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Full Version: Take A Quiz To Find Out Who You Are In FMA World
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<Editing the thread title and changed the thread title from "Who are You in the Hagaren World?" to "Take a Quiz to find out who you are in FMA world" tobetter describe the content of this thread. 02/24/07 ~Tombow>

not my quiz, but its still pretty interesting. ...The questions don't have a mention of any characters name (which I think is a pretty hard feat to do in this type of quiz).

... I'm Al Elric for some strange reason... (I like the fonts used in the results too)

Click here to try the quiz yourself:
Is there something wrong with the link or the page? It loads up and says it's finished, but it looks like it only loaded up about 10% of the page.
I was Ed. biggrin.gif I honestly didn't think that thats who I would be.
I got... Winry...

*blinks* How? When? Where? O.o;
Jork J. Kimbree...D: I don't want to be him....I thought I would get something like Ed.....or Ed tongue.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
Oh...I'm Roy? Well, okay then, no problem with that, except Im a girl...

If you're Riza Hawkeye, what are you? The pisture doesnt show...
ah, this is our dear Ninie's quiz. we all took it awhile back and i think we posted our results in the quizzes thread in spam central? or perhaps it was somewhere else....

@ fullmetal fangirl: the picture shows up for me. i think i got riza the last time i took it...
IPB Image
IPB Image

Interesting.... (evil smirk)

I think I was Riza last time though blink.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
Oh, hm, must be thinking of a diff quiz cuz when I got Roy it didnt look anything like that...

"You live to protect someone, you've many things you don't like for them..."
Is that so?!

LOL, like what things? That's cute, mention his name, and I'm happy

I think ill take the quiz again...WE'LL JUST SEE ABOUT THAT! laugh.gif
IPB Image

But...that....I.... blink.gif

Winry huh...go figure.
Yay! I'm the Fuhrer!

Bow to me, loyal soldiers!
O.o i am the fuhrer too!
Envy's lil' miniskirt

I got Izumi!
To Falling Man: Quizilla is so unstable. One moment its perfectly fine and next...well, it'll work eventually.

To xrninja: Really?! blink.gif I haven't been here too long so I wouldn't have known that, but you hafta introduce me to Ninie sometime... I need to cry, wail, beg him/her for forgiveness and hope very, very hard that he/she will not kill me or worst, sue me for plagerizing... or I can just say thanks to Ninie. tongue.gif

To Everyone else: Hi people I don't know very well... yet! *evil fanatical grin*

[edit: changing think to thanks...]
Hehe happy.gif It's my quizz!

Papercrane: Hi! Why would I wan to kill or sue you? You seem like a nice person! I'm really flattered that you posted this thread! I'm really happy that people are still taking that quizz. And thanks for what you said about it! happy.gif

Everyone: unsure.gif I'm sorry for the stupid spelling mistakes I made. It was a while back and my english was worse than it is now, and I'm kinda embarassed... But thanks for taking it anyway! happy.gif

I took the test too, and I got Maes huh.gif Last time, it was Winry... or Al, or Sheska... I get a different result everytime...
Blade Alchemist
I got Scieska and I took it twice.....ohwell. Besides being a guy the description does fit me smile.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
I tried to avoid the ones got to wif de flirting with the girls...a guys wait...a Roy thing...

1st up...I got Bradley...i think I fainted...but then jumped up and took it again cuz i wasnt thinking straight!

and then YAY! Riza Hawkeye! Wee! Best result! "Straight things, beige or black. And no miniskirts!" Dam right, girl! "Guy-type movies: with cars, and mechanical things. It's weird for a girl to like that, but, I can't help it!" Oh yes, so TRUE!

I'll do it again, I wanna see with the description is for Roy...
Umm...can't you choose "See all results"?

That's how I did when I wanted to see his description.
I gots Alphonse, even though I'm a girl, I don't have a problem with that. At least is not something totally off and ridiculous.


Hi Ninie! *see me shy away*

The stuff about you killing and suing... eh, forget about it (me trying-to-be-funny experiment 6 has failed... happy.gif; ). But thanks for making the quiz...
I got Jean Havoc!
even though i'm a girl
I'm not sure if the description matches me but ah well
I suppose it doesn't really matter coz I do like Jean
... I'm Scar...

