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Just want to know your opinions. If you've watched it go tell me! And if not, find it on

And for those who are lazy bums that won't go find out when it shows and watch it... here's a link to see a preview online

Edit: err... they've now added an annoying coco puffs ad in front of the actual preview... just wait through the ad and then the preview will show up.
I like it
i like a lot
i saw like 2 episodes and it looks really interesting.
i love it laugh.gif i think it is a good anime especially to be on nick biggrin.gif
hey chibi usa i have some sailor moon pics in my photobucket if u want to look
... I like it too! Usually I think any anime-imitations on nick or cartoon network belong in the grave, but avatar is actually pretty good.

I went around some other anime forums and I saw that most just dismissed this show... I'm so glad you guys gave the show a chance. biggrin.gif
looks interesting. its a better anime-imitation than Teen Titans or Totally Spies, at least. the art sometimes reminds me of the art of Abenobashi... anyway, looks fairly good.
I've never seen Abenobashi (maybe I should...), but I think the artwork has a hint of studio ghibli in it...
QUOTE(heavensangel @ Mar 8 2005, 04:10 PM)
i love it  laugh.gif  i think it is a good anime especially to be on nick biggrin.gif
hey chibi usa i have some sailor moon pics in my photobucket if u want to look

okay I'll look tongue.gif
It's a cool show or anime.
I'm not sure wacko.gif
Yeah it is anime-imitation. But yeah I have to admit, so far it's good. Well it's better than I expected. Nothing to be obsessed about, but yeah the plot is actually pretty good.

The thing I hated about Teen Titan and Totally Spies is because it's not coherant. It doesn't have a overall plot and the characters are always the same. THere's no character development and the characters dont have a background, childhood or another life besides what is shown on TV. In anime (the good ones) the characters act and think the way they do because something happened in their past or and stuff. You can guess their life story and stuff. The whole series revolves around the character trying to accomplish a goal.

BTW I really HATED totally spies because the girls are such ditzes.... >_<
Old review thingie... read if your interested...

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Last modified: March 5, 2005, 3:46 PM
Contributed By: Kendall Lyons

Nick Premiere Show
"The Southern Air Temple"
"The Warriors of Kyoshi"

Nick Premiere Show

Check out subsequent pages of this exclusive Animation Insider news feature article for additional reviews of additional episodes of this intriguing new, original animated television series airing on Nick.

Anyone watching Avatar: The Last Airbender will be reminded of the anime-style cartoons seen on the air today on other networks. Some are calling it Nickelodeon’s way of gaining an audience of Japanese Anime fans, and others are calling it a new style that probably wouldn’t hurt to try at least once.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is the story of a young boy named Aang, an Airbender of course, one who can basically use air to do all sorts of interesting movements and tricks. He carries a stick that can turn into a kite – like flying device, allowing him to fly as he manipulates the wind with his powers to airbend.

Twelve year old Aang is found in a glacier in the South Pole by two members of the Water Tribe village known as Katara, whose the only water bender in all of the South Pole, and her brother, Sokka, whose a young warrior in the tribe. Other characters Aang and the rest of the audience gets to meet include Zuko, a fire bender and, in fact, prince of all fire benders. During the time that Katara and Sokka find Aang, Zuko is on a major quest to search for “the Avatar,” whom apparently is Aang, the one whom supposedly has mastered all earth elements, from fire to earth to water to air. Simply, an Avatar is someone who can control or shape these earthly elements. Other characters include Aang’s flying bison, Appa, whom seems to be quite the interesting creature to travel on.

The conflict is protection. The water tribe for some time has been under attack by the fire benders. No one has been around for about a century to keep all of the land in balance between the elements of earth, fire, wind, and water. Aang just may be the one to help bring balance back to all the land; could he be the Avatar is the question. Many would sound out yes immediately, but perhaps the many other upcoming episodes will allow the public to answer the unanswered questions. As we look further into the premiere episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it turns out that Aang only knows how to airbend. A little over a century, the fire group apparently worked towards taking over most of the globe, and at that the same time many wondered if after all this time, the last Avatar died after such a long period of being missing in action. If Aang is the Avatar, he is much younger than a century or so old. After being stuck in the glacier so long, assuming that things were still peaceful, Aang had no idea of the conflict that was taking place. The end result is that it could very well be up to a twelve year old airbender to learn all the tricks of the trade and help restore peace across the lands, with some kind of help from Katara and Sokka, and if were all lucky, a few others along the trail.

