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Full Version: Who Do You House With?
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Talk about who you live with, what they're like and any reasons why you house with them.

If you don't fall into one of these categories, then just state it in your post.

I'll let someone else begin. wink.gif
Perents + Siblings I am only 17 so...yeah. I do plan on moving out next summer though.
Blade Alchemist
I'm 13 and I don't feel like living in a cardboard box so I live with my parents. My brother and sister moved out.
There needs to be an "other" category I think.

I don't live alone, I have a roommate 10mos out of the year, but I spend 2 mos at home = college happy.gif
Just me for now. I'm probably getting a roommate in September.
I currently live with just one parent, not two (my mom). My older brother is still living with my dad. dry.gif
Sith lord Revan 64
Im only 13 and have $80 so its a house with my parents living in there or avery big cardboard box oalone with useless video game systems(no power in cardboard box)
Mei lives with her parents and younger sister (though her brother's coming home this Tuesday for spring break...which means mei has to nigrate into her sister's room for the next week-and-a-half or so -__- Ah well.) Mei'll be moving out for college next fall.
Wow. How stupid of me. I made options for almost everyone else except myself...

I live with my mom, aunt and grandparents. My sister used to live with us back in the early '90s. Now she live on about the other side of town with her husband. She rarely stays home, though. Always on buisness trips around the nation...

And then I have extended family out of the wazoo around town... But that's another topic... tongue.gif
Aww...Mei's gonna have to board with her sis again. ;_; I believe it's been discussed before, but do you get along wiht your siblings?

As for me, I live with my parental units and my lil sis, Aya! My older brother's have both moved out of state, but they keep in touch. I'm happy and proud to say that our family is a pretty tight group and we get along pretty well. I'm kinda going to hate movign out when I finally do, but I'll hopefully be married to my girl then, so it will be all good...
- Myself
- Father
- Mother
- Brother
- Grandmother
- My two cats
- Grandmother's two cats

I'll be out of the house in a little over two years. That is, if I don't want to save money while going to college and stay at my parents' house.
Sith lord Revan 64
dry.gif Breaking news i found out my sister moving back.....
Just me and my son on the weekends. During the week I'm all alone sad.gif . But the quiet can be peaceful. I used to share a house with 6 siblings and my parents, I'm lad I got out of there before I lost my sanity.
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Mar 6 2005, 08:08 PM)
I'll be out of the house in a little over two years. That is, if I don't want to save money while going to college and stay at my parents' house.

if money's not too huge of an issue for your family, you should probably get out; it doesn't matter if you get along with your family or not. college and living away from home is pretty much the first step to a new life as an adult. the closest college (excluding community ones) to my town is Stanford, and although a lot of parents whose kids go to Stanford think it'd be so wonderful if they just lived at home, no one actually does it. people who go to Stanford and Berkeley came home a lot first semester, though. blink.gif

so for me:
-older sister (she comes home about once every two/three months)

i'm going to college in a few months, and in another year my sister will graduate law school, get a job and another apartment somewhere, and probably visit even less. my parents are going to have empty nest syndrome soon. unsure.gif
QUOTE(definingmind @ Mar 6 2005, 09:06 PM)
Aww...Mei's gonna have to board with her sis again. ;_; I believe it's been discussed before, but do you get along wiht your siblings?

Mei's family's really tight, too. (We have family gatherings with all the cousins/aunts/uncles every month for birthdays, holidays, and any other excuse we can come up with--we're having a "Prime Rib Party" next week.) Boarding with mei's sister isn't that bad, except that she (mei's sister) likes to talk, especially during mei's twilight minutes as she's drifting off to sleep. When that happens, mei simply pretends to have fallen asleep already and her sister usually gets the hint. Usually.
well i live in a home stay so its not really my real familly but its still great! happy.gif
It's nice to see everyone having close knit families. I had a huge extended family and they'd meet a couple of times during the year. The main reason they met was because of one of my grandmothers. She was the mother of my three uncles and one aunt, so they kinda used that event as an excuse to get together. Then she dies. Now we rarely do that anymore.

My own family at home is kind of falling apart. My grandparents here have slowly deteriorating health conditions. (VERY slow) My mom is slowly falling apart from all her stress. (she likes to try and do everything, is a work aholic and is slightly irritated with her sister) My aunt does chores and such, but doesn't do a good job or doesn't do it untill told.