(happy dance) I like Scar, not one of my favorites but definitely a misunderstood soul, ne?
[COLOR=red] I got Edward Elric.
IPB Image
describes me perfectly...not so sure thats a good thing. dry.gif
im riza n.n wasn't really exspecting to get her

IPB Image
I'm Fuhrer King Bradley.

That's not who I thought I would get at all, but I'm ok with it.
I got Ed
Very nice quiz. You made it hard to tell which character corresponded to which answer. Very Nicely done! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Now, if only SOMEONE would make a HAGAREN MATCHMAKER QUIZ. *hint hint* laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Maes_ Hughes
I got Al. I got Ed in another one that I took, but I don't feel like I'm like either one.
I got Hughes, I seem to get him on every quiz I take, maybe its the hyperactivity and being cheerful whenever everyone else is depressed? blink.gif . I'd say my brother-in-law is more like him though, if he's got photos of his darling daughters he'll coo over them all day and shove them in peoples faces and thats just plain scary blink.gif
IPB Image

Oh snap, baby.
Hilde Knight
I got the Fuhrer. Normally, I probably would have disagreed with that, but upon reading the description, yeah, that is me.
I got Ed, which is kind of right, since I do have a very short temper.
IPB Image
weee i get to be roy mustang!
Fullmetal Fangirl
Go Riza, man
The Colonel's Girl
I'm Scar! Hey, who would have thought that I was vengeful and patiotic at the same time. But Scar.... laugh.gif
somehow i'm maes... i don't see it... but i do have to say the quiz is kinda poorly made since you can easily see which answers lead to what characters...

also whoever made the maes pic needs to understand that light pea green on a gray background is one of the worst ideas ever when it comes to text......
<img src="">

Haha, so true. I think of friends before myself. I love animals (expecially kitties). I'm the youngest of my family. AND, I'm a big sweetie.

This quiz scares me... blink.gif
I ended up being ed......that is so funny because there are times when i act like him in real life......cya all soon
Hmm...I got Riza. I think it's cool, since I wasn't expecting to get her, but it says something like, 'you may seem cold, but you are really loving'.

I seem cold? huh.gif I should rpobably work on that! laugh.gif
Riza's cool, though. I'm glad I got her. happy.gif
I am Izumi sensei. It says I am who I am because I am forced to be like that (yup thats me) but I am also very protecting though I have a violent way of showing it(I think I told my friend once that I would have protected her from a creepy guy on the bus if I had been there, strange thing was I thought in my mind that if he tried anything funny I would have punched him huh.gif ). I never knew I was like that...
IPB Image
Wewt. I wasn't expecting myself to be Riza, but meh XP
I've taken the test multiple times, yet each time I come out as Ed. No matter how I answer. blink.gif

The funny thing is, I'm more like Al (at least, I think). I'm big (TALL! mad.gif ), sort of a pascifist, yet I'll defend my friends anyway I can.

Ok, now I'm confused. blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif
Heh I thought i would get Roy or Scar but instead I got Ed heheh.
Full Blade Alchemist
Grrr... I am Winry!

I don't like Winry.. dry.gif
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Apr 5 2005, 10:59 PM)
somehow i'm maes... i don't see it...  but i do have to say the quiz is kinda poorly made since you can easily see which answers lead to what characters...

also whoever made the maes pic needs to understand that light pea green on a gray background is one of the worst ideas ever when it comes to text......

Hehe ^^''' I'm thinking of redoing it anyway, so if you have another thing to tell me, don't hesitate! I'm happy you said you didn't like it: it'll help me improve the next time! happy.gif

(And I'll try to double check my spelling, too. >.<)
Le Monkey
Im still winry!

Saturn Stars
I'm Winry-san.

Didn't suprise me though, have an obbsession for machines... um and did I forget to mention I also have an infatuation with Ed? *blush* lol

Great fun!
YAY I'm Ed!!!! WOO HOO!!!
Haldir of Lorien
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