The characters are quite interesting. Aang seems to be the lighthearted kid that you can easily familiarize yourself with. He seems to bring comfort in the most dangerous or hostile situations. Aang is practically unafraid. Katara seems to be very close to the age of Aang, and most likely will continue to grow closer to a strong relationship of friendship with Aang. Katara doesn’t mind having the ability to water bend, but she wants to learn to improve her skills and believes that Aang would be able to really assist her in some form or fashion. Sokka is kind of a bothersome but meaningful older brother, who has very strong pride in his tribe. Sokka proves to be more than just what the show leads him on to be. He thinks Katara and Aang are both very weird, but most likely as the series goes on, he’ll get use to it all.

Go here for the rest of it:
from what i've seen so far, it's pretty interesting. for the most part i like the voices and characters (especially sokka tongue.gif), and the logo and commercial with the painted hills and stuff are well done, which get bonus points in my book. i also really liked the element-bending powers, aang's in particular. and dude, appa is awesome. wink.gif
Appa.... Who DOESN'T want a giant, flying bison! biggrin.gif

But its too bad that its on Nickelodeon... they have, are and I bet they will abuse this show till death.
Who knows... so far is going good. I thought teen titan, totally spies and shaolin showdown was "abused" tongue.gif
YES, I LOVE THAT SHOW. i just washed it last night and I loved it. I do think that Totally Spies was wayyyyy abused and now the Totally Spies Under Cover is just over doing it. Some episodes of Teen Titans were good, but now its being abused and Shoalin Showdown is more abused than a neglected dog.
To MustEd4ever: Yea... Nickelodeon abuses all shows that have good ratings...

To Dark Warrior: Well, it showed two/three times per day after the first primiere throughout the first week or so.
Oh that's wut u meant by abused. ha i thought you meant overdoing the show.. . o.O

Well i think they're just introducing for the first couple of weeks, i'm sure the schedule's gonna change.
I've seen about two episodes of Avatar, it's interesting. Though I'm sure it's not anime, the artwork is quite good and it reminds me of Abenobashi Mahou Shougentai. I love the Avatar's little ...plane thing.
I saw the avatar 1st two eposodes and they were pretty good..i even saw my dad watching it the other day >.> scary..
Riza Babe
hahah Looks Great Quote~ "I mean't to do that" lol!
my favorite quote: "Hey Sokka, nice dress!"

Sokka being a boy. laugh.gif

Our kitchen and living room are adjoined so every time I get a snack(which I do often), I see my brother watching tv and he LOVES avatar.
I Liked This Anime. A Few More Episodes And I Might Make Space On My Calender For It. A Few More Good Episodes, That Is.
QUOTE(Glam @ Mar 12 2005, 09:17 PM)
I saw the avatar 1st two eposodes and they were pretty good..i even saw my dad watching it the other day >.> scary..

Same here! My dad loves that show o.o lol it's kinda funny, cuz he's like a kid. He used to love aladin, and then DBZ, and then Rurouni Kenshin... and now Avatar... He was like "Hey watch Avatar! It's so cool..." when i was flipping the channels.
Winry Elric
I LOVE this show^_^ I finally gave it a try and loved it^_^ Aang is sooooooo cute and Katara cool and Sokka is funny^_^ The newest one when Aang had a fan club was so funny^_^
It is pretty good, but I don't think I will keep track with it, I'll watch it when I see it randomly on. Nic always has marathins on all there shows, so they will show the hole season, some day. They actually had one... already I remember watching it, they showed like 5 episodes, the fights look cool and the animation for there crazy powers is cool.
QUOTE(Winry Elric @ Mar 14 2005, 04:06 PM)
I LOVE this show^_^ I finally gave it a try and loved it^_^ Aang is sooooooo cute and Katara cool and Sokka is funny^_^ The newest one when Aang had a fan club was so funny^_^

