the idea of a battle of romancing Winry is kind of dumb. I don't think Winry would even tolerate this kind of thing let alone set the rules for it.

How do you know she wouldn't? biggrin.gif

I've stopped writing this because Nobody's really reading...So why write?

Over and out,
Li'l Shotgun XD
Phyco girl
Sorry about that. Didn't mean to be rude! I BELIVE IN YOU! Just give the story all you got. I think you would be able to make it great. That was just MY opinion. GOOD LUCK! biggrin.gif
ed's secret agent
Uh, like I said, I've discontinued it... Unless someone wants to do my story... I don't think I could go on...
Phyco girl
Okay. Again sorry for the comments if they were rude and I can't wait to read some of your other work. (Really liked the one about Ed's morning!)
ed's secret agent
Thanks! I'm actually gonna make another one later on... When I have the time. [I'm not good at this ,but from time to time, my work will turn out good. biggrin.gif]
Le Monkey

Im reading!!!

Cliche but I like this cliche ^^ can't wait to read more!
cooooooooooooool story its getting intresting keep going keep going!!!!!!!hurry up and finnish your dinner!!!
cool......continue please tongue.gif i hope ed wins blink.gif sorry al... sad.gif
XD Lol. Go Winry!
This is very interesting. :D Keep going!
Keep on writing.I wonder what will happen next...
ed's secret agent
Wow. blink.gif I've been gone for 5 months and this suddenly overflows.
So you guys want more, eh? biggrin.gif

Uh, gimmee some time to think of something, ok guys? I've been gone for such a long time, it'll take me a little bit to think of another chapter. But if you have any ideas for the plot, don't be shy to pm me.

If this goes wrong, I might have to restart this whole fic, just warnin' ya. tongue.gif
Okay, first of all, THIS FIC ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And like i say, there is no such thing as out of charactor because when writing a fic, the characters become like your puppets so you can do to them what you like! AND I LUV TH FIC SO WRITE DAMN IT!!!
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