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Full Version: Zelda Vs Ff
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Zelda is the best.

I've played both, and I'm still a Zelda fangirl. omg sexeh wolfy link I like the puzzles and dungeons. The bosses are well designed (Spoiler for those who haven't played TP: [spoiler]The 3rd temple's Morpheel was the pwn. It was the same hack-n-slash, but getting that damn eyeball was hard.[/spoiler]) and some of the characters will never be forgettable.

And, Midna's really cute.

Anyway, there's more to my rant:

OOT: Ah, a step into 3D. I loved. I loved loved. We get to become young Link, and the adult Link-- all with different weapons.

Now that's what I like about Zelda, you get meaningful weapons. In FF, its just about getting new weapons in shops, ditching old ones or synthesizing them. That's cool and all, but all you have are magic, a sword/staff or whatever.

I'll always love using the hookshot xP

Majora's Mask: I don't know why people complain. This game gets you thinking. I barely got to the first dungeon before I started writing down how I was going to spend my time. The masks were also a cool addition.

No, its not 'collect all 24 and the last boss will be super easy'.

Most of the masks have meaning, except for the few that are only good in their part of the story. The story is also good, however. Skull Kid pwns.

Wind Waker: Nyaa. Does cartoony Link scare people, or something? I enjoyed it a lot. The expressions were wonderful, and I liked the new attack techs.

The sea was painful, but going throughout the place without load times? Yeah, wow.

And Ganondorf's back. Whoopie.

Twilight Princess: I'm barely passed the 4th dungeon, and I'm about 30 hours in. This quest is preeetty long. The story is dark, and intriguing, and new bad guy Zant is pretty cool. Anyway, the puzzles are killer, the enviornments are lush, the new weapons are excellent (even though there aren't any of those fire, ice and light arrows ;_;) and
becoming a wolf isn't that bad, either.

Nyaa. It'll always be Zelda for me.
Zelda, for sure.
FF confuses me sometimes. :[
Zelda, because its one of my favorite games!!!
ed's numbuh 1 fan
I like Final Fantasy's storyline and characters but i like Zelda's puzzles, adventuring and story. But i chose Final Fantasy because i think it has more thought put in it (plus the music is beautiful! happy.gif )
But Gannondork needs to die. D:

ohmy.gif Hi Monkeh! *waves frantically*
Envy II
I've always been a big fan of Zelda, never so much of Final Fantasy. Maybe it's because I played the wrong games...
what is wrong with you people Zelda Twilight Pirncess has got to be the best game ever
I like Final fantasy more than Zelda, better graphics and story
I can't compare. Why? Simple. Different kinds of games. Zelda is more actiony, where FF is more strategy-y. So, err, no preference.

Twilight Princess rocks. Need to get more FF.
i'm posting to a much older response but....i just wanted to correct some false statements
QUOTE(Ice Blizzard @ Nov 25 2006, 03:03 PM) [snapback]477767[/snapback]
Yeah ... Zelda wins Hands down ... FF has been around a little longer than Zelda though

Release Dates: Final Fantasy 1 (NES):
Final Fantasy     Nintendo     07/12/90    US
Final Fantasy    SquareSoft    12/18/87    JP

Release Dates: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
The Legend of Zelda     Nintendo     08/22/87     US
The Legend of Zelda     Nintendo     11/15/87     EU

(Release dates taken from
Sleeping Forest
I've never played any Zelda game before [I know, I know. I've missed out, haven't I?] so I had to pick FF.

Besides, the original FF3 is so much fun...
Zelda contains all my childhood memories. smile.gif Plus, there are few things that make me feel as good as when I solve a difficult puzzle all on my own, and that catchy little jingle plays. So Zelda, for sure.
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