I remember screaming "fangirls! fangirls!" and "I know those people!"(Don't some of you have friends who believe the sole purpose in life is to marry an anime character?) when I saw the part where Aang gets chased back and forth across a bridge by a horde of crazed Aang-obsessed girls. laugh.gif

My lil' brother never looked at me the same way ever since. biggrin.gif
Winry Elric
I think a REALLY funny part in that episode where that old guy was gonna draw Aang with a fangirl and each time he looked away to draw and looked back more appeared^_^ That was hilarious biggrin.gif
smile.gif smile.gif That whole episode was full of fangirl spoofs. biggrin.gif All of them were great of course.

To Winry Elric: I like your new avatar. smile.gif
Oops. blink.gif The guest before was me. I thought I was already signed in...
I love this show cuz it's funny and it actually has a good storyline that keeps u interested unlike some of the shows that are on Nick.
I like this show as well, but I don't think it qualifies as a real anime. It has some great action and a great storyline but tlike I said, I don't see where it qualifies as an anime.
Ya cuz I don't think it qualifies as a anime either though the animation is good.
I agree with both of you in that Avatar doesn't qualify as an anime, but there isn't an pretty-good-anime-imitation forum here... biggrin.gif
after all the episodes ive seen it now rank in the top 10 for

my all time fav cartoons that are anime or i think are not anime
QUOTE(Firewitch-Robin @ Mar 18 2005, 10:24 AM)
I love this show cuz it's funny and it actually has a good storyline that keeps u interested unlike some of the shows that are on Nick.

Hey there are some good shows on nick, like fairly odd parents and invader zim. Well there's two. dry.gif
alchemistgirl zero
...must...not...drool...over...guy...with...scar... =9

Yeah, it's a pretty good show. ^^
A kid in some other forum was trying to comvince everybody that he actually was an air vender, that he coud control it and that he was practicin the fire and whater vending as well, so i do think is a pretty good show, but is messing with kids heads not all kids but still.
the ironflame alchemist
i actually watch this show every friday, its not bad i like it but since its on nickolodeon i dont think it will get as much reconition as it should
Mustang's Apprentice
It looks sorta interesting.

My kid bro loves it though.

Cartoon Network would have made more people watch it instead of Nickelodeon.
Hawkeyes counterpart
That show is to good to be on Nick, it should be on Cartoon Network happy.gif.
But anyway I guess you could call me a fan of the anime biggrin.gif .
Mustang's Apprentice
The producers could have gotten away with a lot less, but they truly worked hard on it and released it when they had truly perfected it, unlike some of the other crap on Nick.
silver bg
Hey there are some good shows on nick, like fairly odd parents and invader zim. Well there's two. dry.gif

Invader Zim was awsome
I love Invader Zim!! It was awesome
But Avatar's cool too. Invader Zim,!!
Aang is awsome mostly when he plays with that marble,and that lema Momo I think is awsome to!!! biggrin.gif
Invader Zim was cool and if you want first season zim episodes send me a pm with your email address, and yes i do love Avatar:TLA
I actually caught part of the show last Friday just flipping through the channels and sat down and watched it. I loved it and was disappointed when it went off. I actually thought it was a movie and why hadn't CN picked it up. Well I be sure to look for it now.
I liked it so much that I wrote fanfiction of it.

For ZukoXKatara fans out there! Please don't flame. Someone just flamed my ass for making Seto Kaiba and Serenity fanfiction.
the show looks really buetiful animatin wise and you can see cg effects once in a while ,ive acually qiut watching it for a couple of months but now im back on track .btw it does looke magical shopping arcade abonobashi !
who me?Yes you!!!!
smile.gif I love AVATAR:THE LAST AIR BENDER!!!!!I so surpirsed that the artistic quality is so good, because usally NICK has very loonet toon like drawing quality. I am impressed and the story line is very interesting in deed. I more surprised the CN didn't think to you the same artistic quality as that an ATLAB(avater: the last airbender). I mean Teen titan art is ok, but Avater beats it hands down. Sorry if I dwell on the art quality so much, but I'm in college and I study art and am an artist my self smile.gif
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