Just a small part of my life story. (hopefully it will not be revealed in its fullness to further hide myself)
Whatever Defining Mind said, it applies to me as well... Why? Because I'm his little sister >.<
at the moment I live with one of my 7 siblings and one of my college friends. why? cause I'm at college. lol. I used to live with two of my sisters, but one dropped out of school.

during the month of december I live with my parents and 3 of my 7 siblings. and then during the summer I live with my grandfather and my twin.

... I move around a lot.
Oh.. tough one. tongue.gif I kind of live with my grandmother, but I hang around at home (and sometimes stay over) because my comp and the net are there... So I can't really say.. tongue.gif
If I ever have enough money I hope to move somewhere, where I don't have to depend so much on my parents.
All alone. ^_^ With my entire family (immediate and non-immediate) 1/4 of the world away woot!
i live with my parents, my brother and my pets
Well right at the moments I'm living in student halls with 5 other people. Next semester we will move out and I'll live with two of the girls I am now.

But when I'm not at Uni I live with my parents and sister.
Le Monkey
I live with my lil sis and my mum and my mums boyfriend/fieonce(SP???)
I live with my mom because my parents are divorced but i go to my Dad's on weeends
It's just my parents, my 2 brothers, my dog, and me :)Pretty soon my brothers are gonna move out, so It'll be just me...
Me, my mom, my stepdad(who should burn in Hell and die!!*twitch*), my dog Tor, my cat Angel(which is really ironic because he is far from being an angel) and my brother.
Yes, I noticed that I put him with all my pets because I consider him an animal.
my parents, 2 brothers, 2 cats (one doesn't have a name, the other's shippo) 4 dogs (2 inside and 2 outside, all chihuahua), a hamster(we had 2 but shippo kill one, and i still love mi cat), i have a big sister but she move out a couple of months ago.
...with my parents^^^^^^
totally mooching off of my parents and enjoying the continous opportunities to play the torturing big sister... biggrin.gif
i live with my mum and sis
I live with my parents and my older brother. At my age, I should probably have moved into a dorm, but I love living with my family.
I live with my grand parents, my mother and my dog.
Only my parents... My sisters and brothers don't live home anymore, but my youngest older brother somestimes stays here for weeks. Oh, and my cute cat of course! tongue.gif
Very simple...I live with my parents...
I live with my husband, our two kids, and an ornery cat. smile.gif
fma lover stef
i live with my mom, brother, a cat, and a dog... and my grandma is visiting for the moment ph34r.gif
I live alone...although there are some extra voices taking up residence in my head.
Ice Blizzard
I live with my brother and parents, and my 2 cats
parents, siblings, maids, gardeners, and my doggie
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(Yiz @ May 27 2006, 07:11 PM) [snapback]402307[/snapback]

parents, siblings, maids, gardeners, and my doggie

...maids?! ohmy.gif
I live with my parents, three brothers, two dogs, guinea pig, and several fish that are probably dead.
Live with my parents and brother...
Having a sibling(s) is torturing...
I felt lucky that I am the only child in my family.
QUOTE(Void @ May 28 2006, 07:13 AM) [snapback]402310[/snapback]

QUOTE(Yiz @ May 27 2006, 07:11 PM) [snapback]402307[/snapback]

parents, siblings, maids, gardeners, and my doggie

...maids?! ohmy.gif

it's very common to have maids here tongue.gif
Lone Wolf
I live with my parents and little sister (although she's not so little anymore... she's thirteen! Man, I feel old... lol)
QUOTE(Void @ May 27 2006, 07:13 PM) [snapback]402310[/snapback]

QUOTE(Yiz @ May 27 2006, 07:11 PM) [snapback]402307[/snapback]

parents, siblings, maids, gardeners, and my doggie

...maids?! ohmy.gif

what? surprised at 'maids' but not at gardeners?
my father's business is landscaping so we obviously need gardeners
My word how old is this thread? as I now am living with just 2 other housemates in our own place. Well not right at the moment as I'm back home with the folks and lil sis.
i live with my partner, 2 kids and a handful or two of pets. it gets busy, but i wouldn't have it any other